Patent Number    Patent Title
6,196,549 Apparatus and method of playing a poem completion game
6,019,372 Rhyming word game
5,893,717 Method for teaching prose, document and quantitative literacy
4,712,174 Method and apparatus for generating text
4,314,698 Action sequencing game
4,270,284 Color language teaching method and display
D426265 Poetry magnet board
D415619 Mirrored poetry display
AU2621301 Computer generated poetry system
CN2527444U Poetry metrical pattern normatical creation exercise book
CN2036853U Toy bricks with Tang and Song poetry
CN88212243U Building blocks with ancient poems
CN85200573U Ancient poetry playing cards
CN1383081 Processing method for inputting both poetry and reading rhyme signs
CN1293389 Cross placement of Chinese character stroke mark attached with lyric poetry
CN1188297 Method for preventing imitated and smuggled goods of ancient poetry, ditties, couplet and idiom
CN1100966 Innumerable-changing poetry anthology playing cards
CN1100829 Chess pieces forming poems
CN1075098 Playing cards with love poems
JP11219195 Interactive mode poem reading aloud system
JP9103535 Poem phrase game board and piece setting member
JP8183270 Calendar of one hundred Tanka poems by one hundred celebrated poets
JP2001353999 Flower vase for exhibiting poem
KR2000058781 Method for directly fabricating poem and picture on Internet