Patent Number    Patent Title
6,208,357 Creating and animating characters having associated behavior
6,173,437 Multimedia scripting tool
6,160,907 Iterative three-dimensional process for creating finished media content
6,100,881 Creating interactive multimedia presentation using a shoot list to keep track of audio objects of a character
6,094,221 Using a scripting language to set digital camera device features
6,040,842 Process control with evaluation of stored referential expressions in a multi-agent system adapted for use with virtual actors which are directed by sequentially enabled script agents
5,999,172 Multimedia techniques
5,867,175 Method and apparatus for scriping animation
5,801,685 Automatic editing of recorded video elements sychronized with a script text read or displayed
5,754,755 Method and system for generating test scripts
5,748,943 Intelligent CAD process
5,745,738 Automating creation of simulations for demonstrating software use
5,692,212 Interactive multimedia movies and techniques
5,659,547 Script-based system for testing a multi-user computer system
5,644,694 Apparatus and method for digital movie production
5,473,744 Interactive method for making a multi-media presentation
5,404,528 Scripting system
5,261,041 Animation system based on definitional animated objects and methods of manipulating same
5,111,409 Authoring and use systems for sound synchronized animation
4,746,994 Computer-based video editing system