Patent Number    Patent Title
6,080,063 Simulated real time game play with live event
6,065,042 Presenting multimedia objects, including movies and personalized collections of items
6,047,127 Electronic entertainment and communications system
5,999,172 Multimedia techniques
5,945,987 Interactive entertainment network for providing short sets of preview video trailers
5,929,850 Interactive television having on-demand web-like navigational capabilities for displaying requested hyperlinked web-like still images associated with television content
5,924,013 Method and apparatus for transmitting motion picture cinematic information for viewing in movie theaters and ordering method
5,905,942 Multiple dwelling unit interactive audio/video distribution system
5,903,816 Interactive television system and method for displaying web-like stills with hyperlinks
5,898,429 Labeling elements in animated movies using matte data
5,861,906 Interactive entertainment network for customizing operation according to viewer preferences
5,835,715 Interactive theater and feature presentation system
5,802,284 System and method using cover bundles to provide immediate feedback to a user in an interactive television environment
5,774,666 Displaying uniform resource locators embedded in time-based medium
5,745,713 Movie-based facility for launching application programs or services
5,745,710 Graphical user interface for selecting audiovisual programming
5,717,468 Dynamically recording and displaying comments for a video movie
5,715,400 Providing merchant information and establishing links to merchants while presenting a movie
5,708,845 Mapping hot spots in media content for interactive digital media program
5,648,824 Video control user interface for controlling display of a video
5,596,705 Linking and presenting movies with underlying source information
5,559,949 Linking and presenting movies with underlying source information
5,553,311 Customer premise device for controlling data transmissions by storing a limited number of operation algorithms and receiving operation instructions from external sources
5,517,257 Video control user interface for interactive television systems and method for controlling display of a video movie
5,481,542 Interactive information services control system
5,291,554 Shared-price custom video rentals via interactive television
4,991,011 Interactive television terminal with programmable background audio or video
4,569,026 Television movies that talk back
4,333,152 Television movies that talk back
4,305,131 Dialog between television movies and human viewers
4,074,310 Selective CCTV communicating