Patent Number    Patent Title
6,423,839 Mixed color pigment precursors and their use
6,419,902 Color changing toothpaste
6,417,253 Color stable compositions containing arylate-comprising polymers
6,361,593 Lustrous interference pigments with black absorption color
6,325,847 Precious metal color effect materials and production thereof
6,322,901 Highly luminescent color-selective nano-crystalline materials
6,290,766 Lustrous interference pigments with black absorption color
6,243,204 Color shifting thin film pigments
6,235,273 Washable non-toxic body paint for applying color to human skin
6,231,901 Frozen dessert novelty which changes color
6,221,462 Multi-colored pattern floor covering
6,187,429 Decorative ceramic color layers applied to glass or glass ceramic substrates
6,126,447 Color-assonant phonetics system
6,120,821 Method for preparing color changing food
6,093,401 Natural color concentrates and antimicrobial nutraceutial from plants
6,063,551 Mutable dye composition and method of developing a color
6,040,288 Fabric color protection compositions and methods
5,997,627 Pigment composition and effect coatings
5,993,880 Non-staining, acid-stable, cold-water-soluble, edible green color and compositions for preparing acidic foods and beverages
4,957,898 Mixture of yellow and magenta dyes to form a red hue for color filter array element
4,383,865 Soft textured high strength alkali blue pigment