COMPANIES - INTEL (partial list)

Patent Number    Patent Title
6,460,108 Low cost data streaming mechanism
6,459,452 Method and apparatus for decoding digital video sequences
6,459,434 Apparatus and method for progressively rendered procedural textures
6,456,978 Recording information in response to spoken requests
6,452,974 Synchronization of related audio and video streams
6,449,380 Method of integrating a watermark into a compressed image
6,448,485 Method and system for embedding audio titles
6,441,825 Video token tracking system for animation
6,441,816 Modeling and rendering complex surfaces using local height maps
6,437,785 Method of conveying a relationship between objects in a scene
6,433,774 Virtualization of interactive computer input
6,421,097 Method for reducing flicker in a video image sequence
6,407,762 Camera-based interface to a virtual reality application
6,400,370 Stochastic sampling with constant density in object space for anisotropic texture mapping
6,392,699 Integrated color interpolation and color space conversion algorithm from 8-bit bayer pattern RGB color space to 12-bit YCrCb color space
6,392,652 Method and apparatus for delivering animation over the internet
6,389,412 Method and system for constructing integrated metadata
6,389,149 Method to improve video processing in a computer system
6,384,838 Optimized lookup table method for converting YUV pixel values to RGB pixel values
6,384,820 Method for automated dynamics of three-dimensional graphics scenes for enhanced 3D visualization
6,377,256 Assisted camera orientation and positioning during object manipulation in a three-dimensional scene
6,372,974 Method and apparatus for sharing music content between devices
6,366,694 Integrated color interpolation and color space conversion algorithm from 8-bit Bayer pattern RGB color space to 24-bit CIE XYZ color space
6,366,692 Median computation-based integrated color interpolation and color space conversion methodology from 8-bit bayer pattern RGB color space to 24-bit CIE XYZ color space
6,366,282 Method and apparatus for morphing objects by subdividing and mapping portions of the objects
6,356,276 Median computation-based integrated color interpolation and color space conversion methodology from 8-bit bayer pattern RGB color space to 12-bit YCrCb color space
6,354,748 Playing audio files at high priority
6,351,282 Method for taking digital pictures with an industry standard film camera
6,349,410 Integrating broadcast television pause and web browsing
6,330,718 Consumption distance based customized rendering of entertainment programming
6,330,372 Compression edge adaptive video and image sharpening and scaling
6,327,233 Method for reporting programming selections from compact disk players
6,323,870 Texture alpha discrimination method for selective texture modulation in a real time graphics pipeline
6,304,284 Method for creating panoramic or surround images using a motion sensor equipped camera
6,295,370 Blocky picture template generator
6,295,085 Method for eliminating flicker effects from discharge lamps during digital video capture
6,282,650 Secure public digital watermark
6,282,534 Reverse content indexing
6,281,876 Method for text image stretching
6,271,854 Method for facilitating navigation in three-dimensional graphic scenes
6,269,122 Synchronization of related audio and video streams
6,259,470 Image capture system having virtual camera
6,246,805 Efficient beveling of extruded regions in video processing
6,236,401 Model animation using turbulence
6,226,444 Method for recording program data without commercials
6,226,015 Method of producing sketches and cartoon images from movies
6,205,255 Method for run-length encoding of multi-colored images
6,198,511 Identifying patterns in closed caption script
6,195,455 Imaging device orientation information through analysis of test images
6,185,152 Spatial sound steering system
6,182,031 Scalable audio coding system
6,178,392 Method for combining models of two surfaces in 3-D space
6,175,626 Digital certificates containing multimedia data extensions
6,157,377 Method for purchasing upgraded media features for programming transmissions
6,151,030 Method of creating transparent graphics
6,147,671 Temporally dissolved dithering
6,133,943 Method and apparatus for producing a composite image
6,106,395 Adaptive gaming behavior based on player profiling
6,091,400 Pixel conversion between different color depths
6,069,972 Global white point detection and white balance for color images
6,067,126 Method for editing a video recording with audio selections
6,064,854 Computer interactive entertainment/educational character goods
6,064,739 System and method for copy-protecting distributed video content
6,064,438 Video indexing protocol
6,055,274 Method and apparatus for compressing multi-view video
6,051,344 Multiple reduction photolithography technique
6,031,584 Method for reducing digital video frame frequency while maintaining temporal smoothness
6,018,348 Method for visibility culling
6,009,206 Companding algorithm to transform image to lower bit resolution
6,008,802 Method for performing a function based on the reception of information corresponding to broadcast data
5,977,471 MIDI localization alone and in conjunction with three dimensional audio rendering
5,963,215 Three-dimensional browsing of multiple video sources
5,949,877 Content protection for transmission systems
5,949,472 Method for tuning channels for CATV and television applications
5,933,805 Retaining prosody during speech analysis for later playback
5,926,400 Method for determining the intensity of a sound in a virtual world
5,915,237 Representing speech using MIDI
5,915,044 Encoding video images using foreground/background segmentation
5,915,018 Key management system for DVD copyright management
5,914,749 Magenta-white-yellow (MWY) color system for digital image sensor applications
5,911,129 Audio font used for capture and rendering
5,890,162 Remote streaming of semantics for varied multimedia output
5,880,734 Peripheral vision simulator for immersive 3D virtual environments
5,864,790 Method for enhancing 3-D localization of speech
5,844,541 Generating a full-resolution image from sub-sampled image signals
5,831,604 Alpha blending palettized image data
5,825,879 Method for copy-protecting distributed video content
5,812,126 Method for masquerading online
5,809,247 Method for guided touring of internet/intranet websites
5,784,099 Video camera and method for generating time varying video images in response to a capture signal
5,768,607 Method for freehand annotation and drawings incorporating sound and for compressing and synchronizing sound
5,765,164 Method for management of discontinuous segments of multiple audio, video, and data streams
5,752,238 Consumer-driven electronic information pricing mechanism
5,699,458 Efficient browsing of encoded images
5,696,965 Electronic information appraisal agent
5,608,651 Method for scheduling and mixing media in a multi-media environment
5,592,547 Processing audio signals using a discrete state machine
5,485,611 Video database indexing and method of presenting video database index to a user
D461,787 Portable MP3 music player
D460,432 Portable MP3 music player
D458,241 Digital audio player charging station
D445,817 Handheld still/video camera
D437,593 Internet tablet
D402,676 Digital camera
D390,214 Computer screen with icon
D389,501 Digital camera