Patent Number    Patent Title
6,418,372 Electronic visitor guidance system
6,256,061 Method for providing perceived video viewing experiences using still images
6,205,396 Guidance system using changeable signs
6,092,780 Low-bed type seismic isolator for display case
5,943,042 Control method and system for objects on a computer
5,877,698 System for selectively transmitting messages to passers-by
5,854,844 Commentary systems
5,732,326 Information guiding system and method of preventing borrower of portable terminal unit from forgetting to return it
5,603,189 Combined dwelling, marine habitat, and educational building complex
5,562,459 Dynamic three dimenional amusement and display device
5,152,003 Record message delivery system
5,127,718 Museum display case having improved airtight seal
4,926,486 Transducer assembly for automatic message system
4,749,241 Display case
4,713,011 Solar system simulator
4,711,294 Temperature and humidity control system
4,457,019 Separately receiving multiple station audio-tour signals
4,274,088 Portable alarm system
4,163,123 Electronic tour guide system
3,934,202 Tour guide system including noise and crosstalk suppression