Patent Number    Patent Title
6,425,647 Rotatable jewelry cabinet
6,425,268 Body piercing jewelry substitute and method of application
6,422,384 Portable jewelry travel case and display
6,422,383 Jewelry storage and display closet
6,422,038 Single prong jewerly setting
6,422,037 Decorative article with engraved high contrast image
6,422,036 Jewelry clasp
6,415,483 Jewelry clasp
6,412,304 Jewelry
6,412,303 Article of jewelry having an elastic member
6,408,647 Rotating design element for a jewelry item
6,408,646 Earring to improve facial appearance
6,405,858 Jewelry enhancing lighting device and process
6,401,488 Pop beads having elongated necks
6,389,660 Safety lock for jewelry
6,382,815 Energized body jewelry
6,381,984 Scented jewelry
6,381,942 Thin walled attached silver filled gold jewelry
6,378,334 Jewelry articles including small beads arranged in designs in decorative framework
6,375,018 Jewelry support rack
6,370,912 Vaginal jewelry and exercise device
6,354,107 Article of jewelry
6,339,922 Jewelry chain
6,338,238 Coil link chain and method
6,311,520 Pierced ear jewelry
6,311,470 Reinforced serpentine rope chain
6,308,385 Jewelry clasp
6,299,818 Process and apparatus for molding jewelry
6,298,650 Easy adjustable snap link
5,791,395 One shot multi-color metal casting method
5,698,287 Medallion with decorated substrate carried thereon
4,195,493 Annular jewelry article
4,195,391 Jewelry clutch
4,186,425 Illuminated jewelry
4,184,344 Mood-indicating jewelry with changeable display
4,173,229 Therapeutic adornments utilizing solar cells
4,170,036 Article of jewelry with flashing diode
4,161,018 Lighted ornamental devices
4,159,631 Perfumed vapor dispensing jewelry
4,158,951 Ring or bracelet having pivoted locking clasp
4,154,282 Caasting metal around a gem to form articles of jewelry
4,154,064 Pendant having surface including metal and photoresist
4,153,662 Method and apparatus for forming a jewelry nest
4,142,383 Liquid filled sealed glass ornament and method
4,141,118 Hook and ring clasp
4,139,667 Gemstone cloisonne
4,118,889 Wearable seedling container
4,112,707 Jewelry article with radiometer therein
4,096,552 Electric jewels