Patent Number    Patent Title
6,418,670 Method of underwater theatrical performance using variations of lighting, bubbles, colored fluids and colored gas, wherein the rear stage or proscenium acts are played simultaneously with the underwater act
6,301,044 Apparel color and image effect system
6,184,895 Method for using color information to create special effects
6,171,188 Game device for an entertainment show
6,152,829 Device and process for producing effects
6,141,060 Adding a graphic indication of a first down to a live video of a football game
6,099,316 Simulated assault weapon
6,072,467 Continuously variable control of animated on-screen characters
6,036,603 Whirlpool simulation effect
6,025,902 Synchronous addition of odors to visual and/or acoustic stimulation
5,953,077 System for displaying object that is not visible to a camera
5,868,628 Live-action theater
5,833,544 Film and live action theater
5,823,661 Fused glass light pattern generator
5,769,726 Spark generating apparatus
5,765,314 Sensory interactive multi media entertainment theater
5,760,873 Synchronous addition of odors to visual and/or acoustic stimulation
5,687,919 Apparatus for producing simulated snow effects
5,678,889 Moveable theater seats
5,648,789 Method and apparatus for closed captioning at a performance
5,645,488 Background screen for a stage
5,573,325 Multi-sensory theatrical presentation structure
5,565,148 Device for selectively providing a multiplicity of aromas
5,327,521 Speech transformation system
5,219,315 Water effects enhanced motion base simulator ride
5,192,247 Ride attraction
5,114,140 Explosion simulator
5,083,770 Theatrical accessory
5,026,152 Enhanced cinema system
5,015,933 Seat base motion controller
4,919,197 Atmosphere control apparatus for theaters
4,912,751 Method for establishing and writing a luminous pattern
4,911,866 Fog producing apparatus
4,885,878 Advanced state of the art movie theater
4,838,344 Atmosphere control apparatus for theaters
4,829,877 Blank firing firearm recoil mechanism
4,690,655 Talking marionette with theatre
4,652,464 Printing fine art with fluorescent and non-fluorescent colorants
4,629,604 Multi-aroma cartridge player
4,256,389 Method of controlling sound and effects devices by a film strip
4,244,566 Levitation device
4,234,907 Light emitting fabric
4,110,017 Low-frequency sound program generation
3,973,839 Special effects generation and control system for motion pictures
2,314,093 Device for simulating certain sound effects
2,273,078 Method for producing sound effects using electro-acoustic transducer
2,034,407 Theatrical illusion for displacing head and legs from a body
1,723,168 Producing sound of airplane in flight using high voltage circuit
1,699,345 Illusion device using glass wall
1,586,863 Producing theatrical illusions where actors vanish suddenly
1,577,854 Chromopiano that matches light hues with musical notes