Patent Number    Patent Title
6,502,012 Newspaper rack automated inventory monitoring request system
6,466,970 Collecting and analyzing information about content requested in a network environment
6,457,010 Client-server based subscriber characterization system
6,446,044 Multi-layer surveying methods with multi-layer incentives
6,443,840 Evaluation of responses of participatory broadcast audience with prediction of winning contestants; monitoring, checking and controlling of wagering, and automatic crediting and couponing
6,422,999 Method of measuring consumer reaction
6,434,398 Method for interactive audience participation at a live spectator event
6,418,308 Opinion poll using a wireless data transmission connection
6,405,370 Television audience monitoring system and method employing tuner interface of set-top converter box
6,397,057 Method of providing advertising information to a subscriber through a wireless device
6,380,928 Dynamically configurable electronic survey response alert system
6,322,368 Training and testing human judgment of advertising materials
6,301,564 Dimensional dining restaurant management system
6,298,348 Consumer profiling system
6,275,811 System and method for facilitating interactive electronic communication through acknowledgment of positive contributive
6,252,522 Billboard consumption measurement system
6,202,210 Method for collecting data over a 1394 network to support analysis of consumer behavior, marketing and customer support
6,115,691 Computer based process for strategy evaluation and optimization based on customer desired outcomes and predictive metrics
6,061,082 Method for taking a survey of an audience to determine a rating using internet television
6,044,376 Content stream analysis
6,035,284 System and method for product rationalization
6,021,362 Method and apparatus for dispensing samples and premiums
6,011,578 System for collecting audience response data
5,991,734 Method of measuring the creative value in communications
5,974,398 Method enabling valuation of user access of advertising carried by interactive information and entertainment services
5,966,696 Tracking consumer exposure and exposing consumers to different advertisements
5,963,916 Network preview of music products and compiling market data
5,923,252 Audio/visual marketing device and marketing system
5,915,243 Method and apparatus for delivering consumer promotions
5,913,204 Method for surveying music listener opinion about songs
5,883,940 Interactive method and apparatus for the generation of leads
5,872,588 Monitoring audio-visual materials presented to a subscriber
5,839,050 System for determining radio listenership
5,826,164 Technique for surveying a radio or a television audience
5,812,642 Audience response monitor and analysis system and method
5,771,307 Audience measurement system and method
5,768,680 Media monitor
5,759,101 Central and remote evaluation of responses of participatory broadcast audience with automatic crediting and couponing
5,749,043 Method for estimating characteristics of broadcast radio audiences
5,740,035 Self-administered survey systems, methods and devices
5,717,866 Comparative analysis of consumer response to product promotions
5,712,830 Acoustically monitored shopper traffic surveillance and security system for shopping malls and retail space
5,607,186 Survey apparatus
5,561,835 Method for identifying radio stations to which tuners are tuned
5,532,732 Using compressed codes for monitoring television program viewing
5,515,270 Correlating purchasing behavior of a consumer to advertisements
5,508,731 Generation of enlarged participatory broadcast audience
5,497,185 Remote control system for television audience data gathering
5,488,409 Apparatus and method for tracking the playing of VCR programs
5,483,276 Compliance incentives for audience monitoring/recording devices
5,465,115 Video traffic monitor for retail establishments
5,457,807 Technique for surveying a radio or a television audience
5,453,015 Audience response system and method
5,446,919 Communication system and method with demographically or psychographically defined audiences
5,424,945 System for evaluating a psychological effect of a document
5,410,724 Identifying radio stations to which tuners are tuned
5,401,946 Correlating purchasing behavior of a consumer to advertisements
5,382,970 Television viewer monitoring system including portable data meter for each viewer
5,374,951 Method and system for monitoring television viewing
5,373,315 Television audience data gathering
5,273,437 Audience participation system
5,243,517 Method for physiological evaluation of short films and entertainment materials
5,227,874 Measuring the effectiveness of stimuli on decisions of shoppers
5,226,177 Real-time wireless audience response system
5,138,638 System for determining the number of shoppers in a retail store and for processing that information to produce data for store management
5,041,972 Method of measuring and evaluating consumer response for the development of consumer products
5,034,807 System for evaluation and rewarding of responses and predictions
5,023,929 Audio frequency based market survey method
4,972,504 Marketing research system and method for obtaining retail data on a real time basis
4,955,070 Method for automatically monitoring broadcast band listening habits
4,931,865 Methods for monitoring television viewers
4,930,011 Method for identifying individual members of a marketing and viewing audience
4,926,255 System for evaluation of response to broadcast transmissions
4,908,761 System for identifying heavy product purchasers who regularly use manufacturers' purchase incentives and predicting consumer promotional behavior response patterns
4,907,079 Monitoring and control of home entertainment electronic devices
4,905,080 Collecting television channel data and market research data
4,885,632 Monitoring TV viewing including a VCR and/or a cable converter
4,876,592 System for merchandising and the evaluation of responses to broadcast transmissions
4,858,000 Image recognition audience measurement system and method
4,847,685 Audience survey system
4,816,904 Television and market research data collection system and method
4,792,864 Apparatus for detecting recorded data in a video tape recorder for audience rating purposes
4,779,198 Audience monitoring system
4,769,697 Passive television audience measuring systems
4,745,468 Evaluation and recording of responses to broadcast transmissions
4,718,106 Survey of radio audience
4,658,290 Television and market research data collection system and method
4,646,145 Television viewer reaction determining systems
4,644,509 Ultrasonic audience measurement system and method
4,623,230 Media survey apparatus and method using thermal imagery
4,584,602 Polling system and method using nondedicated telephone lines
4,546,382 Television and market research data collection system and method
4,528,589 Method for subscription television billing and access
4,451,700 Automatic audience survey system
4,388,644 Apparatus for monitoring a multichannel receiver
4,358,277 Method for conducting an opinion survey
4,320,256 Verbally interactive telephone interrogation system with selectible variable decision tree
4,308,554 Television viewer reaction determining system
4,232,295 Jukebox polling system
4,216,497 Apparatus for monitoring a multichannel receiver
4,107,735 Television audience survey system providing feedback of cumulative survey results to individual television viewers
4,107,734 Television viewer reaction determining system
4,084,081 Portable survey system
4,012,132 Broadcast market survey data storage and retrieval system and method
3,947,624 System for conducting a television audience survey