Patent Number    Patent Title
6,448,483 Dance visualization of music
6,410,835 Dance game apparatus and step-on base for dance game
6,353,170 Method for composing music and generating graphical information
6,315,571 Slipper with musical and rhythmic stimulation
6,261,148 Twisting animated figure
6,232,539 Music organizer and entertainment center
6,116,908 Dance training device
6,018,888 Protective footwear for modern dance
6,001,013 Video dance game and program storage device
5,996,251 Combination jazz dancing and character/tap dancing shoe
5,969,283 Music organizer and entertainment center
5,945,612 Music crystal ball capable of rotating in alternating directions
5,682,685 Dance shoe sole
5,634,309 Portable dance floor
5,589,654 Electronic dance floor system
5,575,742 Multipurpose exercise apparatus
5,469,641 Custom ballet pointe shoe
5,465,546 Portable dance floor
5,459,946 Tap dance shoe and method for attaching tap to dance shoe
5,453,918 Color illumination apparatus
5,441,465 Flying ballet barre
5,403,223 Simulated ballerina and dance studio apparatus
5,344,323 Teaching recognition of body movement errors in dancing
5,327,586 Dance skirt
5,191,726 Asymmetric ballet shoe and pair of such shoes
5,117,596 Portable dance floor
5,111,597 Dance shoe with toe support
5,035,069 Ballet slipper and method of manufacturing a ballet slipper
4,955,276 Dance percussion platform
4,824,416 Dancing keiki dolls
4,777,856 Dancing-musical instrument
4,660,305 Tap dance shoe including integral electromechanical energy conversion means
4,635,425 Portable and modular dance floor
4,627,324 Method for generating acoustic and/or visual effects by human body actions
4,625,436 Clogging dance tap device
4,457,084 Hopping and dancing shoes
4,443,989 Dance floor construction
4,429,607 Light beam musical instrument
4,329,739 Lighted disco dance floor
4,277,897 Dance/gymnastic footlet
4,272,070 Combination wall mounted dance barre and exercise rod
4,130,951 Illuminated dancing shoes
4,199,878 Ballet and toe-dance shoe
3,073,594 Swivel for dance partners
3,040,388 Knockdown portable dance floor
3,007,260 Dance taps
2,988,825 Dance instruction method and training aid
2,913,835 Charting and teaching dance steps
2,871,580 Dance instruction device
2,834,065 Portable, reversible dance floor
2,812,944 Dance barre fixture
2,679,116 Dance instructional apparatus
2,572,671 Dance gliding device
2,158,475 Recording and illustrating dance steps
2,110,890 Dance shoe protector
2,102,086 Portable dance floor
2,901,838 Device for teaching dancing
2,837,837 Manually operable graphic device for teaching dancing
2,676,421 Apparatus for use in teaching dancing
2,605,557 Method of and apparatus for teaching dancing
1,815,443 Means for self teaching of walking and dancing
1,780,230 Tap for dancing slippers or shoes
1,729,813 Dancing apparatus for producing sparks from dancer's feet
1,178,444 Theatrical illusion for producing sparks with dancers' shows and metal floor
AU3385899 Protective footwear for modern dance
AU2918601 A method and system for audience participation and selective viewing of various aspects of a theatrical performance, whether opera, symphoni
AU2007992 Portable dance floor
CA2214220 Dance shoe
CA2187830 Dance shoe sole
CA2139121 Portable dance floor
CA2099826 Instructional dance garment
CN85106070 Dance musical instrument
CN2499073U Body building rod for dance by middle and old man
CN2478203U Performance body-building dancing carpet
CN2460168U Electronic sport footwear and portable dancing video game machine
CN2456796U Artificial dragon for dance
CN2450931U Socks of dancing shoes
CN2450926U Overshoes of dancing shoes
CN2447028U Dancing carpet
CN2414808U Built-up dance flooring
CN2411041U Wireless dancing carpet for video light disc machine
CN2409580U Inflatable dancing advertisement figure
CN2313628U Exerciser for dance
CN2285414U Dance hall light controller
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CN2171227U Spark dance shoes
CN2168373U Sound-effect amplifier special for sound and dance hall
CN2126968U Dance shoes with light and sound
CN2126116U Sprayer for stage or dance hall
CN2079804U Small stroboscope lamp for dance hall
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CN1321969 Method for automatically setting dance mode using audio signals
CN1270848 Dance match sysem for recreation
CN1261195 Dance training device
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CN1151850 Dance shoe sole
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CN1087438 Method and device for producing remote control command signal by dance movement
CN1087437 Method and device for producing remote control command signal by dance movement
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DE19710626 Rolling skate for practising ice=dance movements on flat, dry floors
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DE3608104 Dance drum shoe system
DE3420879 Dance floor
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EP0942404 Dance training device
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FR2793508 Floor for dance or sporting events has panels with cellular or foam cores sandwiched between fibre, plywood or aluminium skins
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GB2283770 Portable dance floor
GB2161514 Dance floor
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GB328800 An improved method for producing surfaces suitable for skating rinks, dance floors and the like
GB262140 Arrangements for quick transformation of localities used for theatres, cinema-halls and the like, into a suitable dance hall and vice versa
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GB2316598 Dance shoe with arch support
GB228629 A trainer for operatic and toe-point dancing
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HK1038143 Dance game apparatus and storage medium to be used for the same
HK1037463 Dancing game control apparatus
HK1032711 A dancing game machine
HK1032710 A dancing game machine
HK1032326 Dance game machine
HK1029705 Dance game apparatus
IE970644 Dance shoe
IE79080 Dance shoe
KR2001081193 Device for dancing game of three dimensional virtual reality type by using motion capture function
KR2001064624 Device for dance game by wireless communication
KR2001054404 Dance simulation game machine
KR2001000836 Method for offering dance lesson service on the internet
KR2000058247 Portable dance game device
KR2000054349 Three-dimensional dance simulator capable of free step
KR2000054023 Dance game device
KR2000053965 Dance game apparatus
KR2000053945 Dance game apparatus
KR2000053919 Dance game apparatus
KR2000053918 Apparatus of dance game
KR2000053854 Apparatus for transmitting dance motion pictures in real time
KR2000053702 Portable apparatus for dance practice
KR2000046909 Dance game apparatus and step-on base for dance game
KR2000036702 Method for providing song and dance contest internet service
KR2000030402 Method of dance lesson with use of mobile telephone set
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KR2000024237 System for accompanying songs having function of dancing evaluation and function of guidance and method the same
KR2000017780 Animation-audio disk having a dance practice program
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KR203761Y 3 dimension ddr (danced dance revolution)
KR201176Y Dance game apparatus
KR201024Y Dance training device using the potable gamer
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KR192230Y Dance music machine to sense hand action
KR192193Y Mode convertible amusement apparatus for dance
KR192183Y Electron dancing game machine combine with boxing prictice
KR192167Y Join apparatus of footboard switch for play dance movement indication game in computer
KR191299Y Switch panel of ddr(dance dance revolution)
KR188989Y Dancing device for entertainment
KR188987Y Game system for dance exercising
KR188977Y Dancing stepper for two persons and dancing game system
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KR174540Y Dancing machine for amusement
KR173133Y Dance music video vending machine
KR170746Y Automatic display apparatus for dance step of karaoke device
KR136548Y The structure of a floor for dance training room
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JP2002159303 Dancing shoe heel cap for woman with built-in skid-proof gear
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JP2002042168 Dance image enhancement composition device
JP2002035191 Dance rating apparatus
JP2002028269 Form corrector for social dance
JP2002000943 Dance game device
JP2001276291 Dance game system
JP2001239054 Dance game device
JP2001232059 Dance game device
JP2001178965 Dance game device
JP2001161878 Dance game machine, method for controlling play of dance game and computer-readable recording medium recording play control program
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JP2001137415 Dance game device
JP2001096060 Dance game system
JP2001095969 Dance game apparatus
JP2001070644 Dancing game device
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JP2001009076 Dance game device
JP2000325666 Dance game device
JP2000325665 Dance game device, control method thereof, and readable recording medium recording dance game program
JP2000325664 Dance game device
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JP6161434 Keying practicing method, musical performance practicing method, and practicing method for dance, excerise, and the like and stimulation uni
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