Patent Number    Patent Title
6,422,163 Embroidery machine and method for transferring an embroidery frame backward in case of thread breakage
6,408,775 Sewing or embroidery machine
6,407,745 Device, method and storage medium for processing image data and creating embroidery data
6,398,087 Embroidery aid and assembly
6,397,120 User interface and method for manipulating singularities for automatic embroidery data generation
6,394,012 Fabric frame holder for embroidery
6,390,005 Method of filling an embroidery stitch pattern with satin stitches having a constant interstitch spacing
6,390,001 Holder for sewing articles
6,389,324 Embroidery stitch data producing device with two-way transmission function
6,382,119 Sewing machine having roller thread guide upstream of take-up lever
6,382,116 Embroidery machine and embroidery frame holding device
6,374,760 Cap frame drive assembly and method
6,370,443 Embroidery machine with operation-data storing function
6,370,442 Automated embroidery stitching
6,369,369 Soft electrical textile heater
6,356,648 Embroidery data processor
6,354,233 Sewing or embroidery machine
6,352,043 Sewing machines having multiple-individually controllable needle bars
6,336,416 Embroidery frame with adapter arms
6,325,006 Thread feeding apparatus for an automatic embroidering machine
6,324,441 Embroidery data processor and recording medium storing embroidery data processing program
6,321,669 Threadless embroidery method
6,311,097 Fault diagnosis system and method for diagnosing a fault of an embroidery machine
6,304,793 Embroidery data editing device
6,298,800 Embroidery apparatus
6,298,799 Sewing machine capable of tracing embroidery area
6,298,276 Embroidery data processing apparatus
6,293,212 Sewing machine with an embroidery stitching function
6,289,831 Sewing machine capable of tracing an embroidery area
6,282,725 Disposable, removable sanitary decorative strap cover
6,263,817 Embroidery auxiliary member, and embroidery method and embroidery product using the member
6,263,256 Embroidery pattern display apparatus
6,256,551 Embroidery data production upon partitioning a large-size embroidery pattern into several regions
6,253,695 Method of changing the density of an embroidery stitch group
6,250,239 Embroidered fabric support and method
6,247,420 Method of recognizing embroidery outline and conversion to a different data format
6,247,419 Multineedle embroidering sewing machine
6,240,864 Transparent template for facilitating embroidery alignment using a support frame of a sewing machine
6,240,863 Embroidery machine mounting frame apparatus and method
6,229,123 Soft electrical textile heater and method of assembly
6,227,129 Adapter plate for embroidering machine and method of embroidering
6,227,128 Sewing machine having a display
6,216,618 Embroidery system utilizing windows CE based GUI
6,216,617 Apparatus and method for embroidery hoop mounting
6,209,467 Pattern data reading apparatus for sewing machine
6,202,001 Embroidery data creating device
6,196,146 Web based embroidery system and method
6,194,044 Emblem for embroidery stitching to a substrate and method
6,192,292 Embroidery data processor for preparing high quality embroidery sewing
6,189,989 Embroidering using ink jet printing apparatus
6,189,468 Support for cap embroidery frames with tension member
6,189,467 Sewing machine having a display device
6,175,966 Garment having a closeable pocket which conceals embroidery and method of producing a garment having a closeable pocket which conceals embroidery
6,173,666 Device for receiving needlepoint embroidery material
6,173,665 Sewing machine control system
6,170,413 Correction apparatus for sewing data and correction method
6,170,409 Tables for machine units
6,170,087 Article storage for hats
6,167,823 Method and system for computer aided embroidery
6,167,822 Pattern sewing machine
6,164,228 Process and configuration of protruding embroidery
6,161,491 Embroidery pattern positioning apparatus and embroidering apparatus
6,158,365 Embroidering apparatus and sewing machine capable of embroidery stitching
6,158,364 Embroidery stitch data producing device with selective designation confirming functions
6,154,991 Fabric workpiece holder
6,152,056 Rigid object embroidery hoop assembly
6,148,749 Work-sheet feed device for sewing machine
6,148,247 Embroidery machine control
6,146,144 Rug hooking kit and method for handicapped
6,138,592 Apparatus for applying frames to fabric
6,131,526 Embroidery data processing device
6,123,037 Multi-head embroidery machine with thread cutting function
6,119,609 Headgear holding apparatus and process of forming an embroidery on headgear
6,116,174 Apparatus for framing fabrics in hoops
6,112,682 Embroidery panels holding mechanism and changing system
6,109,194 Embroidery machine fabric holder
6,101,962 Machine shadow embroidery and method
6,098,554 Embroidery stitch data producing device
6,095,068 Embroidery frame
6,085,675 Device for producing embroidery data on the basis of image data
6,082,279 Sewing machine with mechanism for retracting feed dog away from upper surface of needle plate
6,067,737 Apparatus and method for hooping material to be embroidered
6,065,413 Headgear holder with adjustable support plates
6,062,152 Automatic thread cutting device for an embroidery machine
6,047,203 Physiologic signs feedback system
6,032,596 Embroidery data processing apparatus
6,032,594 Embroiderable sewing machine, embroidery data processing apparatus, and design data recording medium
6,019,053 Curved workpiece fabric holder device capable of enlarging embroidery stitching area for use in embroidery machine
6,019,052 Method and apparatus for embroidering tubular material
6,012,402 Embroidery data display unit and embroidery sewing machine
6,010,238 Embroidery data generating system
6,006,686 Sewing and embroidering machine system capable of changing display image during each stitching operation
6,004,018 Device for producing embroidery data on the basis of image data
6,000,350 Embroidering position setting device and method of operation thereof for an embroidering sewing machine
5,992,339 Alignment apparatus for tubular hooping device
5,990,378 Textile surgical implants
5,988,083 Sewing apparatus
5,983,817 Sewing machine control system
5,983,816 Embroidery data processing device for sewing machine
5,974,992 Production management system for managing sewing operations of a plurality of embroidery sewing machines
5,970,895 Flat hooping device with backing clamp
5,967,067 Apparatus and method for securing embroidery hoops
5,964,169 Embroidery stitch data producing device
5,964,168 Embroidery sewing machine controlling device
5,960,727 Embroidery sewing machine
5,960,726 Embroidery data processor
5,957,139 Method of producing a wig for a toy figure
5,957,068 Embroidery data processing apparatus and method of producing embroidery data
5,954,004 Method of setting stitch pattern for embroidery region
5,947,044 Process and configuration of protruding embroidery
5,943,972 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,934,213 Process for accurately determining the zero point of the needle of the sewing machine of an automatic sewing unit
5,934,210 Embroidery board supporting hoops
5,934,209 Embroidery data processing apparatus setting attribute data for stitching closed areas
5,927,220 Embroidery data processing for extracting contour of an embroidery pattern from stitch data
5,924,374 Sewing data processing device for sewing machine
5,924,373 Electronic sewing machine control having numeric keys on display
5,924,372 Embroidery data processing device for sewing machine including means for limiting repeated use of embroidery data
5,915,316 Embroidering and laser processing machine
5,915,315 Embroidery hoop with overlapping sewing fields and method
5,915,314 Curved article sewing frame and drive system
5,911,183 Embroidering device with underbed splined shaft
5,911,182 Embroidery sewing machine and embroidery pattern data editing device
5,911,181 Embroidery data processing device
5,906,168 Sewing machine with detachable cover
5,904,110 Under thread bobbin exchange device of an embroidery or sewing machine
5,904,109 Color switch setting data processing apparatus for multi-needle embroidery machine and sewing system employing the apparatus
5,904,108 Sewing machine with a label print function
5,899,160 Puff quilt square maker and method for using
5,899,155 Multiple position hoop for embroidery sewing
5,899,154 Embroidery data processing apparatus for generating stitch data for closed areas defined by a self intersecting outline
5,896,822 Embroidery data processing device
5,896,295 Embroidering apparatus and method
5,894,294 Sewing pattern display device
5,887,534 Finished cap frame for embroidery of logos
5,884,572 Curved workpiece fabric holder device rotary position adjusting mechanism for rotary frame for use in embroidery machine
5,884,571 Hoop and included clamping device for an embroidery machine
5,881,662 Sewing or embroidering machine
5,880,963 Embroidery data creating device
5,878,681 Embroiderer transfer
5,875,725 Embroidery data processing device
5,868,088 Sewing machine facilitating storage of embroidery attachment
5,865,134 Sewing data converting device for sewing machine
5,865,133 Process for embroidering oversized patterns
5,862,765 Cap support for an embroidery machine
5,860,375 Device and method for mechanically hooping fabric onto embroidery hoops
5,860,374 Automatic feed system for embroidery machine
5,855,176 Embroidery stitch data producing device and sewing machine
5,842,430 Tubular hooping device for embroidery hoops
5,842,429 Embroidery hoop support apparatus
5,839,381 Embroidering machine having first-order mass compensation
5,839,380 Method and apparatus for processing embroidery data
5,836,259 Embroidery sewing machine
5,832,854 Protruding embroidery process
5,832,853 Cap embroidery apparatus and method
5,832,540 Pocket assembly for use on clothes
5,831,858 Data converting device connectable to embroidery data processing apparatus
5,823,127 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,822,428 Data encryption for product information and access
5,819,675 Finished cap frame for embroidery of logos
5,809,921 Method for generating a continuously stitched regional carved fill composite embroidery stitch pattern
5,803,001 Sewing machine having thread cutting device
5,803,000 Embroidery sewing machine
5,794,555 Process for providing an article with a machine-made embroidery pattern in relief
5,794,553 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,794,552 Embroidery data processing device
5,791,271 Embroidery data processing device and method
5,784,990 Sewing machine having spindle drive motor and rotary hook drive motor
5,784,988 Method and apparatus for mounting embroidery hoops
5,784,987 Embroidery data processing unit
5,784,986 Sewing data processing device
5,778,808 Embroidery sewing device and external memory medium for use
5,775,241 Sewing machine
5,775,240 Sewing machine capable of embroidery stitching, and embroidery data producing device therefor
5,771,828 Sewing or embroidering machine with a thread-cutting device
5,771,826 Memory card storing embroidery data
5,771,825 Embroidery machine with automatic thread changer
5,771,613 Embroidery easel apparatus
5,771,173 Method for generating a chenille filled embroidery stitch pattern
5,765,496 Embroidery data processing device and method
5,762,011 Embroidering sewing machine
5,758,588 Grafted textile product and method for grafting the product
5,755,168 Sequin delivery system for embroidery and/or sewing machines
5,752,458 Stitching data processing device capable of optionally displaying stitching period of time
5,751,583 Embroidery data processing method
5,748,480 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,743,200 Apparatus for manufacturing tufted rugs
5,740,748 Embroidery stitching device capable of simultaneously performing stitching a computation of stitching time
5,740,057 Embroidery data creating device
5,740,056 Method and device for producing embroidery data for a household sewing machine
5,740,055 Process and apparatus for preparing data for cutting out and embroidering an applique
5,727,485 Stitching data processing device capable of displaying stitching period of time for each segment of embroidery
5,715,767 Ribbon embroidery applique and method
5,701,831 Headgear holder for use with sewing machine
5,701,830 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,699,557 Embroidered applique fastening system clothing articles
5,692,449 Sewing machine with a drive mechanism for a fabric holder, e.g., an embroidery frame
5,687,924 Flexible plastic apparatus for storing embroidery floss
5,680,825 Thread-take-up controller and method
5,677,843 Embroidery data storing device
5,676,074 Garment fence for an embroidery hoop
5,668,730 Method for automatically generating chain stitches
5,666,896 Needle, particularly for embroidery machines
5,666,894 Embroidery unit for sewing machine
5,664,350 Hoop press with pivoting platens and method
5,662,055 Program-controlled sewing or emboidery machine
5,657,708 Embroidering machine controller
5,655,469 Embroidery frame with a clamping device
5,648,908 Computer-aided embroidery machine for pattern and data preparing and testing
5,646,861 Method and apparatus for inputting embroidery lines
5,630,370 Device for detachably fastening an embroidery frame
5,609,119 Method of making embroidery
5,598,797 Hat embroidery positioning device and method
5,593,777 Two-component loop yarns, production thereof and use thereof as sewing and embroidery yarns
5,592,891 Embroidery data processing apparatus and process of producing an embroidery product
5,590,613 Apparatus for framing fabric in embroidery hoops
5,586,400 Fabric holder with complimentary clamping surfaces and method
5,576,968 Embroidery data creating system for embroidery machine
5,564,354 Needle-changing mechanism for multiple-needle embroidery sewing machine
5,563,795 Embroidery stitch data producing apparatus and method
5,562,057 Dish-shaped sequin application apparatus and method for shuttle embroidery machine
5,560,306 Embroidery data producing apparatus and process for forming embroidery
5,559,711 Apparatus and method for processing embroidery data based on roundness of embroidery region
5,558,033 Image figure processing method and device
5,558,032 Embroidery data preparing device
5,558,031 Apparatus for processing embroidery data so as to enlarge local blocks of adjacent embroidery patterns
5,556,696 Stiffening material for headwear and the like
5,555,828 Embroidery hoop attachment assembly
5,555,827 Sewing machine including a laser cutting system, a sewing method, and an embroidering method
5,553,559 Sewing machine and a recording medium for use in combination with the same
5,551,503 Process for the production of decorative articles in gold or other precious metals and the articles made by the process
5,541,847 Method for generating a chenille filled embroidery stitch pattern
5,537,939 Cutting and embroidery process
5,520,128 Toy embroidery machine having rotatable means for activating a selectively energizable drive mechanism
5,520,126 Embroidery data preparing device for mat-type stitches
5,515,289 Stitch data producing system and method for determining a stitching method
5,510,994 Method for automatically generating chain stitches
5,507,241 Cap driver for embroidery machine
5,506,784 Method for generating a chenille filled embroidery stitch pattern
5,503,093 Embroidering-frame driving device for a sewing machine and method of controlling the device
5,502,906 Cloth fixing frame with corner and cloth fixing members
5,501,163 System for holding a tubular workpiece in an embroidery machine
5,499,589 Method for producing image data to be used by embroidery data processing apparatus
5,497,719 Stand for an embroidering machine
5,481,993 Method and apparatus for embroidering beads
5,481,992 Embroidery sewing machine
5,477,793 Cutting and nipping apparatus for the front yarn for embroidery machines
5,474,002 Embroidering machine
5,474,001 Multi-head embroidery machine
5,474,000 Apparatus for processing embroidery data
5,454,334 Control apparatus for embroidery sewing machine
5,454,125 Self-contained multipurpose comfort device
5,438,942 Turning zigzag embroidery machine
5,438,941 Tenter frame, guide and drive for embroidery machines
5,438,520 Method of creating applique data
5,433,158 Embroidery hoop framing jig with extensions
5,432,990 Apparatus for applying frames to fabric
5,430,658 Method for creating self-generating embroidery pattern
5,423,928 Process for creating transferrable pile yarn designs
5,422,819 Image data processing system for sewing machine
5,415,116 Headgear holding apparatus including a detachable guide member
5,413,057 Embroidery hoop set holder and method
5,410,976 Sewing machine having an embroidery function
5,410,974 Embroidery machine with center drive
5,404,823 Embroidery machine including a control element at each embroidery location
5,403,644 Frayless natural fabric
5,399,410 Sheet for embroidered picture
5,396,991 Yarn spool holding tray
5,390,615 Embroidery machine
5,390,613 Multi-needle embroidering machine with thread color changing
5,390,126 Embroidering data production system
5,386,789 Embroidery data producing apparatus for controlling a sewing machine
5,383,416 Thread clamping and cutting apparatus for the rear or lower thread of an embroidering machine
5,383,413 Embroidery pattern processing apparatus
5,383,412 Embroidery sewing machine
5,379,707 Stitch data preparing device for embroidery sewing machine
5,359,733 Patch attachments for hats
5,354,339 Fabric stabilizer
5,353,725 Front and rear embroidery frame mounting members
5,344,710 Low-denier two-component loop yarns of high strength, production thereof and use thereof as sewing and embroidery yarns
5,343,401 Embroidery design system
5,335,182 Embroidery data producing apparatus
5,331,909 Presser foot and needle drive device in an embroidery machine
5,323,722 Embroidering machine
5,320,054 Embroidery data producing apparatus for embroidery machine
5,319,566 Embroidering data production system
5,319,565 Device for generating and programming stitch patterns
5,313,896 System for embroidering machine
5,311,439 Embroidery data processing system and method
5,299,514 Process and apparatus for producing underlying stitch sewing data
5,295,451 Automatic embroidering machine having thread break detection means
5,291,843 Attachment structure for detachably attaching workpiece holder to movable body
5,284,104 Embroidering machine including sewing machine and embroidering unit connectable to sewing machine
5,283,748 Embroidery data producing method and apparatus
5,283,747 Embroidery pattern data processor
5,282,142 Embroidery machine that adjusts the inclination angle of embroidery stitches
5,277,140 Base frame driving device of an embroidering machine
5,270,939 Method for modifying embroidery design programs
5,269,244 Thread processing machine having a thread changing device
5,261,341 Process and apparatus for producing embroidery data by using blocks with various shapes and utilizing embroidery data to form a stitch line
5,261,338 Embroidery machine
5,259,631 Embroidery floss and accessories box
5,255,620 Apparatus for adjusting the size of a sewing machine pattern
5,255,198 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,253,599 Embroidering system and control system therefor
5,249,537 Embroidery frame
5,249,536 Embroidery sewing machine
5,237,941 Embroidery hoop with an outer contour deviating from the circular shape
5,231,941 Sewing machine with embroidery device
5,231,586 Embroidery data preparing method and apparatus for embroidery machine
5,228,401 Sewing machine and pantograph drive, bracket, boom, and hoop assembly
5,227,977 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,227,976 Embroidery data preparing apparatus
5,222,314 Fabric hold-down device
5,218,916 Automatic sewing system capable of transferring stitch data
5,213,053 Thread takeup for an embroidery machine
5,210,694 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,204,822 Sewing data processing apparatus
5,195,451 Sewing machine provided with a projector for projecting the image of a stitch pattern
5,191,536 Embroidery data preparing apparatus
5,189,623 Embroidery data processing apparatus
5,189,622 Embroidery data preparing apparatus
5,184,560 Automatic sewing machine capable of executing stitch back operation
5,181,176 Embroidery data preparing apparatus
5,179,520 Method of and apparatus for preparing sewing data for a multi-needle embroidery sewing machine
5,167,194 Embroidering machine
5,156,022 Embroidered lace bracelets
5,151,863 Embroidery pattern data processor having a sewing order designation mechanism
5,144,899 Combination embroidery/screen printing apparatus and method
5,138,960 Embroidery and monogramming frame
5,129,171 Inflatable or twistable tubes for embroidery hoop fabric tensioning
5,119,572 Adjustable crafter's stand
5,117,772 Punch embroidering tool
5,109,780 Embroidery tool
5,107,778 Automatic embroidering machine and method
5,103,746 Embroidery
5,076,183 Shuttle for embroidery and quilting machines
5,074,229 Control system for frame shift in embroidering machine
5,065,682 Embroidering machine
5,056,444 Method and apparatus for automatically steering and adjusting the height of a needle in a chenille type embroidery machine
5,054,408 Method of and apparatus for preparing sewing data for a multi-needle embroidery sewing machine
5,052,315 Embroidering machine
5,048,435 Device for a sewing machine having a zigzag stitching mechanism and an embroidering mechanism
5,040,476 Switching device for normal and embroidery stitching in a sewing machine
5,029,540 Automatic embroidering machine
5,018,460 Embroidering machine with a mounting device for individual embroidery hoops
5,009,054 Method of storing thread in an embroidery thread-holder
5,007,357 Embroidering device for a sewing machine
5,005,501 X-Y table device in automatic sewing machine
5,005,500 Automatic embroidering machine with pattern input means
5,005,499 Device for disabling and enabling stitching needles in a quilting machine or a multi-needle embroidery machine
5,003,895 Embroidery pantograph assembly
5,001,996 Embroidering machine
4,998,964 Computer controlled embroidery machine for embroidering on curved surfaces and attachment therefor
4,998,489 Embroidering machines having graphic input means
4,993,333 Sewing apparatus
4,991,524 Device for automatically making embroidering data for a computer-operated embroidering machine
4,984,378 Lighted embroidery hoop apparatus
4,982,674 Method of and apparatus for preparing sewing data for a multi-needle embroidery sewing machine
4,981,742 Dye impermeable, distortion resistant textile identification products
4,981,092 Fabric clamping device for embroidery machines
4,964,352 Embroidery data processing system for automatic sewing machine
4,960,061 Embroidering machine
4,945,842 Embroidering sewing machine
4,943,906 Data setting device for an embroidering machine
4,936,233 Embroidering machine
4,936,232 Embroidering system
4,932,345 Method of setting spacing between characters embroidered by an embroidering sewing machine
4,932,342 Embroidering system
4,928,321 Hood and hooded garment
4,915,041 Computer operated embroidering machine for stitching patterns along a circular arc
4,913,072 Embroidery lace machine
4,889,062 Sewing machine with means for feeding a workpiece in two directions
4,886,003 Embroidering tool
4,869,184 Embroidering machine having an attachable memory card
4,869,183 Device for positioning an embroidery hoop
4,867,081 Embroidery machine device for attaching ribbons on a fabric background
4,858,542 Initial operation controlling system for a computer controlled embroidering machine
4,849,902 Stitch data processing apparatus for embroidery sewing machine
4,848,253 Embroidery machine for sewing spangles on fabrics
4,837,913 Embroidery frame press plunger head
4,834,007 Data input device having an editing function for an embroidering sewing machine
4,834,006 Embroidery frame supporting device for an embroidery sewing machine
4,831,753 Embroidery frame for hats
4,825,784 Control apparatus and embroidery data for embroidering system
4,821,662 Method of embroidery and stitch processor therefor
4,807,546 Sequin application apparatus for shuttle embroidery machine
4,807,379 Identification tag and method for making same
4,803,941 Embroidery machine equipped with thread guide and clamping device
4,796,551 Method and apparatus for preparing sewing data
4,790,254 Bearded needle for bookbinding and embroidery machines
4,788,922 Adhesively applied Schiffli embroidery
4,781,130 System for stitching along a curve
4,776,291 Multi-head type embroidering machine
4,774,778 Fabric aligning apparatus for embroidery
4,774,728 Garment customizing method and apparatus
4,768,450 Initial operation controlling system for a computer controlled embroidering machine
4,767,111 Apparatus for framing garment portions in hoops
4,765,266 Shuttle embroidering machine
4,765,265 Applique machines
4,763,586 Device for detecting kinds of embroidering frames
4,762,076 Ruler device for setting embroidering fabric
4,736,535 Vertical embroidery frame
4,735,159 Embroidery machine
4,727,818 Embroidery machine apparatus
4,723,367 Interlocking embroidery hoop
4,715,303 Lubricating device for sewing and embroidering machines
4,711,800 Needlecraft with metallic substrate
4,706,583 Template for embroidery machine
4,704,977 Method and apparatus for preparing sewing data
4,690,084 Production of puffed embroidered design fabrics
4,688,502 Puffed embroidered design fabrics
4,688,498 Apparatus and method for detecting position of embroidery machine after power failure
4,682,551 Multi-emblem clamping device
4,674,420 Embroidery machine control device having means to input new character patterns into a pre-programmed series of patterns
4,669,406 Apparatus and method for manufacturing embroidered carpets
4,665,844 Curved cloth stretch frame construction for an embroidery sewing machine
4,662,293 Shuttle
4,654,044 Transfer printed direct embroidered garments, draperies, piece goods or the like
4,653,415 Method of feeding a cloth in an embroidery machine
4,644,881 Embroidery frame securing device
4,644,629 Embroidery framing method
4,642,924 Embroidery hoop
4,628,843 Apparatus for feeding a cloth in an embroidery machine
4,627,369 System for improving embroidered articles
4,627,368 Embroidering station with schiffli-shuttles
4,622,907 Programming and display systems for an embroidery machine
4,606,285 Looper driving system in an embroidery machine
4,603,646 Embroidery machine framework
4,599,956 Borer apparatus for an embroidering machine
4,598,655 Driving device of an embroidery frame in a zigzag sewing machine
4,598,488 Embroidery frame
4,594,952 Embroidering machine
4,592,296 Sewing head
4,584,829 Thread separation method
4,582,968 Needle thread-break monitor for embroidery machines
4,582,196 Yarn dispenser
4,580,511 Embroidering machine
4,579,615 Method and a device for connecting threads of a sewing machine
4,577,569 Apparatus for holding unoperating needle bar of braiding machine
4,572,195 Method of forming seamless fabric cups and resulting products
4,570,560 Stop motion device for sewing, embroidering or tufting machines
4,568,615 Craft substrates
4,562,868 Method for making a woven band
4,561,177 Apparatus for framing fabric in embroidery hoops
4,558,654 Under bed thread trimmer with thread detector stop motion
4,549,366 Adjustable needlework stand
4,545,127 Positioning system for embroidery hoop
4,543,897 Shuttle embroidering machine
4,538,335 Embroidery frame press
4,535,709 Switchable braking mechanism, especially for the individual threads of an embroidery machine
4,531,467 Thread take-up arm mechanism for automatic color change embroidery machinery
4,530,665 Method for stitching pattern
4,526,116 Method to control an automatic embroidery machine
4,520,745 Seam forming method and device for sewing machine for embroidery
4,517,910 Embroidered design for securement to an article and method of making the same
4,513,672 Embroidery sewing machine
4,501,208 Process for the bidirectional feeding of fabrics in quilting machines, and a machine utilizing this process
4,499,838 Pattern data storage by equations in an electronically controlled sewing machine
4,495,876 Embroidery machine
4,485,752 Adjustable needle bar crank drive
4,485,574 Three-section hoop embroidery frame
4,483,265 Cross-stitch design process
4,479,445 Adjustable embroidering tool
4,476,793 Embroidery machine
4,475,473 Hand-held embroidery machine
4,475,141 Body electrical grounding tether
4,472,221 Method and apparatus for treating an embroidered article
4,465,007 Embroidery fabric
4,463,692 Shuttle embroidery machine
4,461,226 Waiting means in an embroidering machine
4,455,951 Embroidery lace machine driven by electric signals
4,452,156 Variable thread tensioner for embroidery machines
4,448,047 Embroidery device for crochet machines
4,444,136 Device for interrupting a needle bar drive
4,444,133 Embroidering machine having coordinate movement control for a work carrier with a disengageable clutch
4,439,941 Card with removable and reusable insert
4,439,202 Embroidered transfer and method of making same
4,438,713 Embroidery stitch formation device for sewing machine
4,438,712 Stitching head having two independent presser feet
4,434,728 Electromagnetic pattern selector for an embroidery machine
4,426,941 Embroidery machine pattern mechanism
4,424,758 Embroidering apparatus for use with sewing machines
4,422,250 Embroidery hoop
4,421,043 Convertible bed for a sewing machine
4,419,945 Embroidering apparatus for use with sewing machines
4,415,623 Decoration of sheet material
4,415,617 Base fabric for the manufacture of embroidery and lace and method of its preparation
4,412,497 Apparatus for driving thread levers on embroidery machines
4,411,363 Holder for skeins of embroidery floss
4,411,208 Embroidery frame for automatic embroidery machine
4,408,242 Magnetic recording member for automatic embroidering machine
4,402,276 Method of controlling the speed of rotation of the drive motor of an embroidery, stitching or sewing machine
4,391,370 Embroidery project accessory carrying case
4,388,883 Stitch pattern sewing machine
4,386,573 Embroidery attachment for electronic sewing machine
4,386,572 Device for displacing the color-change carriage on multiple-head embroidery machines
4,383,489 Embroidery pattern forming machine
4,373,457 Feed arrangement for textile machines
4,372,238 Toy stitching set
4,370,940 Automatic thread trimmer for computerized zigzag embroidery sewing machine
4,369,722 Control system for a plurality of embroidery sewing machines
4,369,721 Embroidering machine with thread changer
4,366,763 Automatic embroidery machine having a plurality of single-needle embroidery heads
4,365,565 Control apparatus for automatic embroidery sewing machine
4,362,114 Table top embroidering machine having a plurality of embroidering units and to an adjustable table top therefor
4,357,885 Fabric holding device for multi-head embroidery machines
4,330,014 Method and apparatus for facilitating dental hygiene
4,325,313 Automatic embroidery sewing machine
4,309,950 Embroidery machine
4,308,812 Embroidery machine having improved thread supply system
4,301,756 Device for the interruption of the embroidery needle movement on embroidery- or sewing machines
4,295,433 Take-up drive for a multi-head embroidery machine
4,290,375 Apparatus for writing and using embroidery information on magnetic tape
4,290,260 High denier non-plied frieze yarn and method of making the same
4,289,086 Needle bar coupling in an embroidering machine
4,288,010 Embroidery thread organizer
4,285,289 Embroidering machine
4,284,021 Woven ground for embroidery
4,280,420 Automatic embroidery sewing machine
4,276,838 Thread changer for embroidering machines
4,273,058 Embroidery needle assembly
4,271,770 Punched card control system for embroidery machine
4,258,636 Device for control of the frame movements of automatic sewing machines
4,254,724 Method for the determination of the switching moments for special functions of automatic sewing-machines
4,254,721 Device for the intermittent interruption of the embroidery needle movement on embroidery- or sewing machines
4,247,998 Machine embroidery hoop
4,239,380 Image processing apparatus and methods
4,239,011 Needlepoint embroidering method
4,233,916 Process and apparatus for producing continuous embroidered fabrics
4,233,765 Frame for securing flexible sheets of material
4,221,176 Profile stitching apparatus and method
4,214,463 Decorative key ring and method for making same
4,209,857 Process for manufacturing work gloves
4,208,975 Multi-head embroidery machine
4,195,581 Mechanism for moving work fabric for embroidering by a sewing machine
4,152,994 Frame positioning device for automatic stitching apparatus
4,150,633 Snap-on darning and embroidery plate
4,149,305 Method of making decorative attachment for a key ring
4,140,563 Method of making embroidery transfer
4,135,458 Needle holder
4,111,341 Needlepoint, embroidery and crewel carrying case
4,103,631 Embroidery punch
4,098,203 Advancing of a textile cloth on an embroidery machine
4,092,451 Embroidery transfer
4,085,532 Embroidery hoops
4,071,387 Decoration of sheet materials
4,058,215 Framed embroidery assembly
4,054,098 Embroidering machine
4,052,945 Pattern control mechanism for embroidering machine
4,051,793 Embroidery machine
4,026,445 Blocking board
4,010,562 Embroidery hoop holder
3,991,691 Mechanism for adjustably positioning an embroidering frame
3,975,822 Needlepoint and crewel-embroidery stitch remover
3,974,010 Stitching and bonding embroideries onto thermoplastic backing sheets
3,968,759 Automatic yarn changer
3,962,979 Sewing machine
3,955,293 Convertible footwear and accessories in accord
3,938,453 Apparatus for advancing the feed frame of an automatic embroidery machine
3,937,161 Embroidery machine
D445,562 Embroidery lap frame
D427,037 Embroidery scissors
D423,192 Embroidered/mesh protective bib apron and with split leg
D405,587 Eyelet embroidered/mesh protective sleeve
D385,091 Embroidered hat brim
D384,945 Scanner for embroidery
D369,171 Embroidering unit for sewing machine
D331,316 Embroidery wool case
D329,325 Combined punch embroidery and rug hooking tool
D324,947 Holder for wax used in coating embroidery thread or the like
D309,058 Embroidery work station
D309,057 Embroidery work station
D309,056 Embroidery work station
D307,819 Embroidery work station
D294,080 Two-piece transport case for portable embroidery machinery
D284,670 Embroidery machine
D284,578 Embroidery machine
D284,044 Embroidery hoop holder
D274,195 Combined embroidery needle holder and needle or similar article
D244,755 Portable adjustable stand for supporting an embroidery hoop