Patent Number    Patent Title
6,450,126 Body mountable bird perch
6,406,418 Magnetic dress belt
6,307,568 Virtual dressing over the Internet
6,301,044 Apparel color and image effect system
6,256,791 Photographer's vest with built-in seating and weight bearing structures
6,196,429 Dress or clothing form
6,185,475 Method for manufacturing jacquard with colored image
6,122,844 Dress shoe with cushioned bladder
6,067,663 Feminine garment with sexually stimulating effect
6,036,810 Method of making and applying a holographic identifier for garments
6,029,810 Dress bag and hanger assembly
6,005,969 Methods for manipulating images of floor coverings or other fabrics
5,926,852 Combination dress and sweat sock
5,680,652 Wedding dress design kit
5,553,410 Collar pressing pad for dress shirts
5,245,707 Suite & blouse saver dress shield device
5,214,940 Detachable dress cap for locks on jewelry chains
5,207,728 Maternity dress for a doll which simulates pregnancy
5,115,518 Article of dress
5,008,959 Bulletproof dress shirt
4,996,723 Dress having ventilation means in the sleeves, hem and coverable ventilation means in the bodice
4,972,526 Article of dress
4,964,177 Bustdart-free tailoring process for a fitted-waist dress to eliminate cutting of its backpiece
4,953,268 Safety dress fastener
4,949,286 Dress design forming apparatus
4,939,794 Adjustable neck and cuff closures for dress shirts
4,933,991 Combination dress shirt and tie
4,774,726 Adjustable dress
4,710,983 Combination handbag and dress accessory item
4,686,714 Reversible dress
4,679,256 Multi-size jumper dress
4,561,125 Dress
4,558,519 Working device for dress patterns in the form of a template
4,479,313 Trouser finisher with extended exterior dress point
4,466,135 Bulletproof dress shirt
4,446,572 Camouflaged nursing dress
4,380,833 Doll dress and crenelle
4,350,162 Women's brassiers and other similar dress
4,332,033 Adjustable dress
4,205,446 Dress pattern
4,172,370 Method of knitting a dress weight tube sock
4,026,047 Decorative device for converting street shoes to dress shoes
3,997,920 Dress shield
D459,572 Dress
D459,057 Dress
D454,246 Dress
D454,245 Reversible dress
D452,602 Stay dry dress with apron
D444,818 Dress form
D441,203 Dress hanger
D439,724 Dress tie
D423,187 Dress shield
D422,903 Dress cover
D403,835 Jumper dress with window design
D402,439 Combined convertible adjustable length dress
D395,153 Birthday dress, necklace, and pendant outfit
D385,087 Party dress
D374,757 Dress tie
D370,551 Men's dress tie clip
D370,112 Woman's dress shoe with built-in clock
D362,537 Ensemble comprising a dress, socks and gloves for a doll
D360,746 Head dress cap
D358,020 Ensemble comprising a dress and shoes for a doll
D353,478 Dress
D347,931 Dress formed of human hair
D342,594 Dress shield
D329,321 Head dress
D324,291 Combination dress and scarf
D319,136 Dress
D317,957 Doll with dress
D315,440 Dress athletic shoe
D303,174 Braided dress
D302,555 Integral dress show and handset telephone
D295,685 Dress or similar article
D279,831 Dress
D275,620 Dress or the like
D267,830 Dress for the infirm
D263,090 Juvenile dress
D259,895 Maternity dress
D255,616 Dress
D249,906 Dress for non-ambulatory individuals
D246,336 Dress
D243,801 Dress ensemble
CN2353333U Pair of pants for sexual intercourse
JP51119891 Dyeing method of clothes for dance