MOSAICS - Methods

Patent Number    Patent Title
6,434,280 Method for generating super-resolution-enhanced mosaic images
6,417,968 Diffractive surface pattern
6,393,163 Mosaic based image processing system
6,324,441 Embroidery data processor and recording medium
6,324,004 Planar patterns with superimposed diffraction gratings
6,249,613 Mosaic generation and sprite-based coding with automatic foreground and background separation
6,237,025 Multimedia collaboration system
6,190,086 Method for laying mosaic elements
6,157,747 3-dimensional image rotation method for producing image mosaics
6,137,498 Digital composition of a mosaic image
6,103,329 Miniature mosaic and method
6,097,854 Image mosaic construction system and apparatus with patch-based alignment, global block adjustment and pair-wise motion-based local warping
6,078,701 Method and apparatus for performing local to global multiframe alignment to construct mosaic images
6,075,905 Method and apparatus for mosaic image construction
6,044,181 Focal length estimation method and apparatus for construction of panoramic mosaic images
6,036,015 Package for lists of mosaic tesserae and the like
6,018,349 Patch-based alignment method and apparatus for construction of image mosaics
6,009,190 Texture map construction method and apparatus for displaying panoramic image mosaics
5,999,662 Automatically aligning images to form a mosaic image
5,987,164 Block adjustment method for construction of image mosaics
5,986,668 Deghosting method for construction of image mosaics
5,974,832 Method for manufacturing glass and gold slabs for mosaics
5,969,707 Apparatus and method of mosaic picture processing
5,963,664 Method for image combination using a parallax-based technique
5,913,992 Mosaic tile maker
5,866,225 Mosaic reproductions on a tile substrate
5,777,626 Video image special effect device
5,742,297 Apparatus and method for constructing a mosaic of data
5,713,173 Hexagonal mosaic paving pattern
5,697,520 Mosaic tile maker
5,649,032 System for aligning images to form a mosaic image
5,638,156 Sequential display mosaic fabrication fixture
5,621,502 Mosaic fabrication fixture and method of making mosaics
5,617,642 Tile fitting method and device
5,617,224 Image processing apparatus having mosaic processing feature that decreases image resolution without changing image size or the number of pixels
5,568,391 Automated tile mosaic creation system
5,470,623 Decorative panel having adhesively set and arbitrarily positioned polygonal mosaic elements
5,443,680 Mosaic tile maker
5,400,052 Mosaic picture display and external storage unit used therefor
5,398,458 Process of manufacturing stone tile mosaics
5,390,093 Illuminating display device for use with a mosaic panel
5,244,208 Logical mosaic-puzzle
5,187,754 Forming, with the aid of an overview image, a composite image from a mosaic of images
5,164,825 Image processing method for a mosaic
5,148,277 Mosaic effect generating apparatus
5,128,194 One piece mosaic mirror with decorative pattern and surface groove
5,116,053 Puzzle
5,075,797 Cooled mosaic window
5,074,561 Puzzle
4,993,984 Discretionary mosaic art kit
4,965,106 Folded and assembled mosaic block
4,956,872 Image processing for random mosaic and/or oil-painting-like processing
4,953,227 Image mosaic-processing method and apparatus
4,949,969 Puzzle
4,912,850 Method for making decorative articles
4,907,072 Mosaic picture generation circuit
4,902,367 Method for the preparation of mosaic floor decorations
4,897,802 Method for preparing and displaying visual displays
4,888,643 Special effect apparatus
4,887,402 Structural glazing system
4,886,343 Additive/subtractive pixel arrangement in color mosaics
4,839,692 Apparatus for reproducing multi-color image
4,782,388 Method for providing video mosaic effects
4,675,023 Method of producing a mosaic expression on fabric
4,673,988 Electronic mosaic imaging process
4,662,846 Mechanically composing a mosaic pattern of balls
4,625,967 Movable surface global puzzle
4,624,815 Process of producing mosaic articles
4,550,040 Movable mosaics
4,528,227 Mosaic style artwork
4,466,937 Production of Venetian mosaic surfaces
4,458,175 Mosaic additive reflectance color display screen
4,336,673 Mosaic display panel
4,318,946 Decorative simulated stained glass light transmissive mosaic panels
4,255,475 Mosaic structures
4,200,462 System for producing decorative plates for photoprinting
4,036,929 Method of forming decorative inserts in granite
3,976,982 Apparatus for image manipulation
AU2062202 Mosaic tessera particularly for outdoor and/indoor paving
AU1569201 Systems and methods for generating spherical mosaic images
BG106445 Relief panel and method for making relief panels
BG98712 Method for making wood mosaic
BG39032 Means for cleaning faience, terracota, mosaic bleaching and for impregnating wood products
CA1286055 Method for preparation of mosaic floor decorations
CN2539649U Mosaic painting and calligraphy handicraft with metal wire
CN2164970U Machine for making wooden mosaic
CN1390793 Process for preparing golden marble glass mosaic
CN1375253 Mosaic Manchurian ash chair and manufacturing process
CN1358632 Technology for making mosaic stone board
CN1326847 Method for cutting mosaic plate or the like
CN86101532 Manufacture of glass mosaic by utilizing waste glass
CN85204178U Transport unit of glass mosaic machine
CN85204177U Glass mosaic cylinder type cutter
CN87104253 Sintering process of mosaic from waste glass fibre
DE3801806 Producing prefabricated mats from mosaic, ceramic tiles or glass panes
DE3801805 Self-centring plate for the production of prefabricated mats from mosaic, ceramic tiles or glass panes
DE3318474 Method of producing wooden mosaic blocks
EP1179439 Device to produce mosaic panels, relative method and mosaic panels thus obtained
FR2797222 Manufacture of three-dimensional open-work mosaic structure uses support of appropriate shape on which tiles are placed and joined by edges
FR2796592 Manufacture of mosaic piece applies layers of resins and reinforcing fabric to ceramic pieces whose decorative faces are adhered to sheets
FR2786128 Method of making decorative mosaic involves laying tiles on flexible support sheet with pre-printed pattern
FR2780681 Mosaic-look ornament manufacturing procedure e.g. for decorating swimming pools
GB1060200 A modular system for mosaics
GB1058655 Improvements in mosaic panelling
GB1020824 Machine for the polishing of and removal of dust from mosaic elements of ceramic paste, before baking
GB944559 Apparatus for producing mosaic parquet panels
GB858567 Producing straight or three-dimensional mosaic coverings
GB851286 Producing combined mosaic work in ceramic and yieldable material
GB733022 Method of making double-sided mosaic
JP11170800 Manufacture of colored comminuted stones for building mosaic garden
JP54138107 Production of dyed mosaic wood
JP52037916 Method of production of glazed vitreous mosaic tile
JP52033909 Method of production of vitreous mosaic tile
JP53028611 Method of production of mosaic tile
KR225413 Method for producing paper-mosaic and adhesive sheet plate for paper-mosaic
KR2002014594 Method for manufacturing crack art tile for mosaic
KR2001094646 Mosaic tile and method for manufacturing thereof
KR199930Y Mosaic tile frame
RU2193493 Method for manufacture of mosaic article
RU2164866 Method for manufacture of decorative tile or panel
RU2115548 Method of laser cutting of mosaic decorative parquet
SU727573 Method and apparatus for manufacturing glass mosaic plates
SU631463 Roller for cutting carpet-mosaic glass tiles
TW441516Y Tire sidewall with mosaic design pattern