Patent Number    Patent Title
6,331,327 Faux finish method
6,330,731 Faux finish applicator
6,322,859 Aesthetic enhancement of substrates
6,276,570 Aerosol spray texturing devices
6,251,335 Method for fabricating textured ceramics
6,250,219 System for applying embossed patterns on textured ceilings
6,231,938 Extruded multilayer polymeric shell having textured and marbled surface
6,193,361 Apparatus for forming textured layers over images
6,153,283 Structure having at least one improved surface
6,153,282 Composite material and method for the manufacture thereof
6,152,335 Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
6,146,647 Multi-layer lightweight texture composition
6,105,882 Texture material applicator
6,103,003 Textured coating and method of applying same
6,068,891 Method for laser texturing a glass ceramic substrate
5,861,196 Laser texturing a glass or glass-ceramic substrate
5,631,057 Simulated beveled glass applique
5,595,791 Process for texturing brittle glass disks
5,393,568 Metalized coating process
5,326,522 Treatment for texturing paper
5,322,988 Laser texturing
5,182,063 Publishing images having coloration and three dimensional texture
4,959,250 Simulated marble
4,743,140 Texturing device for wet concrete
4,735,567 Apparatus for applying a predetermined surface effect
4,721,634 Simulated marble
4,717,620 Decorative coatings providing a multicolor, textured surface
4,717,221 Diffractive color and texture effects for the graphic arts
4,303,695 Crinkle emboss and method
4,303,459 Making textured patterns on originally smooth webs of fabrics
4,284,453 Method of imparting color highlights or shadows to a textured decorative laminate
4,207,936 Textured wood surfacing
4,173,607 Method for texturing the surface of non-woven fabric films
4,116,248 Apparatus for texturizing a material
4,096,229 Method of making a molded article with a textured surface
4,089,731 Apparatus for multilevel embossing of sheet materials
4,089,724 Composite textured products and their manufacture
4,089,723 Simulated textured metal and method of production
4,077,853 Method of metallizing materials
4,076,566 Method of preparing decorative textured laminates
4,007,879 Texture applicator
3,975,223 Textured painting and method
3,968,274 Textural panel
3,955,260 Applicator for ceiling texture material
3,936,541 Surface decoration of embossed or textured panel products