Patent Number    Patent Title
6,418,562 Headgear with insert for exhibiting a display thereon
6,413,617 Informational card
6,413,091 Creative stitchery success strips
6,321,672 Sublimation embroidery
6,256,793 Chain scarf fashion accessory and method of manufacture
6,083,590 Three dimensional embroidered wall border strip
5,958,535 Decorative element
5,895,703 Decorative beads and method for making decorative beads
5,823,232 Embroidery fabric strip with deformable, shape-retaining properties
5,817,393 Pre-sewn emblem and method
5,813,866 Cloth chart for learning characters
5,746,639 Flat stuffed doll and clothing combination
5,745,918 Necktie as an information source
5,729,833 Cap having a tactile and visual emblem
5,540,609 Story quilt and associated set of dolls
5,422,173 Pre-sewn letter and method
5,285,658 Embroidered lace bracelets
5,149,388 Pre-sewn letter and method
5,111,760 Double-embroidered lace
5,009,943 Pre-sewn letter and method
4,896,685 Baby bow hair fastener
4,880,256 Textile label
4,597,198 Ornamental attachment for footwear and the like
4,073,299 Three-dimensional embroidered article
4,016,314 Embroidered fruit bowl wall hanging and kit for making same
D408,153 Pattern for an embroidered leather for bags, purses, shoes, clothes, belts and similar products