Patent Number    Patent Title
6,356,274 Converting a colored picture into a color-in line drawing
6,252,996 Transforming photographic pictures into templates for painting
6,233,351 Method and apparatus for processing a freehand sketch
6,226,015 Method of producing sketches and cartoon images from movies
6,215,506 Portrait drawing apparatus
6,208,355 Sketch-based editing of curves
6,004,121 Methods of color marking using pituitous color compositions
6,154,968 Compact viewing frame for artists
6,146,721 Device for presenting alternative facial expressions
6,004,018 Device for producing embroidery data on the basis of image data
5,995,085 Electronic sketch pad and auxiliary monitor
5,915,003 Sketching unit for transmission of sketches and notes over normal telephone lines
5,897,220 Automatic photograph booth for forming sketches
5,870,771 Computerized system for selecting, adjusting, and previewing framing product combinations for artwork and other items to be framed
5,867,914 Drawing device with multimedia enhancement
5,673,492 Perspective drawing alignment apparatus
5,668,736 Method for designing and illustrating architectural enhancements to existing buildings
5,667,064 Sketchbook organizer
5,650,217 Tactile image enhancer
5,590,864 Easel for handicapped artists
5,432,896 Watercolor simulation in computer graphics
5,388,925 Fine point tip applicator for craft paint
5,348,144 Artist sketch box
5,279,039 Three-dimensional drawing device
5,213,845 Coloring process
5,212,874 Three-dimensional drawing device
5,038,482 Three-dimensional drawing device
4,956,872 Image processing for oil-painting-like and/or random mosaic processing
4,949,466 Drawing device having indexable stylus turret
4,946,254 Image shifting device for tracing
4,945,643 Amusement apparatus for drawing a distorted caricature by tracing an original photograph or the like
4,937,103 Scratch a sketch
4,912,849 Sketching and tracing instrument
4,899,448 Basic formula for active sketch pattern drawing in upper body tailoring
4,894,918 Basic pattern sketch drawing technique for sleeve tailoring
4,887,968 Electronic sketching device
4,865,547 Sketching device
4,856,197 Drawing device having retractable stylus
4,805,327 TV commercial story board
4,801,266 Irridescent drawing or sketching device
4,776,914 Pasted picture manufacturing method
4,764,763 Electronic sketching device
4,627,748 Writing-plotting apparatus with keyboard
4,611,994 Artist's sketching device
4,584,042 Artistic method and kit for creating an art form
4,569,577 Photographic animation transfer process
4,490,413 Method for producing a painting
4,457,717 Apparatus to help learning pictorial art
4,439,159 Sketching aid
4,379,364 Artist's freehand sketching device
4,335,812 Artist's sketch box tray and carrying case for the same
4,331,954 Planar coordinate resolving system
4,285,744 Process for the reproduction of oil paintings or similarly textured images
4,257,083 Process for preserving pastel works of art
4,234,621 Methods for restoring documents, paintings and the like
4,166,092 Process for making artistic prints
4,156,399 Apparatus for restoring paintings, documents and the like
4,148,506 Portable drawing board
4,058,849 System for converting a rough sketch to a finished drawing
3,985,456 Calligraphic device for artists or the like
3,773,576 Crystal sketching
3,678,589 Apparatus for drawing in perspective
3,246,398 Device for sketching and cutting out segments of metal
2,487,673 Geometrical sketching template
AU3934102 Paper-based remote sketching system
CN2504096U Ceramic imitation stereo relief calligraphy and painting
CN2502344U Practise calligraphy exercising rule or board
CN2501130U Hand-writing apparatus for training calligraphy
CN2463895U Calligraphy-practising apparatus
CN2458141U Calligraphy handicraft scroll of bamboo slip
CN2439377U Substrate of calligraphy and painting
CN2424945U Three-dimensional painting and calligraphy handicraft of metal
CN2414927U Three-d artistic painting and calligraphy for decoration of school
CN2408530U Calligraphy practise board for multitime use
CN2408529U Teaching tool for painting and calligraphy
CN2385907U Calligraphy and painting with gold silver character
CN2360283U Splitting painting and calligraphy hanging scroll
CN2360259U Non-colour concave trace calligraphy and painting paper
CN2354195U Device for learning stroke of chinese character calligraply
CN2229886U Domestic neon light art calligraphy ornament
CN2279268U Root arts painting & calligraphy
CN2268641U Calligraphy and painting on aluminum or aluminum alloy plate
CN2266760U Fourty-eight way rapid-result guiding ruler for learning chinese calligraphy
CN2077803U Appliance for sketch drawing
CN2043920U Drawing and sketch pike sheet
CN2032754U Electronic advertisement with imitating genuine calligraphy and painting
CN1364702 Colored drawing process for textile
CN1336166 Formula of plain drawing color
CN1327918 Technology for making chinese calligraphy and painting
CN1315718 Symmetrical method for practising chinese calligraphy on squared paper
CN1314259 Method for producing plush decorative calligraphy and painting
CN1312173 Mathod of making painting and calligraphy works in steel plate
CN1309381 Model calligraphy of 3-stroke style and method for exercising 3-stroke style
CN1311499 Children calligraphy and painting modles book
CN1289107 Chinese character writing training method
CN1258903 Five-step squares for calligraphy
CN1257012 Painting and calligraphy made of human hair and making method thereof
CN1256212 Oiled protection of traditional chinese painting and calligraphy works
CN1253083 Method for making calligraphy sculpture
CN1254655 Method for making carving-imitative calligraphy artwork
CN1245759 Handicraft picture making method and its handicraft picture made up by using said method
CN1238272 Calligraphy and painting artworks made up by etching on metal plates
CN1235234 Carved gardens showing chinese culture in 5000 years
CN1231271 Granite painting technique
CN1229736 Method of producing painting and calligraphy tapestry
CN1197012 Bright calligraphy and painting and its mounting method
CN1195151 Device for practising chinese character calligraphy
CN1192969 Technology for making velvet painting
CN1194213 Method of producing root carving handicraft
CN1192970 Copper-surface gilding method and copper-board calligraphy and painting made by said method
CN1191811 Photolithographic technology for stone material
CN1187429 Eggshell calligraphy and painting
CN1175510 Artificial marble article of calligraphy and its producing technique
CN1170671 Method for producing plant art drawing
CN1170668 Colorless notched calligraphy and painting
CN1167689 Method for making calligraphy works of wax
CN1155720 Copybook with printed reversed chinese characters
CN1147120 Imitation song-dynasty-style script model for practising in fountain pen chinese calligraphy and making method thereof
CN1147119 Regular script model for practising in hard-tipped writing instrument chinese calligraphy and its making method
CN1155602 Paper for painting
CN1127707 Manufacturing glass painting and calligraphy by carving
CN1121007 Binding process for traditional chinese painting and calligraphy
CN1115722 Pencraft regular-script calligraphy model
CN1104155 Technology for making stereo coloured pottery painting and calligraphy
CN1103836 Special technique for painting stones aragonite picture
CN1102806 Method for making standard of monopoly of chinese calligraphy and painting
CN1099341 Bamboo root painting and its making process
CN1098046 Technique for etching fluorescent relief of calligraphy and painting
CN1098049 Method for making stereo cement calligraphy and painting without carving
CN1097384 Resin covering and sealing process for paintings and calligraphic works
CN1094824 Forthright producing technique for modern permanent porcelain photograph
CN1092723 Seal cutted painting and calligraphy work as tour keepsake and making method thereof
CN1091700 Producing two-side transparent resin painting and calligraphy
CN1087333 Chemical etching technology for gem or jadestone
CN1084197 Quick drying agent for mounting chinese painting and calligraphy
CN1081147 Stereo convex luminous painting and calligraphy
CN1079269 Natural flower and grass painting and calligraphy paper and producing process
CN1077439 Calligraphy etching method on glass surface
CN1075940 Process for carving large colour transparent glass and production line
CN1075456 Method for stereo-spongy calligraphy and painting and application thereof
CN1076894 Technique for manufacturing artwork with purple gold lustre
CN1076162 Stereo calligraphy artistic article and producing process thereof
CN1073696 Chemical painting and calligraphy screen and painting and writing liquor and scavenging liquor
CN1073635 Manufacturing method of clay engraving
CN1071882 Surface treated Xuan paper calligraphy and painting
CN1070370 Method for mounting painting and calligraphy
CN1068066 Thermoplastic sheet specially for hard calligraphy depiction
CN1065831 Method for making resin double-coating transparent painting and calligraphy and products thereof
CN1065245 Preparation of imitation gold or silver calligraphy and painting
CN1064051 Landscape figure and calligraphy painting with artificial inorganic granite
CN1063455 Design method of folded magic calligraphy and painting
CN1063078 Process for etching characters and pictures on marble and glass
CN1055901 Glass calligraphy and painting and making method thereof
CN1054219 Artistical plant picture and making technique thereof
CN1048823 Portrait producing method by the bone ash of the dead
CN1042332 Protection method of calligraphy and painting on cloth
CN1038925 Basic pattern sketch drawing technique for sleeve tailoring
CN1038578 Basic formula for active sketch pattern drawing in upper body tailoring
CN86105808 Method for sand-blasting onto the surface of glass to form calligraphy and painting
CN86104541 Model for calligraphy practising
DE19724297 Overhead projector with facility to produce hard copy from sketches made on foil
FR2757667 Sketching machine
FR2730559 Dimension measurement device e.g. for sketch, photograph, design, map
FR2598009 Apparatus for drawing in perspective, especially for teaching purposes
GB2364966 Aid for drawing and sketching a 3-dimensional object in perspective
GB2239218 Irridescent drawing or sketching device
GB2175543 Board aid to positive guided drawing and sketching in perspective
GB2022026 Improvements to sheet materials for use in the creation of sketches, drawings, designs and the like
GB1088206 Process for enhancing the third dimensional aspect of water colour paintings, sketches, drawings or designs
GB611328 Improvements in the production of coloured pictures, such as photographs, drawing or sketches
GB208213 Improvements in and relating to appliances for drawing and sketching
GB182934 Improvements relating to the production of landscape outline and other sketches
HK75095 Luminescent drawing or sketching device
JP2002175540 Image sketch device
JP2002127678 Template for calligraphy
JP2002117246 System for distributing paintings and calligraphic work image and method for selling paintings and calligraphic work
JP2001319016 Accident place sketch drawing generation system
JP2001301399 Method for painting constitution of stack stereoscopic expression by coating sketch with paper paste
JP11328431 Editing of curve based upon sketch
JP5197069 Paper with rough sketch decolored by near infrared rays
KR8802590 Method for copying paintings and pictures to the natural-stone
TW400287 Surface color painting method