Patent Number    Patent Title
6,431,308 High fidelity small omnidirectional loudspeaker
6,399,870 Musical instruments incorporating loudspeakers
6,386,315 Flat panel sound radiator and assembly system
6,382,350 Molded acoustic and decorative mats and methods for forming
6,367,581 Sound absorbing light fixture
6,351,914 Light-transmitting building construction element
6,334,505 Optimum edges for speakers and musical instruments
6,334,280 Sound absorbing cementitious tile
6,305,495 Surfacing panels for acoustical ceiling systems
6,209,680 Acoustic diffuser panels and wall assembly comprised thereof
6,196,352 Sound attenuating relocatable partition wall panel
6,142,254 Decorative speaker cover
6,112,852 Acoustical treatments with diffusive and absorptive properties and process of design
6,105,443 Dummy sound absorber representing a seated human for measuring sound absorption power of a theater chair
6,072,878 Multi-channel surround sound mastering and reproduction techniques that preserve spatial harmonics
6,056,083 Loudspeakers in architectural form
6,004,209 Body-acoustic device, playing apparatus and its control method, light-beam utilizing playing apparatus, and acoustic apparatus
5,930,370 In-home theater surround sound speaker system
5,912,440 Wooden structure
5,894,113 Method for providing personalized light source and sound system
5,890,323 Theater
5,862,230 Method to reduce perceived sound leakage between auditoriums in multiplex theaters
5,850,457 Multi-dimensional sound reproduction system
5,812,674 Method to simulate the acoustical quality of a room and associated audio-digital processor
5,809,150 Surround sound loudspeaker system
5,802,181 Theater sound system with upper surround channels
5,798,818 Configurable cinema sound system
5,787,656 Acoustical seating risers for indoor arenas
5,765,314 Sensory interactive multi media entertainment theater
5,764,777 Four dimensional acoustical audio system
5,751,398 Motion picture digital sound system and method
5,748,746 Ceiling speaker and signal source
5,717,765 Theater sound system with upper surround channels
5,708,719 In-home theater surround sound speaker system
5,700,052 Chair for an acoustically designed building
5,646,378 Collapsible modular sound reproduction system
5,642,445 System for determining an interior or exterior acoustic noise level of an enclosed structure and noise reduction device incorporating such system
5,637,819 Percussion instrument damping
5,623,130 System for enhancing room acoustics
5,613,940 Synthesizing array for three-dimensional sound field specification
5,602,923 Theater sound system with upper surround channels
5,553,149 Theater sound for multimedia workstations
5,533,129 Multi-dimensional sound reproduction system
5,525,765 Acoustical virtual environment
5,444,194 Decorative speaker enclosure
5,404,784 Apparatus for modifying the percussive sound emanating from a drum
5,386,255 Motion picture digital sound system with primary sound storage edit capability
5,373,771 Brass and wind musical instrument attachment
5,347,496 Method and system of mapping acoustic near field
5,251,260 Audio surround system with stereo enhancement and directivity servos
5,222,059 Surround-sound system with motion picture soundtrack timbre correction, surround sound channel timbre correction, defined loudspeaker directionality, and reduced comb-filter effects
5,192,342 Enhancing the environmental quality of work spaces
5,043,970 Sound system with source material and surround timbre response correction, specified front and surround loudspeaker directionality, and multi-loudspeaker surround
5,004,067 Cinema sound system for unperforated screens
4,926,962 Decorative speaker cover
4,878,210 Visualizing method for three dimensional standing wave sound field
4,865,159 Acoustic horn and attachment device
4,839,733 Synchronization of an auxiliary sound source to motion picture film, video tape, or other picture source with a sound track
4,569,076 Motion picture theater loudspeaker system
4,287,388 Drive-in theatre sound distribution system
4,256,389 Controlling sound and effects devices by a film strip
3,973,839 Special effects generation and control system for motion pictures