Patent Number    Patent Title
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6,408,309 Method for creating an interactive virtual community of famous people
6,351,262 Display techniques for three-dimensional virtual reality
6,307,568 Virtual dressing over the Internet
6,285,370 Method for high performance computer-generated virtual environments
6,244,987 Physical exercise system having a virtual reality environment controlled by a user's movement
6,236,402 Display techniques for three-dimensional virtual reality
6,229,548 Distorting a two-dimensional image to represent a realistic three-dimensional virtual reality
6,159,100 Virtual reality game
6,147,709 Inserting a high resolution image into a low resolution interactive image to produce a realistic immersive experience
6,121,963 Virtual theater
6,121,953 Virtual reality system for sensing facial movements
6,118,595 Mounted immersive view
6,098,549 Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
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6,070,269 Data-suit for real-time animation and virtual reality applications
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6,036,601 Method for advertising over a computer network using virtual environments of games
6,023,270 Delivery of objects in a virtual world using descriptive container
5,886,747 Prompting guide for chroma keying
5,696,892 Providing animation in a three-dimensional computer generated virtual world using a succession of textures derived from temporally related source images
5,644,694 Apparatus and method for digital movie production
4,560,260 Motion picture system