Patent Number    Patent Title
6,039,625 Interactive and animated mini-theater
5,980,352 Package for a character figure and stage props
5,970,578 Theatrical scenery carriage and movement mechanism
5,890,323 Theater
5,868,628 Live-action theater
5,833,544 Film and live action theater
5,829,201 Theater with seat and wheelchair platform movement
5,517,789 Variable floor height telescopic multi-staged spectator seating
5,492,236 Apparatus for suspending and manoeuvring a load
5,388,042 Moving a complex three dimensional structure with at least three degrees of freedom, particularly in theatre area on or below a stage
4,874,162 Motion picture amusement ride
4,798,376 Amusement ride apparatus with a plurality of individually tiltable frames
4,752,065 Motion picture amusement ride
4,662,628 Device for maneuvering scenery
4,600,085 Platform lift
4,405,116 Adjustable pedestal trestle for theater stages
4,022,461 Stage prop