Patent Number    Patent Title
6,444,237 Herbal composition for enhancing sexual response
6,355,285 Edible animal greeting cards
6,231,901 Frozen dessert novelty which changes color
6,210,731 Printed decorations for pastry
6,126,977 Method of making laminated pizza crust
6,110,511 Fruit particle analog
6,083,551 Noodles/vermicelli from maize and a preparation process
6,010,737 Nut spread having reduced fat and reduced calories
5,993,880 Non-staining, acid-stable, cold-water-soluble, edible green color and compositions for preparing acidic foods and beverages
5,972,408 Reduced fat product
5,962,057 Process for drying mango and pineapples
5,942,270 Process of preserving the green color of green beans
5,925,395 Methods for preserving fresh vegetables
5,922,388 Process of modifying texture of food products
5,922,386 Fried snack pieces and process for preparing
5,650,189 Low-fat saute
5,643,626 Process for producing kettle-style potato chips
5,620,735 Simulated egg patty
5,562,940 Coating mix for simulating chicken skin
5,310,567 Method for dyeing strawberry
5,144,880 Food decorating device and method
5,030,462 Pasta preparation
5,015,486 Dry mix for microwave muffins with psyllium
4,952,414 Yogurt with crisp cereal pieces
4,915,962 Culinary seasoning composition
4,908,224 Process for debittering soybean grit
4,895,729 Preservation of cut and segmented fresh fruit pieces
4,857,353 Dry mix for microwave layer ckaes
4,717,571 Method for manufacturing dessert having an ornamental pattern
4,693,900 Shaped pasta products
4,618,500 Method for preparing an espresso-type coffee beverage
4,537,788 Egg jerky product and method of preparation
4,447,459 Preparation of par-fried potato pieces
4,396,635 Microwave cake mix
4,396,634 Shrimp analog
4,393,090 Beef product for cooking on a vertical rotisseries
4,379,175 Preparation of low fat imitation cream cheese
4,336,273 Vegetable and fruit preservation process
4,305,965 Bacon and meat analogues
4,293,580 Frozen fruit and vegetable juices
4,267,199 Noodle soup mix
4,242,365 Process for producing fried banana slices
4,137,336 Dietetic cookie mix
4,117,172 Process for preparing simulated soft centered fruits
4,066,794 Instant yogurt preparation
4,061,784 Shaped textured protein food product
3,966,991 Angel food cake mix
3,047,401 All purpose culinary oils
2,874,052 Chocolate-containing culinary mixes
AU2357899 Deep frozen creamy culinary product
AU0736225 Reduced fat culinary sauce and process for preparing
AU0734662 Moulded culinary preparation
EP0974274 Processing for obtaining sturgeon caviary analog
ES2009414 Culinary sauce preparation
ES8307450 Production of olive-based culinary compositions
FR2794943 Complete meal based on potate cake, topped with cheese and garnished with regional specialties
FR2790367 Condiment based on young courgettes, cooked in vinegar with spices such as oregano and preserved in olive oil
FR2751180 Ready to cook culinary product of liquid eggs with flavourings
FR2750431 Extraction of oil palm drupe for culinary use
FR2775163 Culinary base useful as butter or cream substitute for preparing hot emulsified sauces
FR2744337 Preparation of cooked beaten egg white for freezing
GB1111819 Culinary mixes
GB0996367 Cake mix
IE45828 Culinary fat pieces
KR8400287 Manufacturing instant vinegar composition for vinegared fish sauce
RU2178652 Method of preparing jelly pickle with smoke aroma
RU2177233 Method of preparing maize soup
RU2148372 Nutritive synthetic caviar and method for production
RU2127525 Delicacy canned foods production method
RU2119759 Method for preparing instant macaroni product
RU2101985 Method of treating octupus
ZA8602350 Culinary seasoning composition