COMPANIES - MICROSOFT (partial list)

Patent Number    Patent Title
6,437,823 Method and system for calibrating digital cameras
6,437,782 Method for rendering shadows with blended transparency without producing visual artifacts in real time applications
6,433,266 Playing multiple concurrent instances of musical segments
6,429,849 Haptic feedback joystick
6,426,750 Run-time geomorphs
6,426,747 Optimization of mesh locality for transparent vertex caching
6,417,860 Method and system for providing texture using a selected portion of a texture map
6,417,858 Processor for geometry transformations and lighting calculations
6,400,851 Rotating image data
6,396,505 Methods and apparatus for detecting and reducing color errors in images
6,396,500 Method and system for generating and displaying a slide show with animations and transitions in a browser
6,396,494 Method for virtual clipping a three-dimensional graphics image
6,388,668 Functional animation including sprite tree generator and interpreter
6,388,665 Software platform having a real world interface with animated characters
6,377,917 System and methodology for prosody modification
6,377,272 Method and apparatus for dynamically changing the color depth of objects displayed in a computer system
6,377,270 Method and system for transforming color coordinates by direct calculation
6,377,262 Rendering sub-pixel precision characters having widths compatible with pixel precision characters
6,373,499 Automated emphasizing of an object in a digital photograph
6,369,835 Method for generating movie file from slide show presentation
6,369,821 Method and system for synchronizing scripted animations
6,369,814 Transformation pipeline for computing distortion correction geometry for any design eye point, display surface geometry, and projector position
6,362,820 Quadric metric for simplifying meshes with appearance attributes
6,362,819 Texture tessellation for three-dimensional models
6,353,172 Music event timing and delivery in a non-realtime environment
6,348,918 Stereo reconstruction employing a layered approach
6,345,386 Method and system for advertising applications
6,342,896 Methods and apparatus for efficiently implementing and modifying foreground and background color selections
6,342,890 Methods, apparatus, and data structures for accessing sub-pixel data having left side bearing information
6,339,432 Using alpha values to control pixel blending
6,330,670 Digital rights management operating system
6,330,003 Transformable graphical regions
6,327,652 Loading and identifying a digital rights management operating system
6,321,243 Laying out a paragraph by defining all the characters as a single text run by substituting, and then positioning the glyphs
6,320,978 Stereo reconstruction employing a layered approach and layer refinement techniques
6,317,885 Interactive entertainment and information system using television set-top box
6,311,142 Methods for designing pop-up cards
6,304,857 Distributed electronic billing system with gateway interfacing biller and service center
6,301,382 Extracting a matte of a foreground object from multiple backgrounds by triangulation
6,288,726 Method for rendering glyphs using a layout services library
6,278,448 Composite Web page built from any web content
6,278,434 Non-square scaling of image data to be mapped to pixel sub-components
6,275,829 Representing a graphic image on a web page with a thumbnail-sized image
6,271,858 Incremental update for dynamic/animated textures on three-dimensional models
6,271,855 Interactive construction of 3D models from panoramic images employing hard and soft constraint characterization and decomposing techniques
6,271,847 Inverse texture mapping using weighted pyramid blending and view-dependent weight maps
6,266,054 Automated removal of narrow, elongated distortions from a digital image
6,262,776 Method for maintaining synchronization between audio and video
6,253,182 Method for speech synthesis with efficient spectral smoothing
6,252,608 Method for improving shadowing in a graphics rendering system
6,246,412 Interactive construction and refinement of 3D models from multiple panoramic images
6,243,468 Software anti-piracy system that adapts to hardware upgrades
6,243,070 Method and apparatus for detecting and reducing color artifacts in images
6,240,555 Interactive entertainment system for presenting supplemental interactive content together with continuous video programs
6,239,783 Weighted mapping of image data samples to pixel sub-components on a display device
6,236,750 System and method for varying the color of reflective objects in digitized images
6,234,802 Virtual challenge system and method for teaching a language
6,232,976 Optimizing dynamic/animating textures for use in three-dimensional models
6,232,966 Method and system for generating comic panels
6,230,173 Method for creating structured documents in a publishing system
6,226,747 Method for preventing software piracy during installation from a read only storage medium
6,225,973 Mapping samples of foreground/background color image data to pixel sub-components
6,223,292 Authorization systems, methods, and computer program products
6,222,937 Method and system for tracking vantage points from which pictures of an object have been taken
6,219,025 Mapping image data samples to pixel sub-components on a striped display device
6,215,496 Sprites with depth
6,212,502 Modeling and projecting emotion and personality from a computer user interface
6,201,549 System and method for drawing and painting with bitmap brushes
6,199,030 Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
6,198,852 View synthesis from plural images using a trifocal tensor data structure in a multi-view parallax geometry
6,195,626 Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time simulation
6,189,146 System and method for software licensing
6,185,534 Modeling emotion and personality in a computer user interface
6,184,891 Fog simulation for partially transparent objects
6,181,351 Synchronizing the moveable mouths of animated characters with recorded speech
6,179,618 Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
6,173,406 Authentication systems, methods, and computer program products
6,173,404 Software object security mechanism
6,169,242 Track-based music performance architecture
6,163,769 Text-to-speech using clustered context-dependent phoneme-based units
6,160,923 User directed dust and compact anomaly remover from digital images
6,157,747 3-dimensional image rotation method and apparatus for producing image mosaics
6,153,821 Supporting arbitrary beat patterns in chord-based note sequence generation
6,150,599 Dynamically halting music event streams and flushing associated command queues
6,148,149 Automatic image rotation in digital cameras
6,137,491 Method and apparatus for reconstructing geometry using geometrically constrained structure from motion with points on planes
6,121,981 Method and system for generating arbitrary-shaped animation in the user interface of a computer
6,110,215 Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
6,102,796 System and method for composing an image with fragments
6,097,854 Image mosaic construction system and apparatus with patch-based alignment, global block adjustment and pair-wise motion-based local warping
6,093,881 Automatic note inversions in sequences having melodic runs
6,088,711 Method and system for defining and applying a style to a paragraph
6,084,592 Interactive construction of 3D models from panoramic images
6,084,582 Method for recording a voice narration to accompany a slide show
6,072,496 Method and system for capturing and representing 3D geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
6,072,480 Method and apparatus for controlling composition and performance of soundtracks to accompany a slide show
6,069,622 Method and system for generating comic panels
6,067,095 Method for generating mouth features of an animated or physical character
6,064,383 Method for selecting an emotional appearance and prosody for a graphical character
6,055,314 Method for secure purchase and delivery of video content programs
6,044,181 Focal length estimation method and apparatus for construction of panoramic mosaic images
6,044,089 System and method for scaleable audio transmission over a network
6,040,841 Method and system for virtual cinematography
6,028,955 Determining a vantage point of an image
6,023,523 Method and system for digital plenoptic imaging
6,021,412 Method for adding graphics to a document to illustrate concepts referred to therein
6,018,349 Patch-based alignment method for construction of image mosaics
6,012,073 Method and system for displaying original documents and translations thereof (Corbis)
6,009,190 Texture map construction for displaying panoramic image mosaics
6,009,188 Method for digital plenoptic imaging
6,005,582 Method for texture mapping images with anisotropic filtering
5,999,914 Electronic promotion system for an electronic merchant system
5,987,415 Modeling a user's emotion and personality in a user interface
5,987,164 Block adjustment method for construction of image mosaics
5,986,668 Deghosting method and apparatus for construction of image mosaics
5,983,190 Client server animation system for managing interactive user interface characters
5,982,381 Method and apparatus for modifying a cutout image for compositing
5,977,977 Method and system for multi-pass rendering
5,966,140 Method for creating progressive simplicial complexes
5,966,133 Geomorphs and variable resolution control of progressive meshes
5,945,987 Interactive entertainment network system and method for providing short sets of preview video trailers
5,944,605 System and method for composing an image with fragments which conform to the size and shape of a grid
5,929,860 Mesh simplification and construction of progressive meshes
5,925,127 Method and system for monitoring the use of rented software
5,913,193 Method and system of runtime acoustic unit selection for speech synthesis
5,905,972 Prosodic databases holding fundamental frequency templates for use in speech synthesis
5,902,947 System and method for arranging and invoking music event processors
5,900,905 System and method for linking video, services and applications in an interactive television system
5,900,567 System and method for enhancing musical performances in computer based musical devices
5,900,004 Method and system for interactive formatting of word processing documents with deferred rule evaluation and format editing
5,898,819 System for black and white printing of colored pages
5,897,622 Electronic shopping and merchandising system
5,893,077 Method and apparatus for generating and collecting a billing event object within an on-line network
5,880,731 Use of avatars with automatic gesturing and bounded interaction in on-line chat session
5,878,141 Computerized purchasing system and method for mediating purchase transactions over an interactive network
5,873,660 Morphological search and replace
5,870,097 Method and system for improving shadowing in a graphics rendering system
5,867,175 Method and apparatus for scripting animation
5,867,166 Method and system for generating images using Gsprites
5,861,906 Interactive entertainment network system and method for customizing operation thereof according to viewer preferences
5,835,086 Method and apparatus for digital painting
5,827,989 System and method for representing a musical event and for converting the musical event into a series of discrete events
5,825,363 Method and apparatus for determining visible surfaces
5,819,032 Electronic magazine which is distributed electronically from a publisher to multiple subscribers
5,815,145 System and method for displaying a program guide for an interactive televideo system
5,812,136 System and method for fast rendering of a three dimensional graphical object
5,808,617 Method and system for depth complexity reduction in a graphics rendering system
5,790,677 System and method for secure electronic commerce transactions
5,777,254 System and method for controlling note inversions during computer based musical performances
5,774,172 Interactive graphics overlay on video images for entertainment
5,753,843 System and process for composing musical sections
5,751,282 System and method for calling video on demand using an electronic programming guide
5,731,844 Television scheduling system for displaying a grid representing scheduled layout and selecting a programming parameter for display or recording
5,724,074 Method and system for graphically programming mobile toys
5,721,788 Method and system for digital image signatures (Corbis)
5,717,845 Method and apparatus for transferring a brush pattern to a destination bitmap
5,697,829 Programmable toy
5,682,469 Software platform having a real world interface with animated characters
5,657,072 Interactive entertainment network system and method for providing program listings during non-peak times
5,656,907 Method and system for programming toys
5,654,748 Interactive program identification system
5,630,119 System and method for displaying program listings in an interactive electronic program guide
5,616,876 System and methods for selecting music on the basis of subjective content
5,600,368 Interactive television system and method for viewer control of multiple camera viewpoints in broadcast programming
5,588,100 Method and system for creating a freeform drawing object
5,463,471 Method and system of color halftone reproduction
5,455,600 Method and apparatus for mapping colors in an image through dithering and diffusion
5,398,120 Ordered dither image rendering with non-linear luminance distribution palette
5,394,518 Luminance sensitive palette
5,363,479 System and method for rendering bezier splines
5,357,603 Method and system for changing a shape type while maintaining existing graphic characteristics
5,341,464 Luminance emphasized color image rendering
D449,657 Toy with support stand
D449,353 Toy
D449,352 Portion of a toy
D449,351 Stand for a toy
D442,622 Type font
D442,621 Type font
D442,620 Type font
D442,575 Headset
D442,213 Type font
D438,558 Type font
D437,342 Type font
D435,258 Set of icons for a computer screen
D434,422 Icon for a computer screen
D434,421 Icon for a computer screen
D434,420 Set of icons for a computer screen