Patent Number    Patent Title
6,331,148 Casino/lottery/sports styled wagers and games for parimutuel operation
6,312,349 Sports training device
6,311,041 Multi-media network-based communication system and method for training sports officials
6,309,307 Casino/lottery/sports styled wagers and games for parimutuel racing operations
6,308,565 System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
6,296,250 Sports game of skill and chance
6,293,868 Stadium game for fans
6,289,167 System for acquiring, reviewing, and editing sports video segments
6,286,264 Horizontally slidable sports field
6,268,720 Method for determining the rates of motion and wheel for roller skates and skateboard
6,267,688 Method for the creation and covering of holes on golf greens
6,266,623 Sport monitoring apparatus for determining loft time, speed, power absorbed and other factors such as height
6,261,189 Human movement and golf swing monitoring and training system
6,260,845 Coaching and task assignment tool
6,257,893 Method for training the tactile perception of a marksman, in particular a sport marksman
6,254,492 Sports training system and sports video game
6,240,415 Corporate and entertainment management interactive system using a computer network
6,236,900 Method and system for internet-based, competitive event prediction
6,234,918 Net scoring system
6,233,007 Method for tracking position of a ball in real time
6,220,865 Instruction for groups of users interactively controlling groups of images to make idiosyncratic, simulated, physical movements
6,220,441 Method and apparatus for preserving sports related items for ornamental display
6,196,932 Instrumented sports apparatus and feedback method
6,190,272 Soccer-golf
6,186,502 Multi-tiered system for sports wagering
6,182,084 Method and apparatus of data comparison for statistical information content creation
6,179,720 Correlation method for target-oriented sports activities
6,176,790 Method of swing training for sports
6,168,551 Surfing simulator and method using inflatable bladders
6,168,532 Multi-configuration sports/recreation facility
6,154,250 System for enhancing the television presentation of an object at a sporting event
6,135,881 Sports forecasting game
6,126,543 Method for wagering on combined point spreads from multiple contests
6,124,862 Method for generating virtual views of sporting events
6,102,797 Method and apparatus for conducting games of chance
6,098,458 Testing and training system for assessing movement and agility skills without a confining field
6,082,774 Memorabilia articles having integral collectable attractiveness attributes
6,073,489 Testing and training system for assessing the ability of a player to complete a task
6,071,002 System and method for confirming and correcting offensive and/or defensive postures in a team ball game
6,064,860 Wireless transmission and reception system
6,053,823 Method for conducting championship playoff
6,048,271 Automated league and tournament device
6,042,492 Sports analysis and testing system
6,038,368 System for acquiring, reviewing, and editing sports video segments
6,031,545 Vision system for viewing a sporting event
6,030,321 Kicking exerciser for martial arts
6,028,627 Camera system for capturing a sporting activity from the perspective of the participant
6,015,345 Conducting games of chance using predicted sum of scores
6,000,063 Novelty sports hat with three-dimensional team insignia
5,976,022 Computer-based, interactive sports training system
5,954,599 Automated sport boundary officiating system
5,947,829 Method and apparatus for surfing on artificial surfaces
5,933,544 Depiction of images using inverse perspective transformation to provide 3-D effect
5,925,000 Dynamic balance sport performance system
5,923,365 Sports event video manipulating system for highlighting movement
5,913,776 Variable-slope tier devices allowing the configuration of a sports stadium or auditorium to be changed
5,882,269 Statistical analysis and feedback system for sports employing a projectile
5,868,578 Sports analysis and testing system
5,860,857 Method for controlling the atmosphere of a closed space
5,857,855 Method for teaching body motions
5,842,921 Method for wagering at fixed handicaps and/or odds on a sports event
5,743,525 Sporting event wagering system
5,742,521 Vision system for viewing a sporting event
5,713,793 Sporting event options market trading game
5,702,781 Hanging ornament for simulating human movement
5,647,795 Portable computerized pari-mutuel sports entertainment system
5,637,844 Process for automated running of sports contests
5,592,245 Apparatus for enhancing visual perception of selected objects in recreational and sporting activities
5,586,962 Multiple sport training and exercise apparatus
5,573,244 Method for wagering at fixed handicaps and/or odds on a sports event
5,570,881 Scoring equipment for a sword contest sport
5,540,516 Method for marking grass fields and apparatus for applying such method
5,527,033 Apparatus for determining performance-indicating numbers in sports games, particularly in ice-hockey
5,489,096 Ticket systems for wagering on sports events
5,412,188 Sports statistic recording system
5,406,647 Clothing integrated aerodynamic modules for cycling, skating and other speed sports
5,368,042 Biofeedback device for monitoring muscular movement
5,265,916 Secure event tickets
5,249,967 Sports technique video training device
5,226,747 Adaptive control artificial wavemaking device
5,215,307 Golf swing training exercise method
5,209,483 Transducing and analyzing forces for instrumented sporting devices
5,205,670 Rotating surfing wave simulator
5,165,683 Method and apparatus for sport swing training
5,163,781 Field construction for a sports or other field
5,156,549 Reflex training device and method
5,067,730 Sports game organization
5,056,783 Sports implement swing analyzer
5,050,982 Method and apparatus for improving visual acuity
4,998,719 Judo training device
4,969,649 Performance enhancement apparatus
4,843,483 Method for the simultaneous depiction of at least two temporally sequential events on television
4,824,103 Muscle Testing and exercising apparatus
4,792,144 Method of playing a sport
4,751,642 Interactive sports simulation system with physiological sensing and psychological conditioning
4,722,526 Game method and apparatus for use while viewing a sporting event
4,702,475 Sports technique and reaction training system
4,657,251 Sport implement swing training method
4,653,746 Sport apparatus for training in boxing and in the martial arts
4,653,582 Point indicating system for combat sports
4,650,179 Health spa for exercise, recreational and social activities
4,581,647 Automatic focusing control system for multiple television cameras
4,546,975 Method of increasing basketball shooting accuracy and awareness
4,496,148 Sporting event analysis device
4,471,552 Fish aggregating system
4,369,559 Method of converting a sports car to a reproduction of a vintage motor car
4,328,964 Multi-sport exerciser
4,303,241 Sports vision training device
4,241,686 Floating passenger automotive vehicle as touring and water-sports mobile
4,183,056 Apparatus and method for monitoring sports contests
4,141,548 Game for use in conjunction with viewing a spectator's sport
4,097,809 Local event broadcast system
4,064,528 Method and apparatus for enhancing a televised object
3,982,102 Method of recording bets in a lottery and selecting the winners by electronic computers
3,975,869 Sports complex
3,972,238 Physical contact training apparatus