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Patent Number    Patent Title
6,425,764 Virtual reality immersion therapy for treating psychological, psychiatric, medical, educational and self-help problems
6,337,434 Music teaching instrument
6,273,725 Process for teaching students multiple curriculum subjects through the use of a theatrical production
6,268,863 Method of simulating a photographic camera
6,182,044 Methods for analyzing and critiquing a vocal performance
6,057,501 Teaching musical notation to young children
5,954,517 Interactive sand box for training
5,923,306 Hotel-based video game and communication system
5,913,519 Theatrical learning game
5,902,946 Instrument for musical therapy
5,893,717 Method for teaching prose, document and quantitative literacy
5,782,692 Time-segmented multimedia game playing and authoring system
5,746,605 Method and system for music training
5,655,945 Video and radio controlled moving and talking device
5,655,910 Method of self-expression to learn keyboarding
5,613,909 Time-segmented multimedia game playing and authoring system
5,607,160 Three talent boardgame
5,563,358 Music training apparatus
5,540,132 Teaching musical notation to young children
5,533,903 Music training
5,496,179 System for teaching music reading
5,486,112 Method of artistic expression using autonomous wearable computing device
5,433,609 Foreign lyric instructional device and method
5,435,726 Storytelling game and teaching aid
5,344,323 Teaching recognition of body movement errors in dancing
5,287,789 Music training apparatus
5,279,039 Three-dimensional drawing device
5,212,874 Three-dimensional drawing device
5,180,306 Educational art game
5,121,928 Playing a question and answer movie board game
5,038,482 Three-dimensional drawing device
4,879,210 Teaching signing
4,804,328 Interactive audio-visual teaching method and device
4,457,717 Apparatus to help learning pictorial art
4,249,757 Art and educational book
4,146,978 Amusement device for spelling education
4,116,449 Amusement device
2,901,838 Device for teaching dancing
2,837,837 Manually operable graphic device for teaching dancing
2,676,421 Apparatus for use in teaching dancing
2,605,557 Method of and apparatus for teaching dancing
1,815,443 Means for self teaching of walking and dancing
CN2502344U Practise calligraphy exercising rule or board
CN2501130U Hand-writing apparatus for training calligraphy
CN2463895U Calligraphy-practising apparatus
CN2408530U Calligraphy practise board for multitime use
CN2408529U Teaching tool for painting and calligraphy
CN2354195U Device for learning stroke of chinese character calligraply
CN2266760U Fourty-eight way rapid-result guiding ruler for learning Chinese calligraphy
CN1315718 Symmetrical method for practising chinese calligraphy on squared paper
CN1289107 Chinese character writing training method
CN1195151 Device for practising chinese character calligraphy
DE4344446 Constructional building system for all ages - has basic elements of elementary geometric shape, such as cubes, having dove-tailed groove running all around into which connecting elements fit
DE3916934 Teaching aid and control for trumpet pressureless blowing - has flat trumpet support board with side grips for both hands
FR2598009 Apparatus for drawing in perspective, especially for teaching purposes
FR2662949 Parlour game with play and educational aim, relating to knowledge about the earth and its safeguarding
GB591571 Device or appliance for use in the teaching of ball-room dancing
GB587589 Devices for teaching dancing
GB686854 Devices for use in teaching ballroom dancing
GR89100375 Training method for running and dancing
JP10116068 Trombone training tool
KR2001000836 Method for offering dance lesson service on the internet
KR197615Y Materials for teaching short bamboo flute