Patent Number    Patent Title
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6,226,387 Scene-based video watermarking
6,219,634 Efficient watermark method and apparatus for digital signals
6,209,094 Robust watermark method and apparatus for digital signals
6,209,092 Transferring content information and supplemental information
6,208,745 Embedding a watermark into a bitstream of a digital image sequence
6,208,735 Secure spread spectrum watermarking for multimedia data
6,205,432 Background advertising system
6,192,139 High redundancy method for watermarking digital image and video
6,185,684 Secured document access control using recipient lists
6,185,683 Trusted and secure methods for item delivery and execution
6,182,218 Digital content management system using electronic watermark
6,157,330 Embedding watermarks in audio / video signals
6,154,571 Robust digital watermarking
6,141,753 Secure distribution of digital representations
6,141,530 Digital electronic cinema delivery
6,131,161 Marking a digitally encoded video and/or audio signal
6,084,909 Method of encoding a stream of motion picture data
6,069,914 Watermarking of image data using MPEG/JPEG coefficients
6,061,451 Receiving and decrypting encrypted data and protecting decrypted data from illegal use
6,021,199 Motion picture data encrypting method and computer system and motion picture data encoding/decoding apparatus to which encrypting method is applied
6,018,374 Preventing the off screen copying of a video or film presentation
6,011,857 Detecting copy restrictive documents
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5,960,081 Embedding a digital signature in a video sequence
5,949,885 Method for protecting content using watermarking
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5,825,876 Time based availability to content of a storage medium
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5,754,648 Video media security and tracking system
5,621,799 Scrambled transmission system
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5,291,554 Shared-price custom video rentals via interactive television
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4,658,093 Software distribution system
4,471,379 Codified field polarity television system