Patent Number    Patent Title
6,494,161 Tea kettle flute
6,348,647 Fipple flutes having improved airways
6,139,393 Flute and candy device
5,997,551 Meagher ovary flute
5,808,218 Expressive instrument with which accurate pitch can be played easily
5,435,221 Flute mouthpiece
5,309,807 Flute
5,261,308 Mouthpiece of flute
5,107,740 Flute mouthpiece with adjustable core gap
5,105,705 Flute headjoint
5,027,685 Woodwind instrument
5,014,585 End blown flute with standard keying
4,998,456 Body construction of a wind instrument
4,979,421 C.music-sharp. key roller for foot tube of flute
4,970,931 Mouthpiece plates of flute-type wind instruments
4,957,029 Action for a wind instrument
4,896,579 Flute headjoint
4,882,968 Trill mechanism for wind instrument
4,875,401 Mouthpiece plates of flute-type wind instruments
4,800,635 Method of manufacturing flute headjoints
4,798,122 Wind instrument and process of making same
4,763,556 Flute instrument digit rest and spacer
4,714,001 Device for obtaining quarter-tones and other micro-intervals on musical wind instruments with lateral holes
4,714,000 Piccolo flute
4,664,011 Flute
4,534,261 Vent key modification for flute
4,499,810 Obturator for flute to improve the emission of certain notes
4,450,746 Flute chorus generator for a polyphonic tone synthesizer
4,376,403 Flute
4,365,533 Musical instrument
4,353,281 Split E flute and split E mechanism therefor
4,269,104 Hand flute and percussion instrument
3,888,154 End blown free air-reed flute
3,866,507 Noncircular head joint for a concert flute
3,363,498 Recorder flute
3,062,084 Bass flute
2,202,410 Musical instrument of the flute type
1,447,919 Flute or similar musical wind instrument
D427,228 Flute
D272,159 Flute
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CN2501153U Chinese 11 hole chromatic scale flute
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CN2446627U Combined Xiao-flute
CN2386514U Wood flute
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CN2085990U Gourd flute
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CN85200052U Bambro flute with eleven fingerholes and two handrests
CN85100164 Bamboo flute with two hand-rests and 11-holes
DE19925034 Flute instrument has circular housing with mouthpiece connected to bellows connected by air outlet valve to ducts in which are flute-holes
DE19831091 Chord arrangement for wind actuated musical instrument, especially flute
DE19810520 Piccolo transverse flute
DE19642606 Musical flute in accordance with boehm system
DE19641544 Bacco flute wind instrument
DE19624089 Pan pipe type flute
DE4336496 Transverse concert flute
DE4242413 Flute with angled head piece - has angle of 60 to 65 degrees between mouth hole plate part and head piece insert part
DE4209311 Water-flute with liquid-filled pipe - contains longer, thinner pipe across whose mouth player blows
DE4202043 Flute with mouthpiece in middle of body - has row of finger holes extending from each side of mouthpiece
DE4121172 Valve arrangement for bohm flute - has c sharp valve directly adjacent to b flat valve with ring valve being double of b valve
DE3436695 Clarinet and side-blown flute marching fork holder
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EP0100696 Stop for a flute permitting generation of predetermined tones
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