Patent Number    Patent Title
6,434,278 Generating three-dimensional models of objects defined by two-dimensional image data
6,433,789 Steaming prefetching texture cache for level of detail maps in a 3D-graphics engine
6,426,753 Cache memory for high latency and out-of-order return of texture data
6,421,053 Block rendering method for a graphics subsystem
6,417,858 Processor for geometry transformations and lighting calculations
6,404,424 Method for constructing architectural models including scaled surface textures
6,400,370 Stochastic sampling with constant density in object space for anisotropic texture mapping
6,392,655 Fine grain multi-pass for multiple texture rendering
6,384,835 Computer generated paint stamp compensation
6,384,824 Method, system and computer program product for multi-pass bump-mapping into an environment map
6,373,496 Apparatus and method for texture mapping
6,366,290 Dynamically selectable texture filter for a software graphics engine
6,363,404 Three-dimensional models with markup documents as texture
6,362,828 Method and system for dynamic texture replication on a distributed memory graphics architecture
6,362,824 System-wide texture offset addressing with page residence indicators for improved performance
6,362,822 Lighting and shadowing methods and arrangements for use in computer graphic simulations
6,362,819 Texture tessellation for three-dimensional models
6,362,817 System for creating and viewing 3D environments using symbolic descriptors
6,356,271 Computer generated paint stamp seaming compensation
6,353,438 Cache organization--direct mapped cache
6,353,427 Low cost force feedback device with actuator for non-primary axis
6,348,917 Dynamic switching of texture mip-maps based on depth
6,339,428 Method for compressed texture caching in a video graphics system
6,333,746 Auto level of detail texture mapping for a software graphics engine
6,333,744 Graphics pipeline including combiner stages
6,333,743 Method and apparatus for providing image and graphics processing using a graphics rendering engine
6,331,858 Display terminal user interface with ability to select remotely stored surface finish for mapping onto displayed 3-D surface
6,326,975 Priority methods for texture map storage
6,323,870 Texture alpha discrimination a method and apparatus for selective texture modulation in a real time graphics pipeline
6,317,137 Multi-threaded texture modulation for axis-aligned volume rendering
6,304,268 Trilinear texture filtering of two levels of detail based on a single level of detail
6,304,266 Method and apparatus for volume rendering
6,297,834 Direction-dependent texture maps in a graphics system
6,297,833 Bump mapping in a computer graphics pipeline
6,295,070 Three-dimensional image texture mapping
6,292,193 Techniques for anisotropic texture mapping using multiple space-invariant filtering operations per pixel
6,292,192 System and method for the direct rendering of curve bounded objects
6,292,191 Dynamically selectable MIP map blending for a software graphics engine
6,288,730 Method and apparatus for generating texture
6,285,370 Method for high performance computer-generated virtual environments
6,281,904 Multi-source texture reconstruction and fusion
6,271,858 Incremental update for dynamic/animated textures on three-dimensional models
6,271,857 Method of and apparatus for reproducing texture
6,268,861 Volumetric three-dimensional fog rendering technique
6,259,455 Method and apparatus for applying specular highlighting with specular components included with texture maps
6,241,657 Anatomical visualization system
6,239,808 Method for determining texture values of graphical images
6,232,981 Method for improving texture locality for pixel quads by diagonal level-of-detail calculation
6,232,976 Optimizing dynamic/animating textures for use in three-dimensional models
6,222,555 Method for automatically smoothing object level of detail transitions for regular objects in a computer graphics display system
6,191,793 Method and apparatus for texture level of detail dithering
6,188,403 User-friendly graphics generator using direct manipulation
6,184,894 Adaptive tri-linear interpolation for use when switching to a new level-of-detail map
6,184,893 Method and system for filtering texture map data for improved image quality in a graphics computer system
6,184,888 Method and apparatus for rapidly rendering and image in response to three-dimensional graphics data in a data rate limited environment
6,181,347 Selectable mode smoothing texture filter for computer graphics
6,157,386 MIP map blending in a graphics processor
6,133,923 Method and apparatus for texture data
6,130,674 Dynamically selectable texture filter for computer graphics
6,108,007 Method, system, and computer program product for increasing interpolation precision using multi-channel texture mapping
6,100,898 System and method of selecting level of detail in texture mapping
6,078,332 Real-time lighting method using 3D texture mapping
6,067,089 Texture mapping device
6,064,394 Texture mapping using a plane normal to a selected triangle and using a (U,V) origin thereof to preserve texture size upon surface scaling
6,057,851 Computer graphics system having efficient texture mapping with perspective correction
6,057,850 Blended texture illumination mapping
6,054,993 Chroma-keyed specular texture mapping in a graphics processor
6,053,738 Sense-simile transmission machine
6,046,747 Graphics application programming interface avoiding repetitive transfer of texture mapping data
6,046,744 Selective refinement of progressive meshes
6,037,949 Texture mapping and other uses of scalar fields on subdivision surfaces in computer graphics and animation
6,037,948 Method for updating texture with overscan
5,999,194 Texture controlled and color synthesized animation process
5,990,900 Two-dimensional to three-dimensional image converting system
5,988,685 Multiple faced customizable folio system
5,986,663 Auto level of detail-based MIP mapping in a graphics processor
5,982,378 System and method for modeling a three dimensional object
5,977,977 Method and system for multi-pass rendering
5,973,701 Dynamic switching of texture mip-maps based on pixel depth value
5,966,133 Geomorphs and variable resolution control of progressive meshes
5,963,209 Encoding and progressive transmission of progressive meshes
5,949,426 Non-linear texture map blending
5,949,424 Method for bump mapping in tangent space
5,929,860 Mesh simplification and construction of progressive meshes
5,926,401 Weather effects generator for simulation systems
5,905,500 Method and apparatus for adaptive nonlinear projective rendering
5,905,499 Method for high performance computer-generated virtual environments
5,898,438 Texture mapping of photographic images to CAD surfaces
5,892,517 Shared access texturing of computer graphic images
5,886,706 System for managing texture mapping data in a graphics system
5,886,705 Texture memory organization based on data locality
5,880,736 Method system and computer program product for shading
5,877,779 Method for efficient rendering of three-dimensional scenes
5,852,451 Pixel reordering for improved texture mapping
5,844,567 Method for texture mapping using triangular interpolation
5,841,443 Method for triangle subdivision in computer graphics texture mapping to eliminate artifacts in high perspective polygons
5,838,329 Fast perspective texture mapping for 3-D computer graphics
5,835,097 Non-homogenous second order perspective texture mapping using linear interpolation parameters
5,831,640 Enhanced texture map data fetching circuit and method
5,831,625 Wavelet texturing
5,831,624 Level of detail texture filtering with dithering and mipmaps
5,812,141 Method and apparatus for an adaptive texture mapping controller
5,805,782 Method and apparatus for projective texture mapping rendered from arbitrarily positioned and oriented light source
5,777,623 Apparatus and method for performing perspectively correct interpolation in computer graphics in a variable direction along a line of pixels
5,776,050 Anatomical visualization system
5,772,297 3D graphics library
5,757,374 Method and apparatus for performing texture mapping
5,751,292 Texture mapping method and system
5,739,818 Apparatus and method for performing perspectively correct interpolation in computer graphics
5,737,506 Anatomical visualization system
5,734,386 System and method for displaying textured polygons using planar texture interpolation
5,710,876 Computer graphics system for rendering images using full spectral illumination data
5,704,025 Computer graphics system having per pixel depth cueing
5,699,497 Rendering global macro texture, for producing a dynamic image, as on computer generated terrain, seen from a moving viewpoint
5,687,307 Computer graphic animation in which texture animation is independently performed on a plurality of objects in three-dimensional space
5,687,304 Real-time image generation system for simulating physical paint, drawing media, and feature modeling with 3-D graphics
5,649,082 Efficient method and apparatus for determining texture coordinates for lines and polygons
5,630,043 Animated texture map apparatus and method for 3-D image displays
5,598,359 Weather effects generator for simulation systems
5,594,846 Perspective correction of texture in graphics by adaptive approximation
5,592,597 Real-time image generation system for simulating physical paint, drawing media, and feature modeling with 3-D graphics
5,561,745 Computer graphics for animation by time-sequenced textures
5,559,995 Method and apparatus for creating a wireframe and polygon virtual world
5,511,153 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional, textured models from plural video images
5,506,946 Selective color correction
5,490,240 System and method of generating interactive computer graphic images incorporating three dimensional textures
5,469,535 Three-dimensional, texture mapping display system
5,467,438 Method and apparatus for compensating for color in color images
5,463,548 Method and system for differential diagnosis based on clinical and radiological information using artificial neural networks
5,333,245 Method and apparatus for mapping surface texture
5,319,744 Polygon fragmentation method of distortion correction in computer image generating systems
5,307,450 Z-subdivision for improved texture mapping
5,230,039 Texture range controls for improved texture mapping
5,224,208 Gradient calculation for texture mapping
5,194,969 Method for borderless mapping of texture images
4,974,176 Microtexture for close-in detail
4,888,713 Surface detail mapping system
4,855,934 System for texturing computer graphics images
4,821,212 Three dimensional texture generator for computed terrain images
4,677,576 Non-edge computer image generation system
4,586,038 True-perspective texture/shading processor