Patent Number    Patent Title
6,588,129 A greeting card with pre-colored drawing or photograph
6,550,617 Card and gift delivery system
6,511,687 Edible animal greeting cards and treats
6,467,809 Greeting card having a conception day wheel
6,449,886 Universal transparent greeting card and multiple purpose holder
6,441,921 System and method for imprinting and reading a sound message on a greeting card
6,440,254 Method of bonding a layer of material to a substrate, such as a greeting card
6,355,285 Edible animal greeting cards
6,325,503 Greeting card feeder mechanism for a printer
6,311,142 Methods for designing pop-up cards
6,293,592 Greeting card construction and methods of making and using same
6,261,347 Scented jet ink and printed articles therefrom
6,260,703 Folded greeting card holding an audio recording and displaying related text
6,230,425 Combination ornament and greeting card
6,209,924 Aesthetically pleasing greeting card
6,199,912 Greeting card
6,170,665 Greeting card and tie
6,106,023 Greeting card with formed image
6,088,943 Decorative pop out card accessory for gifts
6,063,412 Edible animal greeting cards
6,024,386 Aroma-generating greeting card
6,003,254 Combined greeting card and record sleeve
5,993,048 Personalized greeting card system
5,979,942 Mechanical greeting card
5,954,369 Greeting card with kit for health testing
5,951,057 Greeting card having removable decal section
5,950,820 Display kit containing greeting card, gift, box and wrap
5,941,573 Greeting card
5,937,553 Pop-up polyhedron greeting card
5,923,556 Method for printing an electro-cardiogram tracing on a greeting card
5,915,734 Greeting card and sound recording gift, display and sale system
5,914,158 Static cling greeting card
5,906,063 Novelty greeting card
5,893,586 Combination card and calendar
5,884,770 Greeting and thematic cards and kits
5,873,603 Personal greeting card/postcard
5,864,973 3-D greeting card
5,852,889 Greeting card with self-inflating balloon
5,822,896 Dioramic greeting card
5,840,355 Flower arrangement including a confectionary product and greeting card
5,829,790 Greeting card kit having associated adhesive labels or stickers for customized greeting cards
5,822,897 Combination greeting card photograph frame and envelope
5,822,896 Dioramic greeting card
5,815,964 Hidden message greeting card
5,787,151 Telephony based delivery system of messages containing selected greetings
5,743,035 Machine producible three dimensional greeting card
5,702,778 Gift-package ornament
5,702,740 Edible greeting card
5,670,219 Greeting card and ornament
5,641,062 Combined greeting card and gift box apparatus
5,629,977 Method for providing telephone calling credit in combination with a greeting card
5,626,551 Greeting card kit and method
5,595,008 Greetng card device
5,586,659 Combination gift box and greeting card
5,575,384 Combined greeting card and item carrier
5,575,094 Greeting card and picture frame combination
5,573,437 Packaged balloon and greeting card
5,573,276 Greeting card holder apparatus and method
5,561,928 Collapsible greeting display device
5,551,730 Greeting cards
5,522,622 Greeting cards and method for displaying same
5,516,033 Multi-leaved greeting card with integral envelope
5,513,117 Electronically dispensing personalized greeting cards and gifts
5,497,876 Combination gift box, greeting card, wrapping and decoration
5,494,445 Process and display with moveable images
5,442,567 Electronically dispensing personalized greeting cards and gifts
5,437,478 Gift card with receipt
5,435,603 Method of making greeting cards
5,435,085 Greeting card device
5,426,594 Electronic greeting card store and communication system
5,407,076 Combined greeting card and product container
5,375,351 Greeting card with magnetic picture frame
5,370,422 Plastic greeting card with writing surface
5,370,421 Coloring greeting card
5,359,793 Greeting card with bookmark
5,330,231 Greeting card with personal identifier
5,318,327 Romantic card
5,303,957 Greeting cards and method of making thereof
5,289,917 Combined greeting card and flashlight gift package
5,284,365 Greeting card assembly
5,282,537 Combination photo frame, gift box and greeting card
5,269,084 Photographic greeting card
5,263,890 Greeting card mounted particulate matter dispersion method and apparatus
5,261,703 Greeting card with compatible puzzle message
5,261,172 3-D greeting card
5,251,759 Gift packaging and wrapping ensemble
5,251,251 Telecommunications network-based greeting card method
5,232,088 Greeting card puzzle kit
5,232,087 Combination product transmittal package and greeting card
5,226,532 Gift container and greeting card holder
5,213,371 Greeting card/cookie die combination
5,213,214 Confection/gift holding and lid structure for use in envelopes
5,205,591 Greeting card system for colleges and other organizations
5,199,745 Confetti surprise greeting card
5,158,809 Combination greeting card and seed germination container
5,139,454 Greeting card with movable parts
5,135,157 Combined envelope and greeting card
5,133,496 Combination greeting card and gift pouch
5,120,090 Pre-dated greeting card
5,117,569 Greeting card
5,110,155 Greeting card with interlocking pullout
5,102,171 Static cling greeting card
5,096,751 Pop-up rolling greeting card
5,096,058 Combined greeting card and candy holder
5,081,776 Greeting card structure
5,074,510 Balloon holders
5,072,253 Ordering and recording information system for business and greeting cards
5,063,698 Greeting card with electronic sound recording
5,052,560 Confection holding structure for use in envelopes
5,038,930 Flower greeting card
5,032,436 Frame for use with photographs
5,004,271 Greeting card system
4,997,126 Foldable and sealable greeting card
4,968,540 Adhesive securement strip for bows and greeting cards
4,952,091 Greeting card
4,951,404 Greeting card or the like
4,928,831 Garment-greeting card combination
4,921,094 Product/card combination
4,917,240 Expandable floral greeting card
4,907,826 Business oriented greeting cards
4,898,561 Self-inflating toy
4,890,402 Photograph holding greeting card
4,870,764 Greeting card arrangement
4,841,651 Graphic dynamic greeting card and method for making same
4,840,275 Greeting card and package
4,826,211 Greeting card
4,813,902 Greeting card blank and mailable greeting card-balloon combination
4,787,160 Greeting card confetti delivery system
4,763,427 Greeting card
4,622,768 Reversible and advertising greeting card
4,613,157 Reusable greeting card
4,579,708 Molding of resinous embossing elements for greeting cards
4,559,583 Greeting card with blinking light apparatus
4,531,319 Hanging mobile greeting card
4,515,838 Fancy article for use as a greeting gift such as a greeting card
4,512,581 Hidden message puzzle packet
4,509,280 Three-dimensional greeting card
4,497,126 Greeting card with illuminated message and design
4,484,768 Greeting card
4,440,298 Greeting cards
4,439,941 Card with removable and reusable insert
4,436,776 Process for customizing glass greeting cards and glass greeting card product
4,434,889 Greeting card construction
4,433,780 Greeting card
4,418,497 Combination greeting card, ornament and seed germination box
4,381,558 Talking greeting card
4,380,128 Greeting card with open work engraving thereon
4,377,917 Combination greeting card and bounceable container-toy
4,363,081 Illuminated greeting cards
4,203,516 Greeting card
4,200,222 Greeting card with removable decal
4,182,060 Greeting card
4,152,865 Greeting card with holding toy
4,140,317 Containerized greeting card and game toy
4,102,067 Combined greeting card and music box structure
4,087,576 Greeting card and ornament
4,084,015 Cage ornament and card
4,070,778 Greeting card
4,055,690 Star ornament and card
4,055,014 Lighted greeting cards
4,024,656 Greeting card calendar
4,012,858 Present card
4,007,868 Container for card
3,834,051 Anamorphic greeting cards and other structural graphic pieces
3,827,170 Mosaic composite sheet composed of a new type of greeting cards
3,798,806 Musical greeting card
3,668,796 Combination greeting card and three dimensional ornament
3,599,360 Greeting card display tree
3,589,047 Air erectable greeting card
3,581,419 A decorative door-hung tree structure for holding greeting cards
3,548,527 Greeting card with pivoted rear panel
3,488,872 Greeting cards and brochures with provision for enlargement-viewing of miniature copy or pictures contained therein
3,487,573 Greeting card
3,486,270 Animated greeting card
3,484,971 Greeting card
3,481,061 Self-opening greeting cards
3,462,157 Audible greeting card
3,430,761 Combination greeting card and phonograph record
3,418,748 Animated greeting card
3,285,402 Book and greeting card combination
3,261,535 Combined greeting card and greeting card holder
3,235,988 Greeting card
3,228,138 Greeting card
3,191,328 Animated greeting card
3,190,541 Greeting card assembly
3,189,254 Remailable greeting card or stationery set
3,100,047 Greeting card package
3,077,981 Greeting card and candle contained therein
3,001,690 Greeting card and display
2,997,226 Greeting card
2,988,845 Animated greeting card
2,976,049 Talking greeting card
2,974,434 Greeting card
2,954,866 Coin holding greeting cards
2,943,416 Greeting card or folder
2,884,724 Animated greeting card
2,878,607 Photo-mount greeting card
2,876,575 Method of making greeting cards and pictures
2,826,844 Illuminated greeting cards
2,824,394 Greeting card
2,787,852 Greeting card
2,742,287 Animated greeting card or folder
2,727,622 Greeting card
2,696,690 Three-dimensional greeting card
2,680,328 Animated greeting card
2,667,711 Greeting card
2,661,559 Greeting-display card
2,655,260 Combined gift box and greeting card carrier
2,645,481 Novelty greeting card
2,642,182 Greeting card and envelope assembly
2,616,199 Greeting card
2,609,639 Greeting card or folder
2,607,145 Illuminated greeting card
2,604,729 Animated greeting card
2,580,241 Greeting card
2,567,648 Method of stapling bows to greeting cards
2,547,359 Combination greeting card and framed picture
2,526,887 Container for greeting cards
2,504,277 Three-in-one greeting card
2,503,747 Apparatus for making greeting cards
2,497,064 Greeting card and envelope assembly
2,491,227 Greeting card and envelope assembly
2,461,430 Combination greeting card and bib
2,449,614 Equipment for attaching price tags to greeting cards
2,417,982 Greeting card
2,415,501 Greeting card
2,360,916 Folded greeting-card construction
2,344,437 Combined greeting card and container
2,292,924 Price marker for greeting cards and like articles
2,283,777 Greeting card
2,269,589 Greeting card
2,231,785 Novelty greeting card or folder
2,217,454 Greeting or advertising card device
2,176,535 Greeting card
2,155,193 Greeting card
2,145,794 Greeting card
2,111,520 Greeting card
2,102,553 Greeting card
2,083,912 Greeting card
2,010,830 Puzzle for various greeting cards and the like
2,005,999 Greeting card assembly
2,005,493 Greeting card
1,977,960 Greeting card
1,926,571 Greeting card
1,885,879 Greeting card
1,861,136 Combined gift holder and greeting card
1,850,857 Greeting card
1,738,182 Greeting-card mailing and display envelope
1,603,592 Greeting card and the like
1,572,180 Parchment motto and greeting card
1,405,635 Greeting card
D467610 Four-sided display greeting card holder
D460481 Greeting card
D457555 Greeting card
D455781 Greeting card with liquid sample container
D443297 Novelty greeting card
D432570 Greeting card
D424434 Combination greeting card plaque and packaging
D421457 Greeting card
D412935 Specialty picture greeting card with display easel
D408850 Transparent heart-shaped greeting card
D403354 Greeting card
D387381 Greeting card
D386205 Greeting card
D383490 Combined greeting card and audio-video cassette
D383489 Combined greeting card and video cassette
D375757 Raised floral greeting card
D373597 Photo greeting card overlay
D370140 Greeting card display and storage fixture
D364042 Greeting card support device
D352308 Greeting card
D347242 Greeting card
D344757 Greeting card
D344539 Greeting card
D343195 Giftbox greeting card
D341850 Voice mail greeting card
D339820 Greeting card
D335503 Greeting card
D327004 Combined video cassette container and greeting card
D323851 Combined box and greeting card
D322808 Greeting card
D322454 Greeting card
D322281 Three dimensional greeting card or similar article
D322280 Three dimensional greeting card or similar article
D321904 Greeting card
D319843 Combination greeting card and gift-holding container
D317623 Greeting card
D312655 Greeting card
D311208 Greeting card album
D308223 Combined collapsible greeting card and toy
D308074 Greeting card
D305728 Combined greeting card and gift bag
D304459 Combined picture greeting card and display means
D292596 Greeting card
D288062 Combined greeting card and candy package
D280150 Combined ceramic greeting card and photographic mounting apparatus
D277489 Greeting card or similar article
D273961 Multiple greeting card holder
D267533 Greeting card holder
D265024 Greeting card and gift wrap display unit or the like
D259573 Greeting card
D259572 Greeting card
AU8612901 A postcard or a greeting card with CD-ROM or DVD
AU7663901 Method for providing interactive electronic greeting card promotions
AU7093001 Method and apparatus for interactive greeting cards
AU6935501 Greeting card
AU6723196 Edible animal greeting cards
AU6490498 Greeting card
AU6058698 CD gift box and greeting card
AU6027100 Electronic greeting card
AU5984399 Article having efflorescent properties, configured like a card, a greeting card or the like
AU4736201 Method for sending money via an electronic greeting card over the internet
AU4726800 Method and system for delivery of a greeting card
AU4695600 Supplying greeting cards and gift cards over a computer network
AU4614197 Sweet greeting cards
AU4193699 Greeting card with formed image
AU3985001 Transferable greeting cards
AU2478997 Method and apparatus for producing high quality greeting cards
AU2273097 Pop-up box for pop-up greeting cards and blank therefor
AU2017302 Personalized greeting card system for retailers
AU2016997 Greeting cards
AU1969801 Method for distributing greeting cards with electronic commerce transactions
AU1864299 Reusable greeting card
AU1545202 Enhanced greeting card
AU1372499 Static cling greeting card
AU759100 Static cling greeting card
AU734778 CD gift box and greeting card
AU721905 Greeting card
AU721416 Method and apparatus for producing high quality greeting cards
AU714217 Pop-up box for pop-up greeting cards and blank therefor
AU2002100116 Greeting card
CA2374779 Greeting cards holder
CA2351780 Method for online personalization of greeting cards
CA2339711 Reusable greeting card
CA2337528 Supplying greeting cards and gift cards over computer network
CA2300591 Re-usable greeting card
CA2298434 Cardamation greeting card
CA2298405 A method of distributing a greeting card, disseminating advertising and promoting a company
CA2246457 Pop-up box for pop-up greeting cards and blank therefor
CA2206185 Method and apparatus for producing high quality greeting cards
CA2196118 Method for imprinting an electro-cardiogram tracing on a greeting card
CA2189484 Greeting card
CA1335517 Greeting card with electronic sound recording
CA1278862 Personalized electronic greeting cards and methods and apparatus for providing same
CN2544949U Record greeting card
CN2522255U Greeting card
CN2508966U Paper for greeting card
CN2493410U Multi-functional greeting card
CN2474319U Record/playback greeting card
CN2448559U Greeting card with double-side embroidery
CN2448558U Greeting card with yarn
CN2444770U Two-sided visual art greeting card
CN2418005U Greeting card
CN2412630U Three-dimensional greeting card
CN2410123U Greeting card made of silk
CN2385890U Greeting card with moving card
CN2375459U Composite computer embroidered greeting card
CN2366278U Art greeting card
CN2347769U Greeting card
CN2339403U Noval greeting card
CN2302125U Greeting card printed with way of thinking
CN2284692U Greeting card
CN2283573U Star extending greeting card
CN2264659U Greeting card
CN2225355U Binding greeting card
CN2224085U Greeting card capable of recording
CN2131690U Magnetic greeting card
CN2127349U Greeting card with video or audio magnetic tape
CN2102144U Shape-changeable multi-picture card for toy, stationery and greeting card
CN2101582U Greeting card
CN2101581U Luminous greeting card
CN2088036U Greeting card with sound
CN2085731U Inserted greeting card
CN2074234U Dry flower technique greeting card
CN2042014U Combined invitation card and greeting card
CN1361899T Method and system for delivery of a greeting card
CN1278763T Static cling greeting card
DE19545141 Cardboard for use in greeting cards
DE10210940 Two-layer flat package for leaf, flower, greeting card or advertising message has two plastics foils joined together at edges
DE4432360 Stencil for manual production of greeting cards
DE4222730 Loudspeaking greeting-card reproducing recorded message when unfolded - carries battery-powered micro-chip for recording sounds which are r
DE3938009 Trick greeting card or postcard - has envelope made of single piece for easy manufacture
DE3615389 Greeting card or the like with an integrated sound carrier on which a personalised recorded message can be left
EP1263609 Transferable greeting cards
EP1232475 Method and system for delivery of a greeting card
EP1167067 Paper product, particularly calendar sheet, greeting card or business card
EP1145165 Supplying greeting cards and gift cards over a global computer network
EP1028847 Static cling greeting card
EP0958175 Pop-up box for pop-up greeting cards and blank therefor
EP0913814 System for printing and reading a sound message on a greeting card
EP0845950 Edible animal greeting cards
EP0784394 Personalized greeting card system
EP0581043 Packaged balloon and greeting card
EP0555233 Greeting card with electronic sound recording
EP0530035 Combination greeting card and gift pouch
EP0491745 Ordering and recording information system for business and greeting cards
EP0453688 Personalized greeting card system
EP0382348 Adjustable greeting card display assembly
EP0207258 Greeting-card with an individually recordable integrated sound carrier
EP0189817 Folding card, especially for use as a greeting or felicitation card
EP0070727 Improvements in and relating to greeting cards
ES2003972 Relief picture on postcard and greeting cards
FR2790423 Pop up greeting card has bellows actuated by rubber band to release confetti when card is opened
FR2717776 Folded box e.g. greeting card, educational toy etc
FR2628360 Greeting card with flaps attached to front face of card which can be raised to present three-dimensional image
GB2383011 Florists order card with detachable greeting card
GB2374039 A greetings card or other personalisable presentation item with ink releasing surface
GB2372362 Localized printing of greeting cards
GB2356170 Combined envelope and greeting card with reusable gum
GB2349630 Greeting card or tag attachable to flower
GB2295121 Foldable greeting card die cut from a single sheet
GB2292710 Packaged balloon and greeting card
GB2285412 Combination greeting card and money wallet
GB2283204 Variable-message greeting card
GB2281284 Greeting card in the form of a box
GB2279295 Greeting card audio or video disc
GB2279037 Greeting card with detachable bookmark
GB2278949 Greeting card with audio message facility
GB2273680 Greeting card with puzzle message
GB2268444 Packaged balloon and greeting card
GB2268119 Audio greeting card with record / play control
GB2264898 Greeting card with integral voice message module
GB2264897 Greeting card with stained-glass window effect
GB2247877 Flower greeting card
GB2241199 Postcard, greeting or like card
GB2205779 Package comprising a greeting card and a gift
GB2204534 Greeting card
GB2199788 Greeting cards with gift
GB2170149 Greeting card
GB2139558 A card such as a greeting card
GB2122544 Greeting card
GB2117704 Greeting card
GB2101040 Greeting card combined with item of wearing apparel
GB2011318 Greeting card with holding toy
GB1482997 Display racks for greeting cards records stationery and the like
GB841859 Greeting card
GB754450 Device for facilitating the matching for size of envelopes and greeting cards or other stationery
GB645667 Mobile collapsible-box like toy for use as a greeting card or container
GB607270 Improvements in or relating to ornamental cards such as greeting cards
GB575590 Improvements relating to greeting card and envelope units
GB533400 Improvements in and relating to greeting cards
GB453194 Improvements in a combined advertising calendar and greeting card
GB449206 Improved greeting card
GB362077 Improvements in or relating to advertising devices, also applicable to greeting and letter cards
GB323458 Improvements in picture postcards, christmas, birthday and like greeting cards, advertisement cards and the like
HK12293 Greeting card
HR20000754 A postcard or a greeting card with CD-ROM or DVD
HU42735 Greeting card provided with melody programme
IE940068 A greeting card
IE59994 A greeting card
JP2002321472 Greeting card
JP2002157325 Method for providing greeting card preparation service
JP2002109246 Method for greeting card processing, and recording medium with greeting card processing program recorded thereon
JP2002099490 Online greeting card service system
JP2002079782 Greeting card
JP2002036758 Greeting card set
JP2001357268 Method for enclosing greeting card in mail-order article
JP2001080248 Greeting card
JP11242714 Method for sending mutual greeting card with prize lottery
JP11078289 Printed matter used as catalogue, manual, greeting card
JP11059033 Greeting card
JP11059032 Greeting card with prepaid card
JP10203056 Greeting card or notice card sheet
JP10193843 Printing paper for thermal transfer printing for greeting card or the like
JP10095185 Manufacture of high quality greeting card or the like and package of receiving sheet used therefor
JP9240172 Greeting card
KR2000035986 Sweet greeting cards
KR9610514Y A greeting card
KR236700 Greeting card with electronic sound recording
NZ316546 Greeting card having a loudspeaker comprising a board having capability to sustain and propagate input vibrational energy
NZ265107 Greeting card plays tune or message when article contained in card is removed
NZ250870 Customised greeting card production: personalised text added to a selected design template
NZ243390 Greeting cards dispenser: customer can personalise cards
NZ242110 Printing and vending customised greeting cards
NZ238338 Computer controlled personalised greeting card vending machine
NZ236694 Customising printed greeting cards
SG52992G Greeting card
ZA9709922 A greeting card
ZA9708693 A greeting card
ZA7904168 A greeting card
ZA200106378 Greeting cards