Patent Number    Patent Title
6,456,789 Device for correcting a tremble of a focused image and a camera which is provided with the same
6,445,415 Increased depth of field for photography
6,424,802 Photography aid for reducing shadows and reflections
6,400,910 Partial pre-exposure of photographic film
6,357,884 Reflective element for still and motion photography
6,356,291 Method and apparatus for providing print quality enhancement
6,351,617 Method for forming single-exposure synthesized images
6,343,184 Controlled environment photo studio
6,341,901 Photographing lens of a camera having a mask for blocking off noise light which generates in relation to a non-circular lens
6,339,763 System and method for visualizing vehicles with accessories
6,333,749 Method for image assisted modeling of three-dimensional scenes
6,327,431 Method and system for reducing image artifacts
6,327,049 Order information recording medium and order file generating apparatus for photographic service
6,326,108 Random color filter array
6,324,521 Network photograph service system
6,312,337 Online digital photography game system
6,285,834 Image modifiers for use in photography
6,278,481 Photocard that is inserted into a non-digital camera to enable the non-digital camera to take digital photographic images
6,270,228 Studio lighting system
6,268,863 Method of simulating a photographic camera
6,261,747 Black-and-white sepia toning kit and method for its use
6,259,572 Photographic color effects lighting filter system
6,256,791 Photographer's vest with built-in seating and weight bearing structures
6,245,487 Methods for enhancing images on relief image printing plates
6,243,242 Photographic lightning trigger devices
6,229,272 High speed photography light source
6,208,813 Method for taking pictures of the human body, especially of the mouth cavity
6,195,150 Pseudo-3D stereoscopic images and output device
6,185,475 Method for manufacturing jacquard with colored image
6,169,858 Panoramic image capture aid
6,142,647 Darkroom illumination equipment
6,118,595 Mounted immersive view
6,097,898 Camera capable of displaying the level of visual effect
6,088,527 Apparatus and process for producing an image sequence
6,064,752 Method for positioning subjects before a single camera
6,052,539 Camera that produces a special effect
6,052,534 Close-up photographing apparatus
6,047,130 Apparatus and method for portrait photography
6,044,232 Method for making three-dimensional photographs
6,044,226 Attention focusing device and method for photography subject
6,023,588 Method and apparatus for capturing panoramic images with range data