Patent Number    Patent Title
6,451,294 Makeup kit containing goniochromatic and monochromatic pigments
6,435,195 Applicator for applying a product, and method of using applicator to transfer products onto a surface
6,346,507 Liquid crystal composition and cosmetic preparation
6,314,967 Brush for application of mascara on eyelashes
6,306,409 Light-responding high color-rendering makeup cosmetic preparation
6,299,890 Makeup compositions
6,293,284 Virtual makeover
6,284,228 Color blending system for foundation makeup compositions
6,238,654 Cosmetic compositions comprising a film-forming polymer
6,217,998 Method of applying makeup and article
6,214,362 Cosmetic pad for removing low tension substances and applying cosmetics
6,206,270 Method of assembling needles for eyebrow makeup
6,199,560 Cosmetic mask
6,190,346 System for reducing eyelid droop
6,132,745 Cosmetic compositions comprising nanopigments
6,132,739 Makeup compositions and methods of making same
6,079,423 Makeup applicator and method of producing the same
6,039,051 Cosmetic brush
6,010,215 Makeup eyeglasses
6,009,884 Eyelash curler
6,004,567 Cosmetic compositions comprising nanopigments
5,970,989 Makeup kit
5,881,743 Co-molded makeup applicator assembly
5,876,736 Skin revitalizing makeup
5,871,758 Dual phase cosmetic composition
5,858,339 Method for making up the eyes using DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
5,846,551 Water-based makeup compositions and methods for their preparation
5,797,750 Determining the foundation makeup color that substantially reproduces a person's natural skin color
5,520,203 Cosmetics and their selection, application, and distribution
5,478,238 Determining the foundation makeup color that substantially reproduces a person's natural skin color
5,450,865 Makeup brush
5,219,560 Cosmetic composition
5,205,301 Applicator for makeup use
5,178,170 Eyelash shield device and method
5,137,040 Makeup applicator
5,091,013 Moisture holding pigment and cosmetic containing such a pigment
5,074,693 Makeup liquid container with applicator and stirrer
5,050,624 Disposable eye makeup shield
4,988,503 Oil-in-water emulsions for foundation makeup composition
4,965,071 Wrinkle masking composition of sodium polystyrene sulfonate
4,960,339 Makeup liquid container with applicator
4,938,952 Polymer supported cosmetic products and methods
4,927,281 Brush for applying mascara and container
4,892,726 Makeup or cosmetic compositions
4,857,307 Alcohol free-liquid makeup composition
4,842,523 Makeup method and device
4,806,572 Hydrophilic foam pad for makeup removal
4,722,100 Makeup and clothing protector
4,509,540 Cosmetic puff
4,492,686 Cosmetic makeup with colored pigments salified with amine functions
4,423,031 Eye makeup preparation
4,405,213 Makeup eyeglasses with sliding frames
4,369,799 Cosmetic powder dispensing device
4,336,246 Hair makeup products
4,323,468 Make-up remover composition for the face and eyes
4,213,472 Finger mountable makeup applicator
4,119,712 Makeup foundations
3,937,811 Fatty compositions for use in cosmetic makeup compositions