Patent Number    Patent Title
6,407,798 Dual-screen theater
6,301,044 Apparel color and image effect system
6,253,494 Screen-to-stage and stage-to-screen seamless transition theater
6,242,150 Panoramic 70mm film system
6,199,999 Lighting system for theater seating
6,152,829 Device and process for producing effects
6,020,825 Theatrical lighting control network
5,954,508 Portable and compact motion simulator
5,872,615 Motion picture presentation system
5,835,715 Interactive theater and feature presentation system
5,822,928 Motion picture theatre structure
5,801,754 Interactive theater network system
5,798,818 Configurable cinema sound system
5,748,746 Ceiling speaker and signal source
5,668,537 Theatrical lighting control network
5,678,889 Moveable theater seats
5,608,474 Image displaying device
5,573,325 Multi-sensory theatrical presentation structure
5,448,291 Live video theater using multiple cameras and monitors
5,433,670 Compact simulator system theater
5,406,176 Computer controlled stage lighting system
5,381,476 Video theater system and reproducing apparatus
5,331,359 Method for creating and storing a theatrical design
5,218,388 Film monitor for use in automating movie theater operation
5,026,152 Enhanced cinema system
4,974,252 Interactive commercial/entertainment network
4,942,488 Video theater system
4,919,197 Atmosphere control apparatus for theaters
4,885,878 Advanced state of the art movie theater
4,838,344 Atmosphere control for theaters
4,606,527 Theatre scenery hoisting mechanism
4,591,248 Dynamic audience responsive movie system
4,511,824 Parallel access memory lighting system
4,477,160 Motion picture system
4,385,814 System for controlling distinct devices in a theater
4,303,236 Trip motion simulator
4,047,109 Drive-in theater audio system
4,000,367 Apparatus for producing depth effect in two dimensional pictures
3,986,703 Movement of scenery in theaters and studios
2,374,497 Arc-Lamp and carbon guide
2,369,340 Foldable stage structure
2,364,707 Daylight lamp
2,347,771 Light projector
2,345,706 Portable tracking system
2,344,726 Transportable stage
2,342,115 Means for consolidating in a single beam light from a plurality of sources
2,327,820 Light projector
2,319,207 Combination mercury mazda spotlight
2,315,264 Electric controlling apparatus
2,314,093 Device for simulating certain sound effects
2,293,014 Optical system for spotlights
2,290,242 Selective stage assembly
2,287,345 Optical projection device
2,285,978 Circuit control system with faders
2,280,315 Stage effect and display device using mirrored walls
2,278,222 Control system for dimmers
2,273,078 Method for producing sound effects using electro-acoustic transducer
2,270,517 Projection apparatus
2,266,089 Stage and display device with upright mirrors for kaleidoscopic effect
2,259,646 Theater construction with stepped main stages
2,255,111 Dancer's bird tail device for a costume
2,254,650 Stage construction with movable light screens
2,253,409 Light projector
2,246,960 Stage brace means
2,242,105 Lamp dimming system
2,241,179 Projection lamp
2,233,808 Theater lighting control apparatus
2,233,807 Theater lighting control apparatus
2,232,068 Illumination control system
2,227,043 Stage curtain rigging
2,226,252 Lighting fixture construction
2,225,702 Bubble forming device
2,225,401 Electric lighted illumination fixture
2,224,686 Light projecting machine
2,224,651 Acoustical apparatus using panels to vary reverbation time in a theater
2,215,021 Motor driven cable control
2,214,728 Color wheel centering device
2,210,554 Spotlight
2,209,596 Apparatus for setting stages
2,200,501 Illumination control system
2,198,537 Breakaway apparatus for a trick acrobatic pole
2,192,520 Remote control color changer for projected light
2,191,292 Prefocus projection lamp
2,189,507 Electric controlling apparatus
2,184,138 Method and apparatus for producing optical effects
2,182,757 Stage setting with two revolving platforms
2,180,764 Lighting control system
2,177,488 Illumination intensity control system
2,169,657 Luminous or fluorescent floor covering
2,155,767 Stage device for conjuring representations using mirrors
2,148,794 Light projector for stroboscopic and other purposes
2,148,553 Reversible pivot arm for making leg drops
2,147,648 Synchronized theater production
2,143,235 Stage scenery dolly
2,142,063 Stage curtain rigging
2,136,841 Antipanic theater with rows of chairs that can slide outside through doors
2,136,833 Stage construction for theaters and the like
2,133,608 Color screen control
2,133,499 Bubble producing and display means
2,129,641 Lighting device for raising color frames in front of light
2,128,361 Electric illumination control system
2,124,417 Lighting fixture
2,123,729 Illumination control system
2,118,264 Light projection display means
2,116,114 Harmonious melting of combined theater and cinematograph exhibitions
2,115,688 Magnetic high intensity arc
2,115,631 Demountable stage structure
2,114,963 Light projector or similar article
2,110,500 Method of and means for producing white light or daylight
2,107,906 Lamp support for projectors
2,099,952 Illuminating device
2,097,537 Remotely controlled spotlight
2,097,091 Stage appliance with automatic thread pulling device
2,078,880 Light controlling apparatus
2,076,240 Spot and floodlight projector apparatus
2,064,625 Motor driven color screen
2,059,361 Color screen holder
2,052,178 Interchangeable and renewable scenery
2,046,691 Theater dimmer control
2,041,412 Lighting system with multicolored rotating reflector
2,034,407 Theatrical illusion for displacing head and legs from a body
2,030,157 Acoustic construction with apertured walls, ceilings and screens
2,030,100 Electric discharge apparatus
2,029,863 Chromoscope
2,028,505 Lamp and lamp housing for projectors
2,023,878 Circuit controlling arrangement
2,016,467 Means for illuminating stages and other objects
2,015,176 Portable trailer structure
2,014,573 Spotlight and lamp support therefor
2,009,145 Ray tinting device
2,006,984 Theater light control
2,003,573 Double set stage
2,001,678 Stage apparatus with telescoping concentric revolving stages
1,991,615 Disappearing footlight
1,985,707 Stage construction for theaters
1,977,883 Lighting fixture support
1,975,698 Electrical apparatus for the control of stage lighting equipment or the like
1,968,634 Control system
1,966,698 Multiple and transformable theater stage
1,963,815 Disappearing water ballet device using water tank
1,963,093 Electric controlling apparatus
1,958,324 Auditorium
1,952,920 Apparatus for multiple visual effects
1,949,232 Stage construction for theaters
1,948,892 Auditorium floor that lowers
1,945,635 Light color instrument
1,941,740 Electrical theatrical effects where actor's body triggers electric circuits
1,938,002 Illuminating appliance
1,932,040 Method of and apparatus for controlling electrical devices
1,931,939 Clamping and locking device
1,931,799 Method of and apparatus for controlling electric circuits
1,922,525 Revolving stage with hydraulic lift
1,912,613 Lighting control system
1,907,030 Lighting control system
1,906,860 Circuit continuity and illumination intensity control system for groups of electric lamps
1,903,948 Theater stage settings
1,902,587 Porcelain enamel reflector floodlight
1,901,886 Lighting control apparatus
1,901,640 Theater switch panel
1,900,677 Curtain and controlling means therefor
1,899,549 Illumination control system
1,899,548 Illumination control system
1,896,652 Stage for theater and the like
1,895,690 Color light projector
1,893,167 Rotating stage mounting
1,891,216 System for projecting light in variant colors
1,888,320 Apparatus for multiple visual effects using theater curtains
1,887,644 Control panel
1,885,642 Theater floodlight
1,884,417 Arc lamp
1,883,573 Stage setting
1,878,304 Control system for theater lighting circuits
1,876,824 Dimmer control apparatus
1,875,814 Color screen control
1,871,794 System for projecting light in variant colors
1,868,068 Theater with circular revolving auditorium
1,862,487 Proportional preset dimmer scheme
1,859,615 Inverted dancing appartus
1,857,641 Acoustic device using wall covering to trap sound waves
1,854,547 Motor-actuated switch
1,854,542 Auditorium designed mathematically
1,850,103 Combined spot and flood light
1,848,692 Stage decoration
1,847,509 Mounting for arc lamps
1,843,558 Filter devcie for floodlights
1,840,860 Arc lamp
1,826,079 Master lever for bank of dimmers
1,825,316 Illumination control system
1,820,899 Lighting appliance
1,819,656 Revolving stage
1,815,874 Color lighting device
1,810,890 Actuating apparatus for theater curtains and the like
1,809,181 Electrical illumination apparatus
1,806,906 Spot and flood lights projector
1,795,331 Building construction with long span arched roof without center supports
1,793,284 Current translating mechanism for controlling lights
1,792,603 Sound apparatus using tuned resonator tubes
1,789,103 Theater light
1,787,814 Theatrical seat construction
1,786,010 Dimmer control device
1,785,347 Means for producing theatrical effects using curved mirrors
1,784,357 Apparatus for the projection of light rays
1,782,390 Actuating means for electric-light dimmers
1,780,230 Tap for dancing slippers or shoes
1,777,805 Apparatus for the projection of light
1,775,237 Stage vision apparatus
1,773,543 Sounding device
1,772,661 Stage setting
1,767,756 Rectangular shutter for spotlights
1,766,638 Color lamp
1,764,411 Theatre lighting control apparatus
1,764,356 Illusion apparatus using glass water tank
1,763,956 Footlight apparatus
1,761,486 Sounding device
1,760,943 Theater switch panel
1,760,842 Apparatus for producing theatrical illusions using box with false back
1,756,043 Stage curtain or drop
1,749,011 Light projection display
1,747,916 Operating means for curtain drops
1,747,754 Spot and flood lamp
1,747,279 Adjustable projector
1,745,689 Lantern
1,744,513 Sound producing dancing show
1,742,601 Floodlight
1,742,600 Floodlight
1,742,599 Footlights
1,740,603 Light color screen
1,740,463 Spotlight
1,738,943 Steropticon projector
1,736,991 All-master multicontact pilot switch
1,736,454 Theater lighting control apparatus
1,734,448 Rain storm sound simulating device
1,732,600 Vanishing footlight for stages
1,732,553 Stage floor packet
1,731,772 Instrument for light and color play
1,730,794 Remote control lighting system
1,729,813 Dancing apparatus for producing sparks from dancer's feet
1,724,119 Dimmer switch control gear
1,723,701 Optical device with color frames for spotlight
1,723,200 Plate support for color-projection machines
1,723,168 Producing sound of airplane in flight using high voltage circuit
1,722,976 Projection apparatus
1,722,975 Spot and flood light apparatus
1,714,504 Control system for light and color players
1,711,263 Theater lighting apparatus
1,709,626 Apparatus for altering the shape and size of a projected beam or light
1,708,159 Theatrical trick performing device
1,699,345 Illusion device using glass wall
1,698,222 Method of producing transformation effects as actor walks across stage
1,698,221 Method of and apparatus for displaying scenic relief effects
1,695,556 Apparatus for projecting light
1,684,387 Building construction for theater balconies using cantilevers
1,679,361 Spotlight
1,677,488 Mounting for lanterns
1,670,856 Control panel
1,670,739 Theatrical novelty
1,669,521 Theater dimmer and the like
1,664,248 Theater curtain raising device
1,660,349 Stage lighting
1,660,263 Building construction for theater balconies using cantilevers
1,654,873 Means for controlling light
1,651,985 Actuating apparatus for theater curtains
1,649,689 Representing in optical way scenery and other objects in stages or the like
1,640,542 Circuit controlling apparatus
1,638,838 Operating mechanism for electric controllers
1,635,975 Method of and apparatus for projecting images
1,623,699 Lantern
1,623,619 Convertible auditorium using hydraulic jacks under main floor
1,622,004 Apparatus for controlling electric circuits
1,621,312 Light reflector
1,621,248 Miniature stage lighting system
1,616,198 Theatre novelty
1,614,837 Art of artificial lighting
1,613,254 Producing theatrical illusions with trick table for concealing actor
1,612,858 Theatrical scenery
1,608,348 Color screen holder for electric lights
1,606,200 Lighting apparatus
1,595,753 Spotlight
1,595,194 Footlight
1,591,211 Illumination apparatus
1,586,863 Producing theatrical illusions where actors vanish suddenly
1,585,325 Lifting devices
1,583,775 Collapsible theater
1,582,262 Aerial picture apparatus
1,577,854 Chromopiano that matches light hues with musical notes
1,571,036 Hoisting and equalizing apparatus
1,569,396 Process of chemically producing artificial snow
1,564,272 Theatrical stage
1,563,782 Theatrical novelty
1,562,220 Device for moving curtainlike roundhorizons
1,559,739 Theater with circular revolving stage
1,559,389 Apparatus for controlling electric circuits
1,556,535 Theatrical counterweight system
1,554,650 Theatrical device for flower bed
1,549,778 Light projection display
1,548,522 Method of stage setting and apparatus therefor
1,544,212 Perfume vaporizer
1,544,150 Theater stage
1,543,931 Theatrical illusion
1,542,299 Rotary stage
1,538,528 Holder for colored light screens
1,533,337 Portable stage
1,526,888 Walking figure
1,526,368 Operating mechanism for electric controllers
1,524,808 Support for wall sets
1,522,911 Dimmer system
1,518,265 Lighting fixture
1,517,774 Theater seating equipment
1,517,639 Animated book where book pages are painted theatrical gauze
1,515,724 Framing device for spot flood lamps
1,514,552 Apparatus for simulating forest fire on a stage
1,511,097 Emergency lighting system
1,505,942 Art of producing manikin actors by painting faces on knees
1,500,507 Theatrical device for shooting person through solid material
1,495,821 Adjustable cyclorama joint
1,491,951 Rotary stage for theaters and the like
1,490,471 Scenic apparatus providing false proscenium stage
1,489,839 Theatrical illusion of a very large lady's vanity bag
1,486,335 Satge curtain
1,485,594 Collapsible scenery
1,482,701 Movable seat construction
1,481,132 Method of and means for associating light and music using piano
1,478,473 Color screen protection and support
1,474,576 Theatrical device using rolling scenery of water stream
1,473,336 Scenery trimmer
1,472,095 Spotlight and color screen
1,471,454 Apparatus for raising and lowering materials
1,462,537 Changeable scenic effect
1,458,575 Illusion device using box with holes
1,452,424 Adjustable scene portal in theaters
1,451,046 Scenic effect using two or more colored lights
1,449,170 Stage setting that simulates a billboard
1,449,076 Method of and apparatus for presenting plays and the like
1,435,390 Track rail for curved stage scenes
1,434,305 Window and door clamp
1,432,601 Adjustable stage clamp
1,432,463 Theatrical scenery
1,428,008 Method of and apparatus for producing transformation effects
1,423,089 Method of producing color effects
1,419,848 Clamp and brace for stage wings
1,419,191 Theatrical appliance for a tight rope system
1,417,935 Theatrical lamp
1,409,186 Slide carrier for projection apparatus
1,407,836 Trick hand fan
1,406,663 Light projection display
1,405,246 Colored lighting system
1,404,919 Dropping scene
1,400,818 Theatrical automobile race
1,398,158 Stage costume appliance using motorized hoop to spin skirt around a body
1,395,398 Stereopticon
1,392,497 Arc light
1,380,914 Skate device for ski jump
1,375,538 Attachment for cycloramic scenery battens
1,373,920 Mounting for incandescent lamps
1,373,424 Comedian's suit using inflatable ball
1,372,969 Illusionary apparatus for theaters using shadows projected on screen
1,365,990 Theatrical stage effect for portraying person within a jewel
1,365,989 Means for producing theatrical stage effect
1,364,189 Colored glass strips production
1,360,417 Border light
1,357,827 Method of operating electrodes for searchlights
1,356,709 Convertible building
1,352,471 Automatic projector
1,350,614 Theatrical appliance
1,345,168 Illuminating means for colored lights triggered by phonograph
1,342,247 Combined reflected and transmitted light waves of varying lengths to produce subjective changes in scenic effects
1,339,304 Light projection apparatus
1,339,279 Stage illusion effect
1,332,918 Theatrical device for portraying large bubble with people in it
1,332,085 Stage apparatus for representing airplane in flight
1,332,084 Stage searchlight
1,324,680 Theatrical appliance for portraying ship moving towards audience
1,324,630 Theatrical appliance
1,324,218 Extendible wings on a costume
1,322,774 Electrical apparatus for controlling curtains and lights in theaters
1,312,374 Picture projecting apparatus
1,304,649 Stage scenery using dropped textiles
1,301,963 Theatrical appliance using endless tightrope
1,298,917 Colored glass strips production
1,297,473 Theatrical device with person inside phonograph cabinet
1,296,422 Trimming device for scenery and the like
1,291,964 Apparatus for controlling light effects
1,284,912 Border light
1,281,885 Stage ship on a rocking cradle
1,281,752 Floodlight reflector
1,281,720 Production of scenic effects for drifting fog or smoke
1,281,719 Stage setting to allow actor to pass through concealed doors
1,281,718 Stage apparatus using trick sofa
1,279,042 Theatrical apparatus using magician's cabinet
1,278,306 Magician's cabinet
1,278,152 Electrical sound producing machines
1,273,333 Revolving tapered spiral staircase for scenic effects
1,273,111 Theatrical device
1,272,820 Stage shadowgraph
1,266,476 Theatrical apparatus using water tank with transparent walls
1,266,213 Scenic mechanism
1,262,578 Picture exhibition apparatus
1,262,553 Producing theatrical illusions of live bird supporting an actor
1,259,352 Rolling platform with four revolving disks
1,255,256 Theatrical runway
1,254,790 Fire illusion apparatus
1,249,013 Curtain manipulating means
1,247,888 Stage setting
1,234,824 Controlling device for light dimmers
1,230,877 Theatrical appliance simulating a ship's turret
1,229,519 Means for theatrical levitation
1,227,210 Method of poerating flaming-arc lights for projectors
1,224,663 Projection apparatus and illumination system therefor
1,220,200 Adjustable stage floor
1,220,032 Scenery brace
1,205,444 Wave and water illusion apparatus
1,200,472 Knife throwing illusion
1,197,543 Ventroloquist's dummy with embedded radio receiver
1,196,795 Means for lighting auditoriums and other places
1,196,104 Stage setting to represent a volcano with smoke and steam
1,186,451 Stage effect with painted drop, motion picture and live actors
1,186,292 Method of producing stage effects using slide projections
1,183,554 Theatrical illusion for producing sparks that fly up through stage holes
1,178,444 Theatrical illusion for producing sparks with dancers' shows and metal floor
1,174,966 Electrical scenic effect for artificial flowers and backdrop to support actor
1,170,621 Color changing attachment for light projectors
AU2918601 A method and system for audience participation and selective viewing of various aspects of a theatrical performance, whether opera or symphony