Patent Number    Patent Title
6,160,907 Iterative three-dimensional process for creating finished media content
6,144,440 Color and motion based depth effects
6,072,496 Capturing and representing three dimensional geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
5,986,675 Animating an object in three dimensional space using a two-dimensional input device
5,977,978 Interactive authoring of three dimensional scenes and movies
5,964,064 Theater with multiple screen three dimensional film projection
5,822,928 Motion picture theatre structure
5,696,892 Providing animation in a three dimensional virtual world using a succession of textures derived from temporally related source images
5,661,518 Methods for the creation and transmission of 3-dimensional images
5,652,616 Optimal disparity estimation for stereoscopic video coding
5,630,043 Animated texture map method for 3-D image displays
5,619,256 Digital 3D/stereoscopic video compression using disparity and motion compensated predictions
5,612,735 Three dimensional stereoscopic video compression using two disparity estimates
5,521,724 Real-time automultiscopic three dimensional video display using holographic optical elements
5,481,321 Stereoscopic motion picture projection system
4,907,860 Three dimensional viewing glasses
4,719,482 Three dimensional color television
4,647,965 Picture processing for three dimensional movies and video systems
4,603,952 Professional stereoscopic projection
4,577,305 Stereophonic motion picture photographic sound-tracks compatible with different sound projection formats
4,525,045 Camera for three dimensional movies
4,521,074 Binocular presentation of visual information
4,509,835 Three dimensional cinema and novel projector system therefore
4,400,067 One-piece spectacle with hinge
4,176,923 Stereoscopic motion picture large scale scanning reproduction
4,134,644 Three dimensional color pictures with multichrome filters