Classification of Known Designs

One should not be able to claim a patent or copyright in a known design. One way for both inventors and government officials to avoid this problem is to search through databases of design patents that have been issued by patent offices around the world.

Another source of information on known designs is the Design Library, located in New York City. The Design Library has information on over 5,000,000 textile designs. Many of these textiles designs can also be applied to the types of non-textile surfaces eligible for design patent protection.

What follows is a categorization scheme for designs from the book, "Textile Designs: 200 years of European and American patterns organized by motif, style, color, layout & period". One of the authors of the book, Susan Keller, is one of the founders of the Design Library.

In time, our Web site will expand the scope of this categorization scheme to include textile design categories from other cultures, and to include categories for non-textile designs. Some of these latter categories will come from design patent classifications. Until then, the categories listed on these Web pages will help you familiarize yourself with the terminology of designs.

   Baskets, Flowerpots, and Vases
   Block Prints
   Blue Resists
   Bonnes Herbes
   Bouquets and Nosegays
   Bows and Ribbons
   Box Layout
   Bread-and-Butter, Ditsies and Dumb-Dumbs
   Brocaded Look
   Brushstroke Look
   Cameo Layout
   Chintz Borders
   Cinnamon Pinks
   Damask Look
   Embroidered Look
   Flower Beds
   Grasses and Wheat
      Chocolates, Purples and Shaker Grays
   Lattice and Trellis
   Liberty Look
   Mill Engravings
   Patio Prints
   Patterned Grounds
      Checks and Plaids
   Pillement Look
   Provincial Borders
   Ribbon Patterns
   Spaced Dark Ground
   Spaced Light Ground
   Stripes, Serpentine
   Tapestry Look
   Trailing Florals and Vines
   Turkey Reds
   Warp Prints
   Warp Prints, Simulated
   Watercolor Look
   Wild Flowers
   Basketweave and Latticework
   Blocks and Cubes
   Box Layout
   Brushstroke Look
   Cartouches and Lozenges
   Chevron and Herringbone
   Circles and Dots
   Coffee Beans, Screwtops and Split Peas
   Diamonds and Harlequins
   Embroidered Look
   Hexagons and Octagons
   Loops and Scribbles
   Marbleized Look
   Mill Engravings
   Mobiles and Wire Sculpture
   Monochromatics and Monotones
   Ovals and Seeds
   Patterned Ground
   Pinwheels and Spirals
      Black and White
      Checks, Gingham Checks, and Windowpane Checks
      Dress Shirting
      Dress Shirting Dobbies
      Sport Shirting
      Textures and Tweeds
   Polka Dots
   Quatrefoils and Trefoils
   Scale Pattern
      Dress Shirting
      Dress Shirting Dobbies
      Serpentine and Wavy
      Sport Shirting
   Three Dimensional
   Tie Patterns
   Tile Pattern
   Warp Prints and Simulated Warp Prints
   Watercolor Look
   American West
   Animal Skins
   Belts, Chains, Knots and Ropes
   Bows and Ribbons
   Bubbles and Spheres
   Circus and Clowns
   Coral and Seaweed
   Eyelet, Lace and Netting
   Games and Toys
   Hardware and Tools
   Holiday Motifs
   Letters and Numbers
   Marine Life
   Military and Weaponry
   Mill Engravings
   Musical Instruments
   Nuts and Pinecones
   Pillar Prints
   Playing-Card Motifs
   Scenic Landscape
   Scenic Pictorial
   Stained Glass Look
   Tapestry Look
      Allegorical, Historical and Monumental
      Mythological, Pastoral and Romantic
   Trompe l'Oeil
   Water and Wave Patterns
   African Look
   American Indian Look
   Batik and Indonesian Look
   Carpet Patterns
   Egyptian Look
   Export Goods
      England to India
      France to Africa
      England to the Middle East
      Russia to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan
      England to Portugal, Shanghai and Surabaya
   Greek Look
   Mexican, Pre-Columbian and South American Looks
   Netherlandish Look
   Ottoman Look
      Turkey Reds
   Persian Look
   Pompeiian Look
   Russian Look
   Tie-Dye Look
   Tyrolean Look
   Aesthetic and Arts and Crafts
   Art Deco
   Art Nouveau
   Baroque and Rococo Looks
   Belle Epoque
   Biedermeier Look
   Fauve Look
   Gothic Revival
   Jacobean Look
   Medieval Look
   Renaissance Look
   Russian Constructivist
   Wiener Werkstatte

D01       Edible products
D02       Apparel and haberdashery
D03       Travel goods and personal belongings
D04       Brushware
D05       Textile or paper yard goods; sheet material
D06       Furnishings
D07       Equipment for preparing or serving food or drink not elsewhere specified
D08       Tools and hardware
D09       Packages and containers for goods
D10       Measuring, testing, or signaling instruments
D11       Jewelry, symbolic insignia, and ornaments
D12       Transportation
D13       Equipment for production, distribution, or transformation of energy
D14       Recording, communication, or information retrieval equipment
D15       Machines not elsewhere specified
D16       Photography and optical equipment
D17       Musical instruments
D18       Printing and office machinery
D19       Office supplies; artists` and teachers` materials
D20       Sales and advertising equipment
D21       Games, toys, and sports goods
D22       Arms, pyrotechnics, hunting and fishing equipment
D23       Environmental heating and cooling; fluid handling and sanitary equipment
D24       Medical and laboratory equipment
D25       Building units and construction elements
D26       Lighting
D27       Tobacco and smokers' supplies
D28       Cosmetic products and toilet articles
D29       Equipment for safety, protection, and rescue
D30       Animal husbandry
D32       Washing, cleaning, or drying machine
D34       Material or article handling equipment
D99       Miscellaneous