Patent Number    Patent Title
6,426,172 Method of processing motion picture print film to provide improved laser subtitling performance, and processed motion picture print film
6,243,156 Method for exhibiting motion picture films at frame rates higher than that in which the films were originally produced
6,160,907 Iterative three-dimensional process for creating finished media content
6,147,709 Inserting a high resolution image into a low resolution interactive image to produce a realistic immersive experience
6,061,532 Animated image presentations with personalized digitized images
6,034,721 Cinematographic film analysis in a film scanner apparatus
5,977,978 Interactive authoring of 3D scenes and movies
5,923,400 Real-time film animation technique
5,886,747 Prompting guide for chroma keying
5,830,065 User image integration into audiovisual presentation system
5,644,694 Apparatus and method for digital movie production
4,738,522 Coordinated super imposition of images in a visual display
4,169,666 Foreground stabilization for use in composite photography