There is much in the fields of biology and medicine that is patentable. As aspects of art and entertainment overlap more and more with biology and medicine, one way to patent these aspects is to approach them from the point of view of being biological and medical inventions. What follows are lists of recent abstracts to articles in biology and medical journals that deal with various aspects of art and entertainment. Such articles are also useful for helping artists and entertainers enhance their works by understanding how their works interact with the human neural system. Most of these abstracts come from the government's MEDLINE database, a true national resource.


Kandinsky's questionnaire revisited: fundamental correspondence of basic colors and forms?(2002)

Aesthetic judgments of novel graphic patterns: analyses of individual judgments.(2002)

A multi-factor Rasch scale for artistic judgment.(2002)

Absinthe: enjoying a new popularity among young people?(2002)

Creative style, personality, and artistic endeavor.(2002)

Psychoanalysis and visual art: a female painter and her dilemma.(2002)

Poetry as an aesthetic expression for nursing: a review.(2002)

An artist with extreme deuteranomaly [a defective color vision].(2002)

The "style scheme" grounds perception of paintings.(2002)

Age variations in judgments of 'great' art works.(2002)

Giving color to a new curriculum: bodypaint as a tool in medical education.(2002)

The sense of beauty.(2002)

"Living turned inside out": the musical expression of psychotic and schizoid experience in talking heads' 'Remain in Light'.(2002)

Tattoos and ratings of personal characteristics.(2002)

Islands of genius. Artistic brilliance and a dazzling memory can sometimes accompany autism and other developmental disorders.(2002)

Children's art as a helpful index of anxiety and self-esteem with plastic surgery.(2002)

The prevalence of dyslexia among art students.(2002)

Physical beauty: only skin deep?(2002)

Are average and symmetric faces attractive to infants? Discrimination and looking preferences.(2002)

The cancer journey: bridging art therapy and museum education.(2000)

The symbolic power of bodily secretions.(2002)

Spontaneous allocation of visual attention: dominant role of uniqueness.(2001)

Aesthetic knowing: understanding the experience of chronic illness.(2002)

Microscopy: an art?(2002)

Visual aesthetic quality of Northern Ontario's forested shorelines.(2002)

An ecology of love: aspects of music therapy in the pediatric oncology environment.(2001)

Artistic shaping of key facial features in children and adolescents.(2001)

Judging the pleasantness of form-color combinations.(2001)

Starry night: using story to inform aesthetic knowing in women's health nursing.(2002)

Poetic talent unmasked by treatment of Parkinson's disease.(2001)

Using signs, artwork, and music to promote stair use in a public building.(2001)

Beautiful faces have variable reward value: fMRI and behavioral evidence.(2001)

Unilateral jump behavior in young professional female ballet dancers.(2001)

Illusions and counter-illusions or aesthetic effects in Greek temples?(1983)

Collections-based health hazards in museums, universities, and cultural institutions.(2001)

Variable tinted spectacle lenses: a comparison of aesthetics and visual preference.(2001)

The influence of presentation format and viewer training in the visual arts on the perception of pictorial and aesthetic qualities of paintings.(2001)

The artist speaks. Sigmund Koch on aesthetics and creative work.(2001)

The wisdom of nature in integrating science, ethics and the arts.(2000)

Testing the aesthetic significance of the golden-section rectangle.(2000)

Gender differences in colour naming performance for gender specific body shape images.(1998)

Designing environments for captive amphibians and reptiles.(1999)

Parental attribution of artistic ability in talented children.(2000)

Symbolism in prehistoric man.(2000)

The efficacy of communicative fairness and rhetorical aesthetics in contributions to argumentation.(2000)

Shades of a color. Illusion or reality?(2001)

The development of a tactile graphic version of IOTN for visually impaired patients.(2000)

The new architectonics: an invitation to structural biology.(2000)

Medical illustration. The impact of photography on its history.(2000)

Differences in reactions to paintings by male and female college students.(2000)

Esthetic treatment of varicosities.(2000)

Reading habits influence aesthetic preference.(2000)

Musical backgrounds, listening habits, and aesthetic enjoyment of adult cochlear implant recipients.(2000)

Functional correlates of musical and visual ability in frontotemporal dementia.(2000)

Can a picture really paint a thousand words?(2000)

Migraine experiences as artistic inspiration in a contemporary artist.(2000)

Comparing historical and contemporary opera singers with historical and contemporary Jewish cantors.(2000)

Aesthetic perspectives regarding physically and mentally challenged patients.(2000)

The arts in the lives of Australian veterinarians: a preliminary survey.(1999)

The role of aesthetic experience in changing selves.(2000)

Evaluating architectural design review.(2000)

Children's artistic responses to musical intervals.(1999)

Relationship between aesthetic motivation and preferences for aggressive and nonaggressive sports.(1999)

Distress and boredom among orchestra musicians: the two faces of stress.(2000)

Art within analysis: scapegoat, transference and transformation.(1999)

On the aesthetic illusion.(1999)

Artistic savants.(2000)

Artful imaging of the brain. From logo to metaphor, about Michelangelo and Kiefer.(1999)

Blindness in painters.(1999)

Psychosis, language and literature.(1999)

Innate and learned components of human visual preference.(1999)

Toward an understanding of art in nursing.(1999)

The classification of smile patterns.(1999)

Evolutionary-derived anatomical characteristics and universal attractiveness.(1999)

Postural control of ballet dancers: a specific use of visual input for artistic purposes.(1999)

Use of laser in aesthetics.(1993)

Psychoanalysis, romanticism, and the nature of aesthetic consciousness, with reflections on modernism and postmodernism.(1998)

Boundaries of self and subject. The aesthetic consequences of engulfment and separation anxiety in two artists.(1998)

Writing poetry: a way of knowing nursing.(1998)


The exceptional brain of Maurice Ravel.(2003)

Tennessee Williams: the uses of declarative memory in The Glass Menagerie.(2002)

Radiocarbon dating the appearance of modern humans and timing of cultural innovations in Europe: new results and new challenges.(2003)

Denis Balliere (1729-1800) - pharmacist and muscian.(2002)

The uncinated crisis of George Gershwin.(2002)

Genetic landmarks through philately: Woodrow Wilson 'Woody' Guthrie and Huntington disease.(2002)

Semen in the works of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179).(2001)

Dante's Divine Comedy revisited: what can modern psychoanalysts learn from a medieval "psychoanalysis"?(2001)

Drugs for young Mozart. Medical treatment of Wolfgang as a child by his father Leopold Mozart.(2001)

Themes of dying and death in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.(2001)

The transformation of medicine by the magic of music in the romances of Shakespeare.(2001)

Hydra and Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840)--two peas in a pod? The molecular basis of extracellular matrix structure in the invertebrate, Hydra.(2001)

Art nouveau: pharmacy shops in Nancy.(2002)

The "Braids Lady" of Arezzo: a case of rheumatoid arthritis in a 16th century mummy.(2002)

Visible signs of illness from the 14th to the 20th century: systematic review of portraits.(2002)

Pareidolia in Beato de Liebana's illuminated Visigothic codes.(2002)

Rembrandt's late self-portraits: psychological and medical aspects.(2002)

The Kabuto, or the Japanese helmet: evolution from war implement to status symbol.(2002)

Detecting past attempts to restore two important works of art.(2002)

Early depictions of the nasal turbinates in the 15th century.(2002)

Botany on a plate. Pleasure and the power of pictures in promoting early nineteenth-century scientific knowledge.(2002)

Leonardo's Gioconda from the historical and medical perspective (hypotheses of pathology in her painting).(2001)

The thread of depression throughout the life and works of Leo Tolstoy.(2002)

Chemical characterisation, plant remain analysis and radiocarbon dating of the Venetian "Manna di San Nicola" relics.(2002)

Documentary and artistic evidence for conjoined twins from sixteenth century England.(2002)

Identification of different types of imperial age marble finds using instrumental chemical analysis and pattern recognition analysis.(2001)

Studies of vision by Leonardo da Vinci.(2001)

Pychoanalysis and art, Freud and Leonardo.(2001)

Eustachio and "Libellus de dentibus" the first book devoted to the structure and function of the teeth.(2000)

Medical illustration: from caves to cyberspace.(2001)

The study of the natural sciences and botanical and zoological illustration in Tuscany under the Medicis from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.(2001)

The integration of Greek pharmacology into Arabic world.(1995)

Gesturing in the early universities.(2000)

"Praying hands" of Albrecht Durer regarded by physicians.(1999)

Frederik Ruysch: master anatomist and depictor of the surreality of death.(1999)

In search of sources: observations on a watercolour painting of an anatomical subject.(1997)

Dysmorphology in the Bible and the Talmud.(2001)

Beauty: Vesalius' Fabrica: the marriage of art and anatomy.(2001)

Gustav Mahler's choice. A note on adolescence, genius, and psychosomatics.(2000)

Parapraxes in the plays of William Shakespeare.(2000)

Chimeric creatures in Greek mythology and reflections in science.(2001)

Beyond "successful aging: Rembrandt in his self-portraits.(2001)

The fatal wound of Hector, according to a drawing by Peter Paul Rubens designed for tapestry weaving.(2001)

Who was ... Anna Atkins?(2000)

An oblique effect in aesthetics: homage to Mondrian (1872-1944).(2000)

A father's abdication: Lear's retreat from 'aesthetic conflict'.(2000)

William Hogarth, unwitting neurochemist?(2000)

The lived body as aesthetic object in anthropological medicine.(1999)

Dr. Nicolaas Tulp. A critical view of Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson.(2000)

Thomas Mann's Tonio Kroger: a study of the protagonist's emergence from the schizoid to the depressive position.(2000)

Miraculous recoveries in the frescoes of the Decani Monastery.(1999)

The development of anatomic art and sciences: the ceroplastica anatomic models of La Specola.(1999)

Max Brodel (1870-1941) and Howard A. Kelly (1858-1943)--urogynecology and the birth of modern medical illustration.(1999)

Leonardo da Vinci: precursor member of the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps?(1999)

Oropharyngeal leprosy in art, history, and medicine.(1999)

A parapraxis in Hamlet. A note on the aesthetic genius of William Shakespeare.(1998)

Motor perception and anatomical realism in Classical Greek art.(1998)

The eye of Eila Hopper Ross.(1998)

The recognition of the anatomical artists in the works of Vesalius, Albinus, and Hunter.(1998)

Leonardo da Vinci: the search for the soul.(1998)


Aesthetic calf augmentation with silicone implants.(2002)

The double pocket technique: aesthetic breast augmentation.(2002)

Aesthetic breast reconstruction.(2002)

Some similarities between the work of M.C. Escher and plastic surgery.(2002)

The Asian nose: augmentation rhinoplasty with L-shaped silicone implants.(2002)

Anatomic considerations in aesthetic rhinoplasty.(2002)

Aesthetics and the Hispanic rhinoplasty.(2002)

The science of color and shade selection in aesthetic dentistry.(2002)

Are plastic surgery advertisements conforming to the ethical codes of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons?(2002)

Aesthetic implications of surgical anatomy in blepharoplasty.(1999)

Functional and aesthetic objectives in the reconstruction of lip defects.(1999)

Aesthetic improvements in mid-lower face skeletal surgery.(1999)

Rapid porcelain veneers: smile design, preparation, and cementation.(2001)

Aesthetic breast augmentation: the double implant.(2001)

Ethics in aesthetic surgery.(1977)

The evolution of the brow lift in aesthetic plastic surgery.(2001)

Surgical options for aesthetic enhancement of the neck.(2001)

Facial aesthetics in orthodontics.(2001)

Facial rejuvenation: the art and science of cosmetic surgery.(2001)

Andy Warhol's plastic nose revision reflected in his work.(2000)

Aesthetic analysis of the ideal female leg.(2000)

Comparison of the aesthetic facial proportions of southern Chinese and white women.(2000)

An overview of aesthetic surgery of the face.(1998)

Improving the aesthetics of the cheek bone projection during facial lifting.(2000)

Aesthetics and function in lip reconstruction.(1999)

Illusions in rhinoplasty.(1999)

MUSIC in BIOLOGY (2001-2003)

A young infant with musicogenic epilepsy.(2003)

The experience of being listened to: a human becoming study with music.(2003)

Listening to Music: The Case for Its Use in Teaching Medical Humanism.(2003)

Controversies surrounding "misuse," "overuse," and "repetition" in musicians.(2003)

Hand therapy for the musician: instrument-focused rehabilitation.(2003)

Musculoskeletal problems of instrumental musicians.(2003)

All that jazz.(2003)

Musical hallucinations induced by oxycodone.(2003)

Music reduces sensation and distress of labor pain.(2003)

An oceanside field experiment on background music effects on the restaurant tab.(2003)

Modularity of music processing in the brain.(2003)

Swinging in the brain: shared neural substrates for behaviors related to sequencing and music.(2003)

Language, music, syntax and the brain.(2003)

The developmental origins of musicality.(2003)

The evolution of the music faculty: a comparative perspective.(2003)

Ecological validity of neurofeedback: modulation of slow wave EEG enhances musical performance.(2003)

Auditory imagery from musical notation in expert musicians.(2003)

The effect of music-reinforced nonnutritive sucking on feeding rate of premature infants.(2003)

The do re mi's of everyday life: the structure and personality correlates of music preferences.(2003)

The fate of sounds in conductors' brains: an ERP study.(2003)

The formation of rhythmic categories and metric priming.(2003)

Auditory feedback and memory for music performance: sound evidence for an encoding effect.(2003)

Electric brain responses reveal gender differences in music processing.(2003)

Allergy and skin diseases in musicians.(2003)

On a happier note: validation of musical exercise for older persons in long-term care settings.(2003)

Psychoanalytic interpretations: Word-music and translation.(2003)

August Knoblauch and amusia: a nineteenth-century cognitive model of music.(2003)

Lyrical and musical auditive mental imagery in functional MRI.(2003)

Effects of music on patient anxiety.(2003)

Multimedia reviews: multimedia overload produces "symplexity".(2003)

Corpus callosum: musician and gender effects.(2003)

Music listening for maintaining attention of older adults with cognitive impairments.(2002)

Carbamazepine-induced abnormal pitch perception.(2003)

Evidence for training-induced crossmodal reorganization of cortical functions in trumpet players.(2003)

Striking a chord with amnesic patients: evidence that song facilitates memory.(2002)

Snoezelen for dementia.(2002)

The Mozart effect may only be demonstrable in nonmusicians.(2002)

Music as an aid in the development of the social self.(2002)

An empirical comparison of rhythm in language and music.(2003)

The cortical topography of tonal structures underlying Western music.(2002)

Fitsari 'dan Duniya. An African (Hausa) praise song about vesicovaginal fistulas.(2002)

Listening to polyphonic music recruits domain-general attention and working memory circuits.(2002)

On the complexity of classical guitar playing: functional adaptations to task constraints.(2002)

The psychological puzzle presented by physiological acts.(2002)

Coordination between breathing and mental grouping of pianistic finger movements.(2002)

Emotional sounds and the brain: the neuro-affective foundations of musical appreciation.(2002)

Hits to the left, flops to the right: different emotions during listening to music are reflected in cortical lateralisation patterns.(2002)

The goal as process: music and the search for the Self.(2002)

Voxel-based morphometry reveals increased gray matter density in Broca's area in male symphony orchestra musicians.(2002)

Electrophysiological evidence for a defect in the processing of temporal sound patterns in multiple sclerosis.(2002)

Calming music and hand massage with agitated elderly.(2002)

Developing countries use music videos to promote teen sexual restraint.(1991)

"Wait a while, my love" -- an Indonesian popular song with a family planning message.(1991)

Detection of metric structure in auditory figural patterns.(2002)

Delayed auditory feedback and rhythmic tapping: evidence for a critical interval shift.(2002)

Salient auditory stimuli in advertising: the effect of contrast interval length and type on recall.(2002)

The effects of interactive music therapy on hospitalized children with cancer: a pilot study.(2002)

A case of impaired auditory and visual speech prosody perception after right hemisphere damage.(2002)

Music matters: preattentive musicality of the human brain.(2002)

The effect of a musical mood induction procedure on mood state-dependent word retrieval.(2002)

Musically adapted social stories to modify behaviors in students with autism: four case studies.(2002)

The effects of different types of music on perceived and physiological measures of stress.(2002)

Temporary and longer term retention of acoustic information.(2002)

Cortical systems associated with covert music rehearsal.(2002)

Perception of timing is more context sensitive than sensorimotor synchronization.(2002)

Disturbance effect of music on processing of verbal and spatial memories.(2002)

Does mood influence the realism of confidence judgments?(2002)

The shaman and the rave party: social pharmacology of ecstasy.(2002)

The effect of self-selected music during colonoscopy on anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure.(2002)

Perceptual integration of timing and intensity variations in the perception of musical accents.(2002)

Maladies in musicians.(2002)

Event-related skin conductance responses to musical emotions in humans.(2002)

Goodness ratings of melodic openings and closures.(2002)

Congenital amusia: all the songs sound the same.(2002)

Modeling complex tone perception: grouping harmonics with combination-sensitive neurons.(2002)

Effects of speech therapy with poetry on heart rate rhythmicity and cardiorespiratory coordination.(2002)

Music, immunity and cancer.(2002)

Electric brain responses to inappropriate harmonies during listening to expressive music.(2002)

Limits of rhythm perception.(2002)

Specific orofacial problems experienced by musicians.(2002)

Music and preoperative anxiety: a randomized, controlled study.(2002)

Visual similarity is greater for line drawings of nonliving than living things: the importance of musical instruments and body parts.(2002)

Metamotivational states displayed using differential digital photoplethysmograms while listening to music and noise.(2002)

Influence of generalized complexity of a musical event on subjective time estimation.(2002)

A reason to rhyme: phonological and semantic influences on lexical access.(2002)

Four decades of music therapy behavioral research designs: a content analysis of Journal of music therapy articles.(2002)

Music for relaxation: a comparison of musicians and nonmusicians on ratings of selected musical recordings.(2002)

The effect of music distraction on pain, anxiety and behavior in pediatric dental patients.(2002)

Automatic and controlled processing of melodic contour and interval information measured by electrical brain activity.(2002)

Music is as distracting as noise: the differential distraction of background music and noise on the cognitive test performance of introverts and extraverts.(2002)

A sensorimotor theory of temporal tracking and beat induction.(2002)

Improved procedure of colonoscopy under accompanying music therapy.(2002)

A comparison of auditory hallucinations in a psychiatric and non-psychiatric group.(2002)

Music therapy in palliative care: current perspectives.(2002)

Musical beat influences corticospinal drive to ankle flexor and extensor muscles in man.(2002)

Differences in white matter architecture between musicians and non-musicians: a diffusion tensor imaging study.(2002)

Maurice Ravel and right-hemisphere musical creativity: influence of disease on his last musical works?(2002)

Therapeutic music for patients with psychiatric disorders.(2001)

Armourer and mad cow disease: images of veterinarians in music.(2001)

Active music therapy in the rehabilitation of severe brain injured patients during coma recovery.(2001)

The Mozart Effect.(2001)

Relaxing music prevents stress-induced increases in subjective anxiety, systolic blood pressure, and heart rate in healthy males and females.(2001)

Musical creativity and suicide.(2001)

Interdependencies in the spontaneous EEG while listening to music.(2001)

Laryngostroboscopic, acoustic, and environmental characteristics of high-risk vocal performers.(2001)

Impact of musical experience on the Seashore Rhythm Test.(2001)

Describing different styles of singing: a comparison of a female singer's voice source in "Classical", "Pop", "Jazz" and "Blues".(2001)

Divided attention between lyrics and tunes of operatic songs: evidence for independent processing.(2001)

Consonance and dissonance of musical chords: neural correlates in auditory cortex of monkeys and humans.(2001)

Methamphetamine toxicity in mice is potentiated by exposure to loud music.(2001)

Global context effect in normal and scrambled musical sequences.(2001)

Musical scales and evaluations of happiness and awkwardness: effects of pitch, direction, and scale mode.(2001)

Music decreases sedative requirements during spinal anesthesia.(2001)

Intensely pleasurable responses to music correlate with activity in brain regions implicated in reward and emotion.(2001)

Cognitive occupational hazards and psychopathology of the artist.(2001)

Involuntary motor activity in pianists evoked by music perception.(2001)

Melody lead in piano performance: expressive device or artifact?(2001)

Shared processes in spatial rotation and musical permutation.(2001)

The use of music on Barney & Friends: implications for music therapy practice and research.(2001)

Ferenczi's "A Little Chanticleer": a child's favorite song recall.(2001)

Tracing Woody Guthrie and Huntington's disease.(2001)

Arousal, mood, and the Mozart effect.(2001)

Behavior as a social construction, and Mozart.(2001)

Musical syntax is processed in Broca's area: an MEG study.(2001)

Feature dependence in the automatic identification of musical woodwind instruments.(2001)

A developmental study of the affective value of tempo and mode in music.(2001)

Relaxation and music to reduce postsurgical pain.(2001)