Patent Number    Patent Title
6,428,419 Amusement attraction with moveable floor
6,364,594 Wheelchair transfer device for use in amusement rides
6,364,381 Queue clip for control gates
6,340,280 Amusement ride vehicle with wheelchair ramp
6,254,489 Amusement attraction with man-made tornado
6,227,790 Amusement ride vehicle with wheelchair ramp
6,220,965 Amusement system
6,220,171 Amusement ride
6,170,402 Roller coaster control system
6,149,528 Amusement ride vehicle folding seat
6,105,507 Ride attraction vehicle bumper system
6,099,316 Simulated assault weapon
6,095,926 Amusement ride vehicle
6,074,307 Set transformation effect
6,074,306 Amusement park vehicle for the physically disabled
6,060,847 Interactive amusement ride
6,036,603 Whirlpool simulation effect
6,024,647 Amusement ride vehicle with motion controlled seating
5,989,128 Flame simulation
5,964,064 Theater with multiple screen three dimensional film projection system
5,935,011 Wheelchair accessible carousel vehicle
5,884,563 Ride attraction system for the physically disabled
5,868,628 Live-action theater
5,833,544 Film and live action theater
5,829,201 Theater with seat and wheelchair platform movement
5,715,756 Ride attraction anti-roll back system
5,704,294 Waterfall ride attraction
5,685,778 Ride attraction having animated figures
5,192,247 Ride attraction
5,114,140 Explosion simulator
D260,122 Film storage box
D251,117 Automobile