Patent Number    Patent Title
6,949,067 Device and method for enhancing female sexual stimulation
6,902,525 Dual-motion auto-stimulation device
6,890,293 Driving apparatus for massaging device for sexual organs
6,866,645 Pleasure promotive sexual drive
6,863,649 Erogenic zone stimulator
6,805,663 Method of shared erotic experience and facilities for same
6,793,620 Male sexual aid
6,745,774 Platform chair for sexual intercourse
6,733,438 Female stimulation device
6,732,389 Bed sheet with traction areas
6,695,770 Simulated human interaction systems [virtual reality sex]
6,689,029 Medical aid and apparatus for enhancing sexual intimacy
6,675,417 Pillow to aid conception
6,640,808 Apparatus for sexual intercourse
6,604,526 Sexual aid harness
6,599,236 Dildo [heated]
6,592,516 Interactive control system of a sexual delight appliance
6,593,369 Methods for enhancing female sexual desire and responsiveness
6,592,516 Interactive control system of a sexual delight apparatus
6,572,569 Erotic stimulation device
6,569,083 Male, hermaphroditic, and female condoms exerting lateral pressure on the penis and vagina
6,557,182 Ultimate ware [improves penis muscles to improve sexual pleasure]
6,547,718 Sexually sensitive portion stimulating ring
6,547,717 Multifacet sexual aid
6,540,667 Marital aid [squeeze bars to move a vibrator]
6,533,718 Glass shaft sexual aid
6,520,906 Coitus assistant device for males
6,485,773 Semen taste-enhancement dietary supplement
6,444,237 Herbal composition for enhancing sexual response
6,422,993 Sexual aid system
6,419,649 Erotic stimulation device
6,406,462 Lap dance liner
6,370,912 Vaginal jewelry and exercise device
6,368,268 Interactive virtual control of sexual aids using computer networks
6,360,747 Personal passive restraint system
6,338,721 Therapeutic vibrator for correcting erectile dysfunction
6,319,194 Penis erection stabilizer using two connected flexible latex rings
6,241,575 Brassiere having integrated inflatable bladders for the holding of comestible liquids
6,203,491 Adult sexual apparatus
6,192,889 Method of suppression and prevention of the gag reflex
6,190,307 Auxiliary erotic implement
6,186,943 Penis support device
6,179,775 Enchance clitoral stimulation during intravaginal intercourse
6,142,929 Sexual stimulation apparatus
6,112,980 Discipline stick
6,083,180 Vibrator-type massaging device
6,067,663 Feminine garment with sexually stimulating effect
6,027,463 Music massager
6,027,444 Vibrator for aiding male erections
5,971,480 Spinning and/or swinging, hanging seat for erotic purposes
5,928,170 Audio-enhanced sexual vibrator
5,927,278 Condom simulating virginity
5,875,779 Arcuately reciprocating human sexual fitness machine
5,853,362 Glandular stimulator device and method
5,851,175 Sexual assistance device
5,845,642 Safe sex assurance devices
5,836,865 Male sex aid
5,806,523 Prophylactic and prosthetic device
5,782,243 Variable position intercourse performance apparatus
5,725,473 Sexual aid
5,693,002 Sexual aid having a suction device which provides stimulation
5,690,603 Erogenic stimulator
5,667,471 Prosthetic device with a retaining strap
5,657,765 Erotic stimulator
5,643,290 Penile cincture band loading apparatus and method
5,582,187 Protective mask
5,542,433 Leg to waist prisoner restraint
5,524,638 Amusement device for use during sexual intercourse
5,468,212 Device for controlling premature ejaculation
5,460,597 Portable hand-held vibratory feminine stimulator
5,453,080 Intercourse-facilitating therapeutic furniture
5,443,532 Apparatus for enhancing sexual intimacy
5,397,294 Health aid device
5,390,681 Prophylactic device for oral sex
5,389,062 Intercourse-facilitating therapeutic furniture
5,385,154 Couple's intimacy reciprocating and pivoting two seat assembly
5,375,846 Sexual etiquette game apparatus and method
5,345,947 Wrist and ankle secured restraining device
5,318,043 Condom for oral-genital use
5,294,176 Sexual device for handicapped men
5,244,454 Device for assisting and maintaining penile erection
5,115,800 Apparatus for achieving and maintaining penis erection
5,086,519 Interactive lingerie undergarment
5,085,209 Penile erection enhancing collar and method
4,977,625 Under-cuff protective device
4,895,140 Device for overcoming male dysfunction or impotence
4,825,855 Intercourse aiding apparatus
4,790,296 Sexual stimulation apparatus
4,785,802 Prosthesis
4,773,863 Amusement device for a toilet bowl or urinal
4,672,954 Sexual aid
4,640,270 Male organ jacket
4,627,111 Body suit
4,571,761 Cut away lounge and/or bed
4,524,760 Sexual aid
4,449,521 Sexual aid
4,429,689 Sex aid device for males
4,373,222 Prosthetic bench
4,279,256 Nerve stimulation method
4,224,933 Sexual stabilizer and stimulator
4,206,752 Support device
4,173,974 Restraining means
3,987,789 Malleable penile prosthesis
AU8285301 Audio interactive sexual vibrator
AU5150601 Sexual fidelity and sex crime verification
AU5133801 Erotic stimulation device
AU4721796 An orgasm body stocking or bikini
AU3035001 A device to record evidence of consent given by a person consenting to engage ina sexual act
AU1986899 Erotic massage device
AU1147799 Penis extender
AU1003399 Ring fitted over penis for enhancing intercourse excitement
CA2140943 Intercourse-facilitating therapeutic furniture
CA1073153 Malleable penile prosthesis
CN2543427U Multi-function intercourse bed
CN2505074U Device for improving quality of conjugal sexual life
CN2505071U Magnetic female sexual function intensifier
CN2505070U Magnetic therapeutic apparatus for female sexual disorder
CN2501474U Device for promoting penis erection
CN2494189U Zhenyang rest for treating male serious sexual dysfunction
CN2489737U Sexual intercouse aid
CN2486132U Device for promoting and keeping penis erection
CN2479941U Male sexual function health care ring
CN2478573U Improved penis-erecting auxiliary ring
CN2461524U Strengthening instrument for female sexual function
CN2451077U Sexual function aid
CN2449743U Coitus lubricating device
CN2437306U Band for promoting penis erection
CN2433984U Sexual function auxiliary assembly with heating function
CN2430134U External prosthesis of penis
CN2423800U Improved sexual intercourse chair
CN2421962U Ring device for promoting penis erection
CN2419965U Specical towel for sexual intercourse
CN2419959U Erect sleeve for sexual impotence
CN2419958U Aid for sexual intercourse
CN2419951U Penis clamps
CN2418851U Separator against sexual diseases and aids cross infection
CN2416872U Health-care condom for promoting penis erection
CN2414787U Adjustable counterweight for exercising penis by hanging weight in practising qigong
CN2412553U Sexual life aiding sleeve
CN2412548U Health pad for sexual life
CN2412547U Sexual life aiding band
CN2408840U Device for promoting penis erection
CN2408839U Device for promoting penis erection
CN2401163U Ring for promoting penis erection
CN2399014U Male sexual self-consoling implement
CN2399013U Female sexual massager
CN2394599U Condom capable of stimulating glans penis
CN2394598U Condom capable of stimulating glans penis
CN2369656U Health belt for penis expansion
CN2352164U Improved ring for put around male penis
CN2353333U Pair of pants for sexual intercourse
CN2335593U Device for promoting penis erection
CN2322576U Device for promoting penis erection
CN2318996U Chair for sexual intercourse
CN2272733U Chair for sexual intercourse
CN2263983U Sexual intercourse auxiliaries
CN2240998U Shuangxingbao for sexual intercourse
CN2240976U Pneumatic sex health device for woman
CN2239245U Controller for masturbation and indulging in sensual pleasures
CN2236829U Multifunctional harmonizer for sexual intercourse
CN2218555U Changeable massage device for sex organ
CN2218544U Sexual intercourse set
CN2210635U Ring for promoting male's pleasant sensation of sexual intercourse
CN2210634U Device for promoting the pleasant sensation of sexual intercourse
CN2204162U Ring good for sexual intercourse
CN2201099U Sexual intercourse aid for man and wife
CN2201082U Napkins for sexual intercourse
CN2199761U Sexual intercourse short pants for use by male
CN2183118U Chair for sexual intercourse
CN2146906U Mattress special for sexual intercourse
CN1416792 Male's sexual function assisting ring
CN1394558 Erection device
CN1369292 External-applied liquid chinese medicine for elongating coitus time of man
CN1368037 Combined sexual aid
CN1360889 Externally applied medicine for women's wedding night
CN1348769 Lubricating fluid for sexual intercourse
CN1348745 Fully automatic device for promoting penis erection
CN1336161 Externally applied sexual aid
CN1334115 Medicinal liquor for treating sexual disfunction and its preparing process
CN1307856 Interactive condom
CN1305797 Instrument for improving femal sexual function
CN1217180 Device for massage of male genitals
CN1091652 Vagina senility preventing liquid and its packing bottle
CN1097311 Preparation of fuchunkang ointment for sexual health
CN1086702 Holographic yang strengthening device
CN1080516 Female sexual function recuperating device
CN1075075 Combined therapy equipment for sexual function degradation of the old and middle-aged persons
CN1050497 Device for promoting penis erection
CN1049967 Sexual-function aid
CN1048978 Vaginal lubricant for vulva and preparing process thereof
CZ9201262 Device for promoting and maintenance of penis erection
DE19956631 Support device for penis, comprising front cap, tensioned with upper and lower strip joined to ring
DE19925162 Penis augmentation implant made of elastic flexible material such as silicone elastomer and has a reinforcement strip
DE19915407 Device for stretching the penis for purposes of its durable elongation and better blood supply is adjustable to respective physical parameters
DE19857466 Sexual stimulator has flexible basic body, fixture part with cavity and holes trough, and stimulation elements
DE19853604 Erection-enhancing penis-ring comprises metal, plastic or wood
DE19847138 Appliance for shaping and enlarging penis with vacuum chamber
DE19818943 Sexually stimulating acoustic vibrator
DE19814016 Artificial body part for implantation in the penis
DE19726863 Contact device for forming personal relationships
DE10139662 Sexual stimulator has chin strap worn by sexual partner, holding straps to be passed over partner's head and vibrational massage rod
DE10022887 Ring for penis
DE10022336 Connecting electronically controlled physical sexual stimulation devices to internet involves providing stimulation devices
DE10019627 Phallic object worn on user's chin, used for erotic practices
DE10015535 Condom holder has spiral supporting condom coupled via hoop to teat-shaped prosthetic headpiece allowing simultaneous massage
DE10001331 Penis extension apparatus for enlargement of male organ involves expansion treatment of corpora cavernosa over long period
DE4436800 Sex aid
DE4315425 Device for men, intended to achieve additional pleasure during intercourse by the action of heat upon the testes
DE4306415 Impotence support corsage to be fastened for the purpose of having sexual intercourse
DE4020542 Vibrating massager applying whip strokes - has motor in handle rotating head with soft rubber arms distributed about its circumference
DE3934779 Support cushion for female bottom - consists of wedge-shaped piece at side, and heart shape from top, with pointed end
DE3803974 Vaginal insert
DE3425850 Potency and erection enhancer for men and thus also for women in a completely natural manner
DE3229555 Instrument for sexual use
DE3100491 Erection aid
EP1328281 Compositions and methods for treating female sexual response
EP1317236 Erotic stimulation device
EP1308145 Erection support ring
EP1279384 Erogenic zone stimulator
EP1129679 Sexally sensitive portion stimulating ring and storing device therefor
EP1023013 Penis extender
EP0860161 Feminine garment with sexual stimulation effect
EP0136884 Reciprocating adjustable chair
ES8607717 Device for developing and maintaining erect penis
ES8605151 Semi-rigid penis prosthesis
ES2015397 Electronic/pneumatic system for causing erection of the penis
ES2014638 Improved male contraceptive
ES2001181 Device for maintaining penile erection
FI950961 Orgasm body / bikini
FR2827505 Male sex organ muscle developer comprises tube open at one end with outlet connected to mini-suction pump and orifice controlled by finger
FR2793138 Vibrator for different types of erotic stimulation
FR2772260 Erect penis supporting ring
FR2774594 Use of a combination for treating e.g. lack of sexual desire, failure to reach orgasm or decrease or absence of vaginal lubrication
FR2766086 Erotic appliance
FR2736539 Device for facilitating and maintaining erection of males while stimulating clitoris of partners
FR2687063 Male sex aid device
FR2658072 Cap intended for the male glans having an erotic and/or prophylactic nature
FR2580513 Cabin for presenting shows
GB2377632 Mirror and support for viewing sexual activities in bed
GB2377158 Leather restraint
GB2366237 Device for recording evidence of consent in a sexual act
GB2349340 Erotic implement
GB2349090 Condom
GB2338029 Restraining device for the arms and legs of a handcuffed prisoner
GB2299028 Sexual aid holder
GB2154130 Adjustable beds
GB2137097 Sexual intercourse aid
GB1143503 An apparatus for assisting sexual intercourse
GB1019286 Improvements in or relating to a male incontinence clamp
HU62445 Device for reaching and maintaining penis-erection
IE902085 Retractile penis device
IN177515 A sexual aid
JP2003062027 Male penis model for sexual intercourse for common use by two mature women
JP2002138733 Wrist-hurtless handcuffs
JP2002119527 Appliance for person of sexual dysfunction having penis model made of soft molding material mountable at shorts
JP2001340368 Penis erection assistance tool
JP2001204752 Negative pressure type erection assisting appliance for male sexual organ and tension ring and ring releasing implement
JP2000254201 Genitals cleaning sanitary device for use after sexual intercourse
JP2000210324 Coating liquid for penis and penis covering method
JP2000139981 Auxiliary tool for sexual intercourse
JP2000042017 Penis training device
JP2000037410 Penis supporter
JP2000014687 Penis supporter
JP6197913 Sex auxiliary device
JP52002098 Spray for repulsing erotic person
JP1097451 Auxiliary jig for sexual intercourse
KR9208136Y Air pressure adjuster in penis exerciser
KR200105Y Panties accompanied with sexual power strengthning device
KR2000067160 Auxiliary device for penis
KR2000053814 Device for erection of penis
KR2000013109 Sexual ability trouble curing medicine
KR2000006310 Material for inputting inside nose for curing sexual troubles
KR138999Y Appliance for reinforcing penis
NZ323715 Men's body temperature controlling pants having a hole for the testicles and a hole for the penis
PL333093 Artificial penis for masturbation
PL317979 Erotic sexual intercourse enhanced for use by men
RU2197253 Method and composition for improving sexual fitness
RU2185800 Device for strengthening sexual capabilities of male patients
RU2179432 Hydraulic drive attached to artificial penis
RU2178261 Sexual intercourse apparatus
RU2176142 General-purpose rocking armchair
RU2176141 General-purpose rocking armchair
RU2164393 Stimulator of penis erection with use of turbulent flows of liquid
RU2163094 Method for making the penis thickness larger
RU2144302 Ergonomic bed
RU2115394 Erection device having a kind of sexual adjustment functions
RU2115393 Orgasm cuff having a kind of sexual adjustment functions
RU2115392 Erection device having a kind of sexual adjustment functions
RU2115391 Orgasm cuff having a kind of sexual adjustment functions
RU2114583 Method for raising coitus feeling intensity
RU2100011 Method to stimulate erogenous zones in women during coitus
RU2099017 Method for stimulating female erogenous zones during coitus
RU2098050 Method and device for reaching coitus
RU2090151 Method for stimulating erotogenic zones in women during sexual intercourse
RU2080842 Device for stimulating orgasm in women
RU2033119 Method for stimulating erogenic zones in women during coitus
RU2022538 Device for normal sexual intercourse
RU2016560 Device for sexual intercourse
SK7732001 Method of treating sexual disturbances
TW416307Y Structure device of massaging beads for sexual stimulation
TW394014Y Penis ring
TW381016 Non-invasive penile erection device
TW380419Y Measuring device for penis hardness
ZA200002019 Female lingerie garment
ZA9004000 Retractile penis device