Patent Number    Patent Title
6,510,619 Wallpaper template for closures
6,474,693 Poster-style novelty item
6,250,000 Rotary driven poster
6,173,516 Collapsible double image poster
5,744,217 Decorative wallpaper and methods of making and applying
5,485,694 Talking poster
5,056,880 Holographic wallpaper
5,051,728 Music poster
2,353,359 Advertising poster
D443,420 Scripture wallpaper
D436,737 Continuous wallpaper border
D428,263 Crowd and field scene wallpaper
D428,262 Crowd scene wallpaper
D337,662 Wallpaper (baseball player)
AU9035201 Graphic advertisement poster for requesting or offering home delivery products, services and others
AU6949901 Electronic poster system
AU6692896 Interactive poster decorating system
AU5209201 Device for stretching foil material and poster holder built with said device
AU2530001 An ink for decoration of paper substrates for poster displays
BG99372 Combined advertisement poster
CA2358138 CD poster
CA2197357 Method of making an advertising poster and personal use article
CA2091966 Combined poster and catalog construction
CN2521691U Poster with support
CN2446616U Poster paper with teeth or nicking edge figure
CN2309601U Normalized built-up poster
CN2309600U Combined poster structure device
CN1268729 Production process of semiperspective advertisement poster
DE4203922 Coloured poster production from lithographic or similar originals - involves precise superposition of monochrome images of successive coloured
DE3214755 Arrangement for poster-type advertising on lorry tarpaulins
DE3211451 Ergonomic poster-inscribing device with a mosaic writing unit
DE19950471 Precise joining and bonding together of the edges of large printed posters involves running adhesive strip beyond both poster sides onto pr
DE19804333 Large-shaped, modularly constructed poster panel
DE19723588 Transparent plastics sheath for advertising poster
DE19706420 Back lighting for transparent poster with electric light source and supply
DE19611756 Poster or placard fabricated from paper, plastic or metal foil
DE10139870 Sticking together printed sheets to form e.g. poster, involves pre-fixing edges of sheets on table using vacuum
DE10106285 Paper poster or paper photograph structuring method has linen layer attached to rear of poster or photograph placed over structured master
DE10059734 Device for presenting posters, especially in the open, comprises a peripheral frame for holding a poster covered by a transparent sheet
EP1242547 An ink for decoration of paper substrates for poster displays
EP1096463 Poster backing
EP0918311 Snap-on assemblage of poster hanging structure
EP0892382 Arrangment at poster cabinet
EP0785528 Poster making system
EP0367651 Strippable paper, such as wall paper or poster, and method for producing
EP0248360 Poster paper
EP0020695 Process of forming an anti-poster anti-graffiti antidust protective coating
FR2810579 Method and equipment for preparing a document for printing in duplex as poster, comprises selection of pages required to appear side by side
FR2799488 Manufacturing method, for anti-graffiti and anti-poster panel for covering garbage container, involves covering metal sheet with patternds
FR2767409 Dry fixing system for poster strips attached to rotary prisms
GB2357514 An ink for decoration of paper substrates for poster displays
GB2188089 Attaching a depending unit, eg a poster, to a ceiling
GB2188088 Attaching a depending unit, eg a poster, to a ceiling
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GR862487 Removable poster surface
GB524741 Pre-gummed wall-paper, poster paper and the like, and adhesive compositions for use thereon
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GB365690 Improvements in and relating to apparatus for poster printing
GB276219 Means for producing printing plates specially for poster printing
GB260304 Improvements in tools for poster writing
HU180634 Method and aid set particularly for producing large-size wallpaper poster
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IL104330 Poster with alternating design
JP2002244601 Poster
JP2002215069 Illumination poster
JP2002154251 Method for printing poster
JP2002108230 Advertisement poster using solar cell
JP2001356724 Advertising poster with micro sucker
JP2001243027 Method for printing data and a large-sized poster
JP2001005415 Poster for elevator
JP2000321981 Poster for election
JP10049055 Method for inserting advertisement, such as poster, formed to allow prompt and free change of expression as well as bulletin method posses
KR2001090053 Method of forming material preventing attachment of illegal ad poster
KR2001012046 Electroluminescence poster and production process
KR2001008461 Double-faced paper for a poster and a producing method thereof
KR2000059078 Free advertisement method using poster and price table at point of purchase
NZ224613 Telescopically framed poster
NZ224267 Poster displaying device: posters displayed in succession
PL345258 Poster presenting device
PL175084B Swinging poster-carrying frame
SK69696 Folding frame for a poster
TW427527Y Hanging stem structure of poster capable of being used for advertising board simultaneously
ZA7707170 Advertising poster