Patent Number    Patent Title
6,422,913 Decorative wind driven sculpture
6,415,926 Sand sculpture tool kit
6,395,114 Method of making natural botanical sculpture
6,385,499 Method for preparing memorial products and memorial products
6,383,429 Method of making a sculpture
6,309,714 Decorative submersible fish tank sculpture
6,251,525 Intaglio three-dimensioned solid molded sculpture
6,212,804 Hydraulically operated decorative bird sculpture
6,153,311 Soft sculpted article and method of making same
6,083,576 Decorative submersible fish tank sculpture
6,074,268 Space accessories
5,983,552 Animal figure
5,967,874 Book with three dimensional sculpture and self supporting core
5,964,263 Method and means for making an artistic sculpture
5,955,156 Lighted sculpture with translucent, colored panels
5,938,991 Process for placing color graphics in ice
5,899,634 Simulated wave water sculpture
5,879,153 Candle sculpture for exposing a non-flammable object
5,806,853 Sculpture puzzle
5,784,815 Lighted sculpture with plural synchronized motions
5,782,667 Sculpture amusement device
5,763,102 Method of making an intaglio three-dimensional solid sculpture
5,760,369 Method of laser cutting paper cards for use in paper sculpture
5,720,645 Balancing toy set
5,714,212 Balancing jigsaw puzzle sculpture
5,711,892 Ice sculpture mold
5,702,085 Support for balancing sculpture
5,693,369 Process for finishing a bronze sculpture
5,683,086 Sculpture puzzle
5,619,585 Affixing an ornamental sculpture to a sound emitting device
5,525,088 Soft sculpture toy apparatus
5,462,605 Method for treating sensitive surface such as a sculpture
5,457,886 Making a wheel cover simulating aluminum wheel sculpture
5,421,045 Soft sculpture convertible to blanket with pillow
5,378,190 Articulated soft sculpture and method of manufacture
5,276,599 Light sculpture device
5,264,175 Method for making three dimensional impressions
5,217,161 Swimming pool water spray sculpture
5,165,689 Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle sculpture
5,134,597 Animated kinetic sculpture device
5,097,394 Dynamic light sculpture
5,084,930 Combined soft sculpture and blanket
5,025,976 Manufacturing method for a sculpture having simulated hair
5,018,360 Frosted sculpture method and apparatus
5,009,599 Sculpture apparatus
4,950,509 Miniature tree sculpture
4,939,859 Air-liquid kinetic sculpture apparatus
4,931,817 Stereophotographic process for producing works of sculpture
4,927,504 Sculpture process
4,919,380 Rotationally and translationally pivotable balancing assembly
4,874,676 Sculpture having simulated hair
4,819,963 Combination book and sculpture
4,807,844 Unitary mold for making ice sculpture
4,778,184 Multi-dimensional sculpture puzzle/toy
4,770,945 Sculpture and method for constructing
4,669,271 Method and apparatus for molded ice sculpture
4,644,591 Soft sculpture face mask
4,584,212 Decorative glass sculpture and method of manufacture
4,567,682 Mobile sculpture and kit for making
4,455,320 Method of making chocolate candy sculpture of photo image
4,421,421 Kinetic clock sculpture
4,284,407 Relief sculpture guidance method
4,239,359 Stereophotographic process for producing works of sculpture
4,236,705 Sculpture holding apparatus
4,217,315 Humidifier and moving indoor sculpture
4,206,899 Apparatus for molded ice sculpture
4,009,534 Kinetic sculpture
4,003,142 Sculpturing kit and method for producing dehydrated forms from hydrated articles
3,996,990 Sculpture fabricating method
3,966,166 Sculpture mold
3,935,356 Fanciful object
D463,324 Sculpture
D460,719 Sculpture
D457,540 Suspended optical element comprising part of a light sculpture
D451,840 Novelty sculpture
D449,792 Dynamic wind propelled sculpture
D449,249 Sculpture [of an angel praying]
D444,730 Reconfigurable decorative sculpture
D438,143 Macaw sculpture
D437,804 Toucan sculpture
D437,567 Iguana sculpture
D437,253 Water sculpture
D431,206 Reconfigurable decorative sculpture
D430,819 Pinecone sculpture
D430,818 Pinecone sculpture
D429,660 Reconfigurable decorative sculpture
D425,138 Modular, reconfigurable educational sculpture
D424,975 Head mask for fish sculpture
D424,473 Fish sculpture
D416,516 Letter "X" racer sculpture
D414,529 Jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D413,078 Three-dimensional spiral kinetic sculpture
D409,669 Soft sculpture doll
D402,705 Dinosaur playground sculpture
D398,942 Sun parakeet jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D398,941 Bird of paradise jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D398,940 Cockatoo jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D397,167 Blue throated macaw jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D395,063 Scarlet macaw jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D395,062 Baby macaw jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D394,693 Playground sculpture
D394,296 Frog playground sculpture
D391,194 Sculpture
D387,304 Sculpture
D387,096 Military macaw jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D386,007 Photo sculpture base
D383,506 Resplendent quetzal jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D383,175 Parakeet jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D383,174 Great blue turaco jigsaw puzzle sculpture
D378,361 Tombstone novelty sculpture
D373,158 Bear sculpture
D364,580 Sculpture
D355,869 Constellation sculpture
D354,254 Sculpture
D353,348 Sculpture
D352,481 Sunburst light sculpture
D352,013 Santa soft sculpture
D349,867 Sculpture
D347,405 Angel soft sculpture
D345,323 Soft sculpture
D344,044 Soft sculpture
D342,695 Kinetic sculpture
D340,958 Soft sculpture bear
D340,754 Soft sculpture bear
D333,284 Sculpture
D333,283 Sculpture
D333,282 Sculpture
D330,348 Sculpture
D329,301 Illuminated sculpture
D328,957 Illuminated sculpture
D328,956 Illuminated sculpture
D328,799 Illuminated sculpture
D328,798 Illuminated sculpture
D328,651 Illuminated sculpture
D321,463 Carpet sculpture tool
D320,365 Combined kinetic sculpture and acoustical amplifier
D318,251 Meditation sculpture
D316,059 Lawn sculpture
D314,531 Soft sculpture wall hanging
D304,054 House sculpture toy figure
D296,604 Soft sculpture pig bank
D295,880 Movable bear sculpture
D295,434 Soft sculpture puppet
D295,202 Soft sculpture doll
D294,129 Aquatic sculpture or similar article
D293,559 Magnetic novelty sculpture
D292,302 Soft-sculpture doll
D291,072 Tree sculpture
D289,023 Aquatic sculpture or similar article
D289,022 Aquatic sculpture or similar article
D288,304 Botanical sculpture or similar article
D287,347 Aquatic sculpture or similar article
D287,345 Sculpture
D287,110 Aquatic sculpture or similar article
D283,691 Bear sculpture
D282,534 Illuminated floral sculpture
D282,056 Novelty sculpture
D281,592 Aquatic sculpture or similar article
D281,059 Novelty sculpture
D279,559 Novelty sculpture
D272,427 Dove sculpture
D271,674 Kinetic sculpture
D271,385 Sculpture or the like
D270,146 Sculpture
D269,602 Novelty sculpture
D267,934 Dragon sculpture
D267,894 Kinetic sculpture
D267,708 Sculpture
D267,484 Kinetic sculpture
D267,240 Metal sculpture
D263,385 Sculpture or similar article
D263,065 Kinetic sculpture
D263,064 Kinetic sculpture
D263,063 Kinetic sculpture
D262,981 Kinetic sculpture
D262,900 Kinetic sculpture
D262,807 Kinetic sculpture
D262,806 Kinetic sculpture
D262,805 Kinetic sculpture
D262,640 Kinetic sculpture
D262,639 Kinetic sculpture
D262,554 Kinetic sculpture
D262,471 Kinetic sculpture
D262,470 Kinetic sculpture
D262,469 Kinetic sculpture
D262,387 Kinetic sculpture
D261,633 Winged sculpture
D261,373 Light-reflecting sculpture
D261,158 Kinetic sculpture
D260,865 Soft sculpture
D260,009 Sculpture
D259,729 Kinetic sculpture
D259,502 Play sculpture for playground apparatus
D258,945 Sculpture
D258,856 Ice sculpture display tray
D258,313 Border sculpture for lawn, garden, or the like
D257,134 Novelty sculpture
D255,440 Sculpture
D255,338 Tree sculpture or the like
D253,405 Sculpture
D253,096 Two-tailed dog sculpture
D252,562 American beaver sculpture or the like
D247,355 Sculpture
D243,938 Article of sculpture
D243,462 String fish sculpture
D242,933 Pipe sculpture