Patent Number    Patent Title
6,394,874 Apparatus and method of use for sound-generating finger puppet
6,386,943 Puppet legs movement mechanism
6,350,169 Finger puppet with a transparent window and tummy cavity
6,337,434 Music teaching instrument
6,238,262 Electronic interactive puppet
6,192,215 Interactive and animated mini-theater and method of use
6,169,555 Methods for communicating through computer animated images
6,155,836 System for teaching mathematics
6,135,847 Puppets and character representations
6,126,507 Reversible doll/hat
6,068,536 Mechanism for animated character
6,039,625 Interactive and animated mini-theater
6,033,284 Form of articulated structures for dolls or puppet bodies
5,923,337 Methods for communicating through computer animated images
5,848,928 Finger puppet eating utensil
5,830,035 Toe puppet
5,713,777 Non-latex inflatable hand puppet
5,662,477 Demonstrative puppet for phonetic training of persons having speech and/or hearing disorders
5,564,961 Water-pistol and puppet assembly
5,516,321 Garment with concealable sleeve puppet
5,498,189 Animated finger puppet
5,493,185 Method for animating motor-driven puppets
5,472,364 Toy reversible between puppet and book forms
5,468,171 Portable puppet theater systems
5,447,461 Sound generating hand puppet
5,389,028 Christmas stocking, puppet and story media combination
5,385,573 Infant teether and hand puppet combination
5,368,518 Puppet head
5,354,226 Hand puppet with two eye spheroids connected by cord
5,322,465 Hand puppet kit
5,308,275 Sleeve puppet
5,261,849 Puppet/marionette theater
5,085,609 Puppet theater with sound track and cued lights
5,080,626 Animal puppet
4,992,070 Finger actuated toy figure
4,986,791 Puppet
4,964,832 Modular puppet system
4,944,710 Puppet mouth construction
4,904,220 Puppet mobile
4,871,341 Puppet mouth construction
4,869,702 Hand actuated puppet and precursor structure
4,857,028 Portable puppet theater kit
4,828,529 Tubular solid bodied glove puppet
4,824,097 Puppet-on-the-arm illusion device
4,808,139 Glove puppet and a kit for a puppet show
4,804,348 Animated toy puppet theater
4,750,225 Quilt and puppet combination
4,712,246 Puppet speaker
4,695,265 Puppet apparatus
4,687,457 Hand-held puppet with pseudo-voice generation
4,681,555 Puppet or doll having structure provided by stuffing
4,676,764 Dancing doll with hip movement and 180 degree rotation
4,643,694 Hand controlled puppet
4,639,234 Toy play set with puppet for toy action figures
4,622,020 Glove puppet figure assembly and powered wing drive mechanism
4,610,640 Glove puppet figure assembly with articulated head components
4,608,025 Glove puppet figure assembly with articulated head components
4,608,024 Book with puppet
4,601,670 Hand puppet
4,585,425 Glove puppet assembly with finger actuated claws
4,555,236 Hand actuated puppet and kit
4,544,365 Puppet
4,508,515 Book with puppet
4,504,240 Hand puppet with detachable facial elements
4,488,315 Combination scarf and puppet
4,476,650 Trigger actuated puppet
4,411,026 Hand covering
4,372,077 Combined book, flannelboard and hand puppet
4,365,353 Body puppet and teaching aid
4,341,521 Psychotherapeutic device
4,326,356 Cardboard food tray and puppet device
4,304,065 Walking hand puppet
4,280,292 Torso-and display-supportable puppet
4,276,715 Puppet
4,245,428 Hand-controlled puppet
4,244,142 Puppet rug for therapeutic purposes
4,235,042 Toss and catch hand puppet
4,226,046 Figurine capable of gripping a support
4,173,842 Finger puppet
4,139,968 Puppet-like apparatus
4,138,745 Puppet for clothing pocket
4,137,665 Children's marionette theatre
4,092,785 Teaching and display apparatus
4,081,925 Finger puppets
4,063,381 Articulated puppet
4,054,006 Puppet operated by both hands
4,048,749 Marionette bird
4,022,461 Stage prop
4,010,570 Puppet assembling
3,942,283 Hand puppet
3,034,255 Puppet