Patent Number    Patent Title
6,422,913 Decorative wind driven scuplture
5,951,360 Infant mobile with compact disc/cassette player apparatus
5,791,647 Multilayer three dimensional puzzle
5,727,980 Decorative wind device
5,620,274 Mobile suspension device
5,606,816 Mobile of modular construction for displaying pictures
5,393,075 Mobile
4,991,335 Collapsible triangular mobile
4,984,380 Body-motion activated crib mobile
4,880,197 Mounting means for a toy mobile
4,691,473 Circular plant mobile
4,637,941 Segmented geometric structure
4,531,319 Hanging mobile greeting card
4,404,240 Hexahedral mobile
4,170,843 Rotatable hanging planter mount
4,094,084 Curved prism ornament
4,005,843 Hanging display rotator
3,939,478 Illuminated mobile construction
AU539474 Hanging mobile
CN2054715U Playthings with suspension flying mobiles
DE19960412 Method for producing mobiles consists of cutting rings out of plastic containers, joining such rings to form spherical bodies, and joining
EP0868930 Mobile with at least one light body rotably hung
EP0830882 Construction kit for kites and model gliders, mobiles and display structures
FR2651650 Trim (ornament) animated by photovoltaic cell
FR2642323 Mobile with varied movements
FR2642322 Mobile constituting a toy
FR2609509 Articulation for suspension from a bar and device including such articulations, particularly for producing decorative mobiles
GB2383976 A loosely jointed multi-element hanging ornament
GB2289852 Mobile
GB2279265 An attachable frame for suspension of a decorative article
GB2188089 Attaching a depending unit, eg a poster, to a ceiling
GB2188088 Attaching a depending unit, eg a poster, to a ceiling
GB2171319 Mobiles
TW433086Y Rotating object structure using airflow, gravity interaction for generating rotational falling