Patent Number    Patent Title
6,446,040 Intelligent text-to-speech synthesis
6,438,522 Speech synthesis where waveform segments expressing respective syllables of a speech item are modified in accordance with rhythm, pitch and speech power patterns expressed by a prosodic template
6,405,169 Speech synthesis apparatus
6,400,809 Method for text-to-speech conversion of caller information
6,385,580 Method of speech synthesis
6,366,884 Method and apparatus for improved duration modeling of phonemes
6,347,298 Text-to-speech synthesizer dictionary reduction
6,347,295 Computer method for grapheme-to-phoneme rule-set-generation
6,332,123 Mouth shape synthesizing
6,330,539 Dialog interface system
6,330,023 Video signal processing using automated speech analysis
6,308,156 Microsegment-based speech-synthesis process
6,307,576 Animating lip synchronization and facial expression of animated characters
6,232,965 Synthesizing realistic animations of a human speaking
6,212,501 Speech synthesis apparatus and method
6,208,968 Text-to-speech synthesizer dictionary reduction
6,208,356 Image synthesis
6,202,048 Phonemic unit dictionary based on shifted portions of source codebook vectors, for text-to-speech synthesis
6,185,533 Generation and synthesis of prosody templates
6,173,263 Method for concatenative speech synthesis using half-phonemes
6,125,346 Speech synthesizer and redundancy-reduced waveform database
6,122,616 Method and apparatus for diphone aliasing
6,098,042 Homograph filter for speech synthesis system
6,078,885 Verbal, fully automatic dictionary updates by end-users of speech synthesis and recognition systems
6,073,100 Method for synthesizing signals using transform-domain match-output extension
6,064,960 Method for improved duration modeling of phonemes
6,047,253 Method for encoding/decoding voiced speech based on pitch intensity of input speech signal
6,041,296 Method of deriving characteristics values from a speech signal
6,029,132 Method for letter-to-sound in text-to-speech synthesis
6,029,131 Post processing timing of rhythm in synthetic speech
6,029,128 Speech synthesizer
6,021,388 Speech synthesis apparatus and method
6,018,709 Speech and sound synthesizers with connected memories and outputs
6,016,471 Using decision trees to generate and score multiple pronunciations for a spelled word
5,946,651 Speech synthesizer using post-processing for enhancing the quality of the synthesized speech
5,940,797 Speech synthesis method using auxiliary information
5,933,808 Method for generating modified speech from pitch-synchronous segmented speech waveforms
5,930,756 Method for a memory-efficient random-access pronunciation lexicon for text-to-speech synthesis
5,913,193 Method of runtime acoustic unit selection for speech synthesis
5,890,118 Interpolating between representative frame waveforms of a prediction error signal for speech synthesis
5,890,115 Speech synthesizer utilizing wavetable synthesis
5,878,396 Method for synthetic speech in facial animation
5,873,063 LSP speech synthesis device
5,864,812 Speech synthesizing method and apparatus for combining natural speech segments and synthesized speech segments
5,864,796 Speech synthesis with equal interval line spectral pair frequency interpolation
5,860,064 Generation of vocal emotion in synthetic text-to-speech system
5,857,170 Control of speaker recognition characteristics of a multiple speaker speech synthesizer
5,848,390 Speech synthesis system and its method
5,842,167 Speech synthesis apparatus with output editing
5,751,907 Speech synthesizer having an acoustic element database
5,745,651 Speech synthesis apparatus and method for causing a computer to perform speech synthesis by calculating product of parameters for a speech waveform and a read waveform generation matrix
5,745,650 Speech synthesis apparatus and method for synthesizing speech from a character series comprising a text and pitch information
5,740,320 Text-to-speech synthesis by concatenation using or modifying clustered phoneme waveforms on basis of cluster parameter centroids
5,734,794 Method and system for voice-activated cell animation
5,717,827 Text-to-speech system using vector quantization based speech enconding/decoding
5,715,368 Speech synthesis system and method utilizing phenome information and rhythm imformation
5,704,007 Using multiple voice sources in a speech synthesizer
5,682,501 Speech synthesis system
5,671,330 Speech synthesis using glottal closure instants determined from adaptively-thresholded wavelet transforms
5,659,664 Speech synthesis with weighted parameters at phoneme boundaries
5,657,426 Method for producing audio-visual synthetic speech
5,651,095 Speech synthesis using word parser with knowledge base having dictionary of morphemes with binding properties and combining rules to identify input word class
5,642,466 Intonation adjustment in text-to-speech systems
5,636,325 Speech synthesis and analysis of dialects
5,615,300 Text-to-speech synthesis with controllable processing time and speech quality
5,613,056 Advanced tools for speech synchronized animation
5,559,927 Computer producing emotionally-expressive speech messages
5,524,172 Processing device for speech synthesis by addition of overlapping wave forms
5,327,498 Processing device for speech synthesis by addition overlapping of wave forms
5,165,008 Speech synthesis using perceptual linear prediction parameters
5,048,088 Linear predictive speech analysis-synthesis apparatus
5,029,211 Speech analysis and synthesis system
4,913,539 Apparatus and method for lip-synching animation
4,907,279 Pitch frequency generation system in a speech synthesis system
4,827,532 Cinematic works with altered facial displays
4,817,161 Variable speed speech synthesis by interpolation between fast and slow speech data
4,716,591 Speech synthesis method and device
4,709,340 Digital speech synthesizer
4,696,040 Speech analysis/synthesis system with energy normalization and silence suppression
4,696,039 Speech analysis/synthesis system with silence suppression
4,685,135 Text-to-speech synthesis system
4,600,281 Altering facial displays in cinematic works
4,566,117 Speech synthesis system
4,468,805 Variable frame length data converter for a speech synthesis circuit
4,441,201 Speech synthesis system utilizing variable frame rate
4,419,540 Speech synthesis system with variable interpolation capability
4,392,018 Speech synthesizer with smooth linear interpolation
4,387,269 Electronic apparatus with speech synthesizer
4,354,056 Method and apparatus for speech synthesis filter excitation
4,338,490 Speech synthesis method and device
4,328,395 Speech synthesis system with variable interpolation capability
4,319,083 Integrated speech synthesis circuit with internal and external excitation capabilities
4,304,964 Variable frame length data converter for speech synthesis circuit
4,189,779 Parameter interpolator for speech synthesis circuit
3,982,070 Phase vocoder speech synthesis system