Patent Number    Patent Title
6,342,666 Multi-terminal MIDI interface unit for electronic music system
6,316,710 Musical synthesizer capable of expressive phrasing
6,307,139 Search index for a music file
6,304,846 Singing voice synthesis
6,281,424 Information processing apparatus and method for reproducing an output audio signal from MIDI music playing information and audio information
6,252,153 Song accompaniment system
6,232,541 Data sending apparatus and data receiving apparatus communicating data storage control command in MIDI protocol, and method therefor
6,229,082 Musical database synthesizer
6,154,600 Media editor for non-linear editing system
6,121,536 Method and apparatus for encoding text in a MIDI datastream
6,121,534 Natural-scale tone-generator apparatus for MIDI musical keyboards
6,088,733 Communications of MIDI and other data
6,067,566 Methods for distributing live performances on MIDI devices via a non-real-time network protocol
5,986,201 MIDI monitoring
5,983,280 System using standard ethernet frame format for communicating MIDI information over an ethernet network
5,977,471 MIDI localization alone and in conjunction with three dimensional audio rendering
5,915,237 Representing speech using MIDI
5,883,957 Methods and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting MIDI files
5,852,251 Method for real-time dynamic MIDI control
5,805,545 MIDI standards recorded information reproducing device with repetitive reproduction capacity
5,792,972 Method for controlling the tempo and volume of a MIDI file during playback through a MIDI player device
5,740,260 MIDI to analog sound processor interface
5,734,118 MIDI playback system
5,700,966 Wireless remote channel-MIDI switching device
5,675,100 Encoding music printing information in a MIDI message