Patent Number    Patent Title
6,327,027 Dye transfer apparatus and method for processing color motion picture film
6,095,453 Motion picture film platter system
6,094,257 Dye transfer apparatus for processing color motion picture film
6,002,470 Dye transfer apparatus for processing color motion picture film
5,737,417 Videotape anti-copying encryption scheme
5,625,570 Method for inserting individualized audio segments into prerecorded video media
5,476,191 Package dispensing apparatus
5,154,294 Videocassette tray
5,134,496 Bilateral anti-copying device for video systems
4,405,098 Extended play cassette
4,319,812 Audio-visual systems and methods
3,972,485 Endless-roll film cartridge
3,935,434 Printer control
3,778,542 Blue screen travelling matte system
3,761,607 Video monochrome to color conversion
3,756,714 Pinch roller assembly
3,744,084 Retractable handle for case
3,731,998 Remote focusing assembly
3,704,054 Folding mirror and screen assembly
3,698,806 Pan scan system
3,642,536 Capstan scraper
3,617,626 High-definition color picture editing and recording system
3,615,473 Diazo process of forming infrared absorbing record
3,597,064 Focusing assembly for projectors
3,591,272 Motion picture projector having cam apparatus enabling stop frame projection
3,580,665 Method for removing film from a film cartridge
3,568,943 Motion picture film cartridge
3,397,937 Stop-frame mechanism for a motion picture projector
3,396,021 Method of making wide screen motion pictures
3,329,370 Take-up reel
3,259,332 Endless strip winding device
3,254,557 Reading head having a plurality of groups of optically isolated transparent laminae
3,244,471 Film cartridge
3,206,757 Cartridge for motion picture projector
3,178,997 Image-processing system
3,165,969 Photographic production of anamorphous records
3,151,521 Method for preventing optical interference in image reproducing devices
3,139,789 Cartridge motion picture projector
3,133,814 Method of making colored pictures
3,095,475 Smoothing spatially discontinuous images
3,090,289 Color photographic printer
3,037,083 Bandwidth-reduction system
3,035,749 Toothed conveyor for cinematographic film and the like
3,035,121 Video bandwidth-saving system
3,017,456 Bandwidth reduction system for television signals
2,996,574 Transmission system
2,995,977 Projection printer
2,981,791 Printing timer for making color positives on film
2,977,866 Pitch compensating cinematographic printer
2,963,551 Bandwidth reduction system
2,961,483 Printing timer
2,958,828 High-speed staircase wave shape generator
2,958,258 Optical projection of beam controlled object fields
2,945,413 Optical beam linking systems
2,941,040 Bandwidth reduction system
2,930,691 Planographic dye-absorptive film and method of making same
2,927,857 Method of making colored pictures
2,924,816 Electronic counter
2,916,549 Spurious contour reduction system
2,897,259 Automatic print timer
2,870,704 Reduction of dye absorption in hardened gelatin relief matrices
2,865,245 Light dividing system
2,864,291 Contact printer
2,863,938 Printing timer
2,862,706 Cinematographic film brake
2,851,188 Film storage unit
2,842,049 Deacetylated chitin mordant
2,837,988 Automatically processing a sensitized film in successive steps
2,837,430 Method of making dyed relief records
2,832,840 Means for visually indicating editing position on film
2,829,194 Reproducing color television
2,821,774 Machine for inserting pins into a perforated ribbon
2,821,773 Machine for inserting pins into a perforated ribbon
2,821,455 Mordanting process and product
2,816,157 Magnetic tape-to-film photographic system
2,809,828 Cinematographic film processing
2,809,570 Optical system for relating color component images
2,804,799 Motion picture camera with shifting mechanism for viewfinding
2,783,678 Photographic contrast control system
2,776,335 Transmission of colored motion pictures
2,771,055 Apparatus for coating optical interference layers
2,767,649 Method of printing pictures by imbibition
2,758,235 Means and techniques for preventing keystone effects
2,754,718 Prism assembly and method of manufacture
2,749,792 Light dividing system
2,745,005 Cathode ray tube scanning circuit
2,740,712 Photographic printing with traveling mattes
2,740,317 Color selective optical interference coatings
2,737,076 Method of making optical prism
2,723,821 Adjustable support for optical device
2,719,805 Method for transferring a picture-carrying layer from one film to another
2,710,347 Interference reducing circuit
2,703,506 Light beam linking optical focusing system of the schmidt type
2,693,126 Traveling matte
2,682,478 Method of forming television screens
2,681,618 Pressure device for cinematographic films
2,679,800 Pressure roller mechanism for cinematographic films and other webs
2,676,116 Method of hardening the dye absorptive hydrophilic colloidal layer of a blank film and the product thereof
2,673,150 Masking of photographic color film
2,648,280 Method of prewetting in imbibition printing
2,629,838 Color television screen with correction for overplay
2,625,072 Apparatus and method for evaluation of photographic resolving power
2,622,220 Television color screen
2,618,338 Apparatus for marking a control record
2,607,845 Motion-picture photography and monitoring system for color television
2,602,387 Apparatus for spraying cinematographic film and a method for imbibition printing
2,595,136 Method of forming sensitive record track on cinematographic film
2,586,378 Combination color photography method
2,586,286 Film registering and printing apparatus
2,583,076 Imbibition printing using disazo dye
2,582,964 Photoelectric sound reproduction
2,580,422 System of composite photography
2,577,332 Imbibition printing
2,573,405 Cinematographic light control apparatus
2,572,001 Method and apparatus for transferring picture layers from one film base to another
2,569,755 Method and apparatus for striping film
2,569,228 Deviation detector apparatus for film registration
2,567,005 Aligning stage for instruments
2,561,497 Cinematographic apparatus
2,553,841 Cinematographic apparatus
2,551,329 Film treating apparatus
2,544,258 Method and means for forming film
2,544,257 Cinematography
2,543,706 Method of counteracting average density fluctuation in motion pictures
2,535,370 Cinematographic matte printing
2,526,995 Imbibition printing
2,523,843 Photographic light-sensitive element and method of using it
2,511,462 Light-sensitive photographic element having a fluorescent layer and method of using the same
2,495,821 Cinematographic sound-track printing
2,491,229 Antioscillation mount
2,484,871 Device for registration of superimposed films
2,479,221 Lamp filament mount
2,457,319 Cinematographic dye printing
2,453,031 Cinematographic apparatus
2,448,691 Cinematographic method and apparatus
2,444,786 Cinematographic optical printer having a toothed register belt
2,444,785 Continuous drum printer for motion pictures
2,437,361 Film registering apparatus
2,415,442 Film stripping
2,413,468 Color correction of color pictures
2,387,914 Imbibition printing
2,387,881 Film exposing apparatus
2,382,580 Optical adjustment
2,373,024 Gunnery
2,369,176 Cinematographic film registration
2,366,267 Photographic printing
2,363,689 Photographic printing
2,357,924 Color photography
2002018196 Dye transfer apparatus and method for processing color motion picture film
AU9474498 Dye transfer apparatus for processing color motion picture film
AU6564801 Improvement in apparatuses for developing films, particularly movie films
AU0736522 Dye transfer apparatus and method for processing color motion picture film
CA2302733 Dye transfer apparatus and method for processing color motion picture film
CN1278335T Dye transfer apparatus for processing color motion picture film
EP1186954 Apparatuses for developing films, particularly movie films
EP1012668 Dye transfer apparatus for processing color motion picture film
GB1032522 Improvements in cinematography
GB1032521 Improvements in cinematography
GB1030133 Improvements in sound or data recording and reproducing apparatus andto combined sound recording apparatus and kinematograph
GB1027629 Improvements in the storage and utilization of endless strips
GB1027628 Improvements in combined cinematograph cameras or projectors and sound recording or reproducing equipment
GB1002954 Improvements in measuring apparatus
GB0973443 Motion picture projector and film cartridge
GB0973442 Motion picture projector
GB0946339 Improvements in measuring apparatus
GB0945432 Improvements in composite photography
GB0942237 Improvements in the production of multicolor photographic pictures
GB0922515 Improvements in color television
GB0920310 Improvements in increasing fine detail contrast in photographic images
GB0897552 Improvements in photographic gelatine relief images and their modification
GB0889868 Improvements in pitch-compensating cinematographic printers
GB0886439 Improvements in reproduction or visible presentation ofspatially discontinuous real images
GB0885893 Improvements in the reproduction of photographic or similar images
GB0866444 Improvements in photographic printing with specular light
GB0858396 Improvements in projection printing for cinematograph films
GB0855438 Improvements in the production of images in prussian blue
GB0854026 Bandwidth reduction systems
GB0849682 Bandwidth reduction system
GB0839830 Improvements in methods of making photographic relief matrixes
GB0814860 Producing multi color still and motion pictures from monochromes
GB0802313 Improvements in toothed conveyors for cinematographic film
GB0792968 Improvements in image translating system
GB0792442 Cinematographic film brake
GB0790850 Improvements in producing anamorphous images of objects or scenes
GB0787050 Improvements in scanning circuit
GB0786249 Manipulating cinematograph films for printing or processing
GB0785873 Improvements in dyed photographic relief records
GB0783404 Improvements in the production of photographic dye images
GB0781138 Improvements in motion picture cameras
GB0779621 Improvements in the mordanting of photographic films
GB0773217 Optical projection or beam controlled object fields
GB0768036 Improvements in optical beam splitting or combining systems
GB0766443 Improvements in device for locating recorded information on a recording medium
GB0759063 Improvements in optical systems for relating colour component images
GB0756696 Improvements in the recording of colour television images
GB0754590 Improvements in optical prism assemblies
GB0751044 Improvements in multiple image motion picture projection systems
GB0750103 Improvements in transmission of colored motion pictures
GB0749877 Improvements in transmission of colored records
GB0748201 Improvements in recording and reproducing color television
GB0733845 Improvements in optical systems for splitting or combining image-bearing beams
GB0733780 Improvements in optical systems for splitting a single light beam into two or more corresponding beams or combining units one
GB0731909 Improvements in apparatus for forming coatings by evaporation and condensation of the coating material
GB0731865 Improvements in optical interference layers
GB0728349 Improvements in pressure devices for cinematographic films and like moving webs
GB0726218 Improvements in imbibition printing of cinematograph film
GB0725993 Improvements in pressure roller mechanism for cinematographic films and other webs
GB0724908 Improvements in optical devices for dividing a beam of light or for combining a plurality of beams
GB0716332 Optical beam splitting or combining systems
GB0714955 Improvements in light dividing systems
GB0711814 Improvements in beam-splitting or beam-combining devices using optical interference coatings
GB0706732 Improvements in photo-electric tubes
GB0701023 Improvements in cinematographic film registering device and the method of making it
GB0694933 Kinematograph film registering apparatus
GB0693889 Improvements in composite photography
GB0693823 Improvements in composite photography
GB0686974 Method for transferring a picture-carrying layer from one cinematograph film to another
GB0676952 Improvements in imbibition printing of ccinematograph film
GB0674345 Improvements in methods of and apparatus for registering similarly perforated strips such as kinematograph films
GB0671564 Apparatus for spraying cinematographic film with a liquid
GB0664597 Improvements in the hardening of dye-absorptive hydrophilic colloidallayers
GB0660742 Improvements in applying a stripe of coating liquid to a film
GB0658329 Improvements in printing motion picture films
GB0649568 Improvements in composite kinematography
GB0649522 Improvements in composite kinematography
GB0649521 Improvements in composite kinematography
GB0649520 Improvements in composite kinematography
GB0649517 Improvements in composite kinematography
GB0649515 Improvements in composite kinematography
GB0637177 Method for applying a stripe of coating or treating liquid to a film
GB0637176 Method for applying a stripe of coating or treating liquid to a film
GB0637175 Improvements in applying a stripe of coating or treating liquid to a film
GB0628847 Photographic material and method
GB0628760 Improvements in disazo dyes
GB0626319 Improvements in photographic material and method
GB0616179 Improvements in projection printing
GB0616178 Improvements in projection printer
GB0616176 Improvements in cinematographic apparatus
GB0616168 Apparatus for treating cinematograph film
GB0612370 Improvements in cinematographic sound-track printing
GB0607792 Dis-azo dyes
GB0604256 Sound-tracks and photographic method of making
GB0603111 Improvements in imbibition printing
GB0601867 Improvements in the manufacture of cinematograph films
GB0600681 Improvements in the manufacture of cinematograph films
GB0599710 Improvements in cinematographic apparatus
GB0598280 Improvements in anti-oscillation mounts
GB0585745 Improvements in cinematographic film registering apparatus
GB0584534 Continuous strip handling reel
GB0569426 Improvements in the production of kinematograph films
GB0565838 Improvements in the transfer of cinematograph picture-carrying layersfrom one film base to another
GB0565836 Improvements in cinematographic film registration
GB0565385 Improvements in the production of cinematograph colour films
GB0565384 Color-correction of color photographs
GB0564611 Improvements in reversible magazine cinematographic apparatus
GB0564532 Improvements in the taking of photographs of a scene against an illuminated background
GB0563834 Imbibition printing
GB0563737 Improvements in cinematograph film printing apparatus
GB0562120 Improvements in control apparatus for cinematographic machines
GB0561822 Machine for inserting pins in belts
GB0556631 Improvements in picture and sound cinematography
GB0553197 Improvements in composite kinematography
GB0552008 Improvements relating to the manufacture of light-dividing optical systems
GB0551930 Improvements in cinematographic printing apparatus
GB0550688 Color photography
GB0549544 Improvements in composite colour photography
GB0549141 Improvements in the reproduction of photographic multicolour records
GB0547216 Improvements in making photographic silhouette records
GB0546667 Improvements in the production of composite photographic prints
GB0545701 Cinematographic film printing apparatus
GB0545207 Improvements in cinematographic film registration
GB0544749 Improvements in cinematograph film couplings
GB0544181 Improvements in and relating to cinematograph films
GB0543129 Improvement in cinematographic film feeding apparatus
GB0543113 Cinematographic film printing apparatus
GB0540296 Improvements relating to treatments for renovating or preventing shrinkage of films and other articles of cellulose derivatives and the like
GB0539228 Color photography
GB0538744 Photographic view finder
GB0538628 Improvements in composite color photography
GB0538080 View finder control for photographic cameras
GB0537928 Improvements in the treatment of photographic films
GB0537802 Improvements in cinematographic apparatus
GB0537800 Improvements in cinematograph projection
GB0536465 Light control by polarisation
GB0536464 Resetting apparatus, more particularly for use in printing motion pictures
GB0536463 Cinematographic film printing apparatus
GB0536396 Improvements in optically projected pictures
GB0536356 Improvements in cinematographic apparatus
GB0534561 Improvements in portable light meters
GB0534128 Illuminating system for optical projection apparatus
GB0528544 Method of and apparatus for producing motion pictures with cinematographic film of the etched relief type
GB0492673 Improvements in optical systems
GB0484411 Improvements in the production of film blanks for imbibition printing
GB0480173 Improvements in kinematographic apparatus
GB0475808 Light dividing device
GB0410733 Improvements in reliefs for photography
GB0398339 Improvements in cinematographic cameras
GB0392785 Improvements in photographic reliefs
GB0382320 Improvement in differential treatment of photographic images in different depths of an emulsion
GB0382239 Improvements in multi-color photography
GB0377033 Improvements in methods for producing dye-impression printing surfaces
GB0374849 Improvements in colour photography
GB0373429 Improvements in multi-color photography
GB0370933 Improvements in damping devices
GB0370908 Improvements in color photography
GB0360274 Improvements in color photography
GB0356243 Improved manufacture of gelatin films for imbibitionprinting
GB0353962 Improvements in feeding apparatus for kinematograph film
GB0350856 Color cinematographic method and apparatus
GB0350320 Improvements relating to optical systems
GB0350112 Plural image optical system
GB0349318 Improvements in the production of color-record cinematograph films
GB0347946 Improvements in photographic apparatus
GB0344026 Improvements relating to combined sound and picture record films
GB0343369 Improvements in the reproduction of images from lenticulated films
GB0327633 Improvements in photographic film printers
GB0322173 Improvements in cleaning gelatinous surfaces
GB0319924 Improvements in imbibition printing for kinematograph films
GB0307659 Improvements in apparatus for printing kinematograph and like films
GB0300818 Improvements in cinematographic apparatus
GB0288146 The production of hardened gelatine layers, more especially for imbibition printing
GB0264369 Improvements in color cinematography
GB0263650 Improvements in photography
GB0263331 Improvements in photography
GB0241052 Improvements in the development and finishing of photographic film strips
GB0238445 Improvements in registering and cementing cinematographic strips or films
GB0211918 Improvements in liquid treatment of cinematograph films
GB0209404 Improvements in the production of cinematographic films
GB0194971 Improvements in cinematograph films
GB0188329 Improvements in color cinematographic films
IE17470L Composite cinematography
IE11232L Photography