Patent Number    Patent Title
6,340,181 Bellmouth with joint block body with the bellmouth and hand hole with the bellmouth
6,198,032 Angled mouthpiece for wind instrument
5,969,280 Brass-wind musical instrument mouthpiece
5,847,300 Mouthpiece system for a trumpet or other brass instruments
4,642,065 Extensible animal / wild game caller with removable mouthpiece
4,516,464 Valveless trumpet instrument
4,515,061 Trumpet with improved tone
4,503,745 Musical instrument
4,501,220 Musical instrument valve cleaning/lubricating device and method
4,365,533 Musical instrument
4,341,146 Combined tenor and soprano saxophone
4,273,020 Method of constructing trumpet or other brass instrument
4,247,283 Musical instrument adapted to emit a controlled flame
4,203,338 Trumpet and synthesizer apparatus capable of polyphonic operation
4,202,237 Device for producing sounds, which can be coupled to a musical instrument
4,184,403 Method for introducing dynamic transient voices in an electronic musical instrument
4,083,287 Wind instrument
4,050,405 Single-housing multi-trumpet air horn
3,969,969 Musical instrument with means for scanning keys
3,969,968 Musical instrument with means for scanning keys
3,968,717 Musical instrument with means for scanning keys
3,968,716 Musical instrument with means for scanning keys
3,964,363 High note intensifier for brass musical instruments
3,874,033 Trumpet
3,847,051 Hand support attachment for a trumpet
3,835,748 Musical instrument
3,529,505 Dual-bell trumpet or similar-type horn
3,339,444 Trumpet embouchure
2,672,783 Trumpet tone control
1,613,511 Horn, trumpet, or like acoustic amplifier
CN2513195U Trumpet with double horn
CN2322234U Echo whistle trumpet tip
CN2308138U Mute for training playing trumpet
CN2292319U Double horn trumpet
CZ20022954 Trumpet horn
DE19819617 Multi-function acoustic signaling device e.g. for cheering at sports event or theatrical performance
DE19642606 Musical flute in accordance with Boehm system
DE19525283 Concert trumpet with cylinder valves
DE4221522 Slide for trombone or slide trumpet - involves movable U-shaped tubular slide moving over two fixed tubes to lengthen or shorten vibrating
DE4006745 Variable timbre brass wind instrument - has at least one mouth tube and valve-stop mechanism varying tones produced at mouthpiece
DE3916934 Teaching aid and control for trumpet pressureless blowing - has flat trumpet support board with side grips for both hands
EP0855696 Metal wind instrument, in particular horn or trumpet with rotary valves
EP0082788 Pure sounding trumpet
ES2102303 General trumpet tuning and correction system
ES2100788 System for tuning trumpets
FR2789208 Method of making plastic didgeridoo musical instrument involves forming plastics body which is then heated and shaped
FR2763736 Sports supporter's trumpet used in stadium or sports halls
FR2734388 Mouthpiece section for wind musical instrument e.g. trumpet, trombone or horn
FR2725297 Two-part adjustable mute for wind instrument e.g. trumpet
FR2722023 Trumpet for producing constant noise volume
FR2713815 Brass instrument tuning system
FR2659778 Mute support
FR2629619 Mutes for playing brass instruments at home
GB172849 Improvements in horns and other sound producing instruments having trumpet or flared exits
HU34232 Material composition for lubricating musical instruments such as trumpet valves
KR132077Y Trumpet for cheer horn
SI20039 Trumpet Sordino
SU1589313 Mouth-piece for trumpet of musical instrument
TW450398Y Oscillating trumpet structure capable of simulating dinosaur roar
TW450397Y Air trumpet
TW405794Y Multi-purposes trumpet (horn) with individual left and right channel adjustment
TW405793Y Improved structure of air trumpet (horn)