Patent Number    Patent Title
6,192,135 Dearticulator
6,127,616 Method for representing musical compositions using variable colors and shades thereof
6,057,501 Teaching musical notation to young children
6,027,463 Music massager
5,963,916 Network method for preview of music products and compilation of market data
5,936,181 Method for applying a role-and register-preserving harmonic transformation to musical pitches
5,746,605 Method and system for music training
5,606,144 Method of and apparatus for computer-aided generation of variations of a sequence of symbols, such as a musical piece, and other data, character or image sequences
5,540,132 Teaching musical notation to young children
5,533,903 Music training
5,218,153 Technique for selecting a chord progression for a melody
5,107,748 Touch-response tone controller unit for an electronic musical instrument
4,999,773 Contouring amplitude of musical notes based on their relationship to the succeeding note
4,418,602 Transfer organ
4,309,570 Dimensional sound recording and apparatus and method
4,218,585 Dimessional sound producing apparatus and method
3,331,271 Music notation
1,594,194 Music notation
1,053,366 Music representation
0,482,442 Musical notation
0,438,429 Music notation
FR2612417 In the category of jokes and tricks: musical cigar