Patent Number    Patent Title
6,141,530 System and method for digital electronic cinema delivery
6,100,881 Creating interactive multimedia presentation using a shoot list to keep track of audio objects of a character
5,977,978 Interactive authoring of 3D scenes and movies
5,864,682 Frame accurate access of digital audio-visual information
5,790,236 Movie processing system
5,782,692 Time-segmented multimedia game playing and authoring system
5,781,730 Creating personalized movie presentations and movie collections
5,751,281 Apparatus and method for storing a movie within a movie
5,745,642 Selectively adding persistent resource data to unused bandwidth of digital movie
5,737,031 Producing a shadow of an object in a chroma key environment
5,708,845 Mapping hot spots in media content for interactive digital media program
5,682,326 Desktop digital video processing system
5,642,497 Digital disk recorder using a port clock having parallel tracks along a timeline with each track representing an independently accessible media stream
5,613,909 Time-segmented multimedia game playing and authoring system
5,404,316 Desktop digital video processing system
5,329,316 Contour compensator for video image having overlapping information
5,298,995 Providing proper placement and sizing of subtitles given the conversion of the image to that of a wider aspect ratio
5,280,572 Storing text data in subcode packs
5,051,835 Digital processing of theatrical film
4,972,274 Synchronizing video edits with film edits
4,859,994 Closed-captioned movie subtitle system
4,827,532 Cinematic works with altered facial displays
4,754,342 Video editing system having virtual memory
4,600,281 Altering facial displays in cinematic works