Patent Number    Patent Title
6,404,440 Process and device for rotating-code addressing for plasma displays
6,395,344 Method for producing a magnesia based deposit
6,388,677 Addressing process for a plasma display based on repeating bits on one or more lines
6,370,275 Process and device for scanning a plasma panel
6,318,862 Projection system employing multiple beam reflections
6,312,143 Illumination device with light reshaping element for an optical valve
6,307,334 Television receiver with horizontal deflection circuit
6,266,415 Process for protecting an information item transmitted from a security element to a decoder
6,252,613 Matrix display addressing device
6,240,177 Communication device comprising an off-hook detection circuit
6,233,164 Protection circuit for a switched-mode power supply
6,215,427 Analog-digital conversion device comprising differential comparator
6,211,908 Television with kinescope blanking and spot burn protection
6,201,519 Process and device for addressing plasma panels
6,184,752 Amplifier device with digitally controllable gain and optical disc read apparatus incorporating such a device
6,148,107 Quantization process for video encoding
6,144,699 Device for estimating motion by block matching
6,133,698 Fractionated-rectification high-voltage transformer with grouped diodes
6,115,183 Lighting device
6,111,371 Switch control signal generator
6,091,883 Method for recording and reading on a large-capacity medium
6,091,818 Conditional access system using messages with multiple encryption keys
6,072,628 Optical polarisation device
6,067,060 Method for the control of an image display screen displaying half-tones and display device implementing the method
6,052,666 Vocal identification of devices in a home environment
6,052,166 LCD projector comprising light sensor and correction circuit
6,035,397 Process for data certification by scrambling
6,035,038 Conditional access system and smartcard allowing such access
6,034,654 Method for the control of an image display screen using the principle of the modulation of duration of light emission and display device implementing the method
6,023,550 Backlight system for transmissive electro optical modulator
6,023,294 Bit budget estimation method for variable word length encoders
6,023,267 Process for selecting programes, especially television programes and device and graphical interface implementing this process
6,021,200 System for the anonymous counting of information items for statistical purposes, especially in respect of operations in electronic voting or in periodic surveys of consumption
6,005,872 Method for synchronizing digital decoder and encoder clocks
6,002,212 Method and device for driving a radiation emitting device
5,995,154 Process for interpolating progressive frames
5,990,993 Display device having a backlighting system supplying collimated light
5,987,418 Synchronous decoding of packetized audio for different reproduction modes
5,978,883 Block interleaving and deinterleaving method and device therefor
5,970,071 Method for insertion of asynchronous data in a digital signal
5,963,525 Process for reading information
5,963,273 Circuit for carrying out digital Nyquist filtering of IF intermediate frequency signals
5,960,090 Process and device for wireless transmission
5,956,262 Digital filtering device
5,956,097 System for automatically controlling the tuning of television receiver receiving channels
5,953,458 Method and device for motion estimation
5,952,786 Auto deguassing from stand-by to on
5,949,398 Select line driver for a display matrix with toggling backplane
5,945,792 Sawtooth generator with gain control arrangement
5,940,144 Device for regulating the contrast of video images
5,933,545 Device for the decimation of digital data sequences
5,932,967 Plasma display panel
5,930,306 Device for correcting phase noise in a digital receiver
5,915,206 Procedure for the detection of SCART type connections in a home systems network
5,914,988 Digital packet data trellis decoder
5,914,574 Stray emission reduction circuit
5,905,535 Differential coding of motion vectors using the median of candidate vectors
5,903,451 SMPS with a variable frequency start up circuit
5,903,324 Transport processor interface for a digital television system
5,900,973 Optical polarization device and projection system of liquid crystal valve type utilizing such a device
5,900,972 Stereoscopic display system
5,898,580 Dc/dc converter with a protection circuit
5,892,487 Antenna system
5,889,890 Process for correction and estimation of movement in frames having periodic structures
5,877,824 System for illuminating a liquid-crystal screen
5,877,822 Method for storing digital channel tuning data, and circuit, television receiver and video cassette recorder implementing the method
5,870,500 Method for processing data in matrix arrays in a motion estimation system
5,870,476 Process for pledging data for a secure data exchange protocol
5,870,380 Method and apparatus for reception of signals from several transmitters wherein each transmitter is characterized by their output pulse train
5,864,557 Method and apparatus for opportunistically transferring data in a packet stream encoder
5,859,630 Bi-directional shift register
5,852,512 Private stereoscopic display using lenticular lens sheet
5,844,616 Method and apparatus for motion compensated interpolation
5,841,819 Viterbi decoder for digital packet signals
5,841,478 Code sequence detection in a trellis decoder
5,838,729 Multiple mode trellis decoder for digital signal processing system
5,835,591 Demultiplexing device
5,835,040 Digital processing circuit with gain control
5,833,339 Projection system improvement
5,831,689 Method of digitization of intermediate frequency video signals
5,828,788 System for processing data in variable segments and with variable data resolution
5,822,292 Multi beam track system and method for an optical memory
5,822,007 Method and apparatus for motion estimation using block matching
5,822,004 Adaptive quantification based on actual and predicted image data
5,818,741 Digital filtering system for signals
5,815,213 Video signal synchronization extraction device
5,812,225 Liquid crystal display screen
5,812,218 Device for generating transfer functions defined by intervals
5,812,077 Circuit for A/D conversion of a video RF or IF signal
5,805,230 Method for automatic programming of a tuner and device
5,796,446 Television receiver or video monitor of the back-projection type
5,793,123 Electronic device with two power supply modes
5,790,937 Method and apparatus for distribution of multi-media documents
5,790,305 Projection system comprising free form reflector and free form lens
5,781,986 Method of making a magnetic recording/reading head
5,781,139 Switched capacitor digital-to analog converter
5,777,910 Sparse equalization filter adaptive in two dimensions
5,774,095 Helical antenna system
5,773,758 Device for fitting and gripping of a flexible cable in a cylindrical orifice and high-voltage transformer equipped with this device
5,771,142 Multitrack magnetic write/read head arrangement with integral multiple head gap widths
5,768,468 Method for programming a broadcast receiver
5,764,771 Method for processing a digital signal in a so-called secure communication system and use of this method for access control and/or binary signature
5,764,614 Laser intensity gain control for detecting oscillation in the feedback circuit
5,764,461 Protection circuit for a switch mode power supply
5,764,275 Interactive television security through transaction time stamping
5,760,659 Microwave polariser
5,748,262 Method of digitization of intermediate frequency signals in particular television signals
5,742,608 Device for interfacing between communications media in a home systems network
5,737,124 Polarizing splitter device and application to a system for illuminating a liquid-crystal screen
5,734,413 Transaction based interactive television system
5,731,837 Quantization circuitry as for video signal compression systems
5,729,292 Optimizing performance in a packet slot priority packet transport system
5,717,615 Method for selecting motion vectors and image processing device implementing the said method
5,712,775 Startup protecting for a switch mode power supply
5,696,510 Double-input analog-to-digital converter using a single converter module
5,684,485 Multi-comparison analog-to-digital converters using the interpolation principle
5,678,451 Jog and shuttle controls for electronic or electrical devices
5,672,942 Sawtooth generator controlled in a gain control feedback loop
5,663,688 Method of enhancing the noise immunity of a phase-locked loop
5,646,478 Uniaxial tension focus mask for a color CRT with electrical connection means
5,638,113 Transaction based interactive television system
5,629,051 Method and apparatus for forming an insulator on a uniaxial tension focus mask of a color selection electrode
5,621,467 Temporal-spatial error concealment apparatus and method for video signal processors
5,621,463 Easily expandable transport stream encoder
5,610,661 Automatic image scanning format converter with seamless switching
5,574,505 Method and apparatus for operating a transport stream encoder to produce a stream of packets carrying data representing a plurality of component signals
5,530,484 Image scanning format converter suitable for a high definition television system
5,507,677 Apparatus for pre-stressing CRT tension mask material
D442,940 Radio
D425,065 Radio
D425,059 Digital answering machine
D424,564 Radio
D424,562 Clock radio
D393,865 Rear projector
D391,952 Video laser player
D388,077 Screen for a television set