COMPANIES - IBM (partial list)

Patent Number    Patent Title
6,470,353 Object-oriented framework for managing access control in a multimedia database
6,470,051 MPEG video decoder with integrated scaling and display functions
6,469,712 Projected audio for computer displays
6,469,706 Method for detecting regions belonging to a specified color surface in an unsegmented image
6,466,970 Collecting and analyzing information about content requested in a network environment
6,459,797 Audio mixer
6,456,307 Automatic icon generation
6,455,835 Method for acquiring accurate object silhouettes for shape recovery
6,453,280 Electronic dictionary capable of identifying idioms
6,453,052 Method for hair style simulation
6,452,875 Multimedia search and indexing for selection of scenes and/or sounds recorded in a media for replay by setting audio clip levels for frequency ranges of interest in the media
6,452,593 Method for rendering a virtual three-dimensional graphical display
6,449,627 Volume management method for a compilation of content
6,448,980 Personalizing rich media presentations based on user response to the presentation
6,437,788 Synchronizing graphics texture management using threads
6,434,520 Method for indexing and querying audio archives
6,426,757 Method for providing pseudo-3D rendering for virtual reality computer user interfaces
6,425,127 Method for controlling visual access by a user to broadcast video segments
6,421,524 Personalized electronic talking book
6,418,421 Multimedia player for an electronic content delivery system
6,415,261 Method for managing a frequent shopper program at an e-commerce site and an in-store site
6,415,249 Method for using machine translation with content language specification
6,414,914 Multimedia search and indexing for automatic selection of scenes and/or sounds recorded in a media for replay using audio cues
6,412,111 Method for implementing programmable distribution of information by a video server
6,408,293 Interactive framework for understanding user's perception of multimedia data
6,396,594 Method for providing flexible and secure administrator-controlled watermarks
6,396,515 Method for dynamic language switching in user interface menus, help text, and dialogs
6,385,586 Speech recognition text-based language conversion and text-to-speech in a client-server configuration to enable language translation devices
6,384,821 Method for delivering 3D graphics in a networked environment using transparent video
6,380,952 Continuous display and navigation in a virtual-reality world
6,377,519 Multimedia search and indexing for selection of scenes and/or sounds recorded in a media for replay
6,377,257 Methods for delivering 3D graphics in a networked environment
6,370,497 Natural language transformations for propagating hypertext label changes
6,366,885 Speech driven lip synthesis using viseme based Hidden Markov Models
6,356,898 Method for summarizing topics of documents browsed by a user
6,356,664 Selective reduction of video data using variable sampling rates based on importance within the image
6,356,297 Method and apparatus for displaying panoramas with streaming video
6,356,291 Method and apparatus for providing print quality enhancement
6,349,276 Multilingual information retrieval with a transfer corpus
6,345,256 Automated method and apparatus to package digital content for electronic distribution using the identity of the source content
6,343,270 Method for increasing dialect precision and usability in speech recognition and text-to-speech systems
6,339,755 Method, system and data structure for splitting language and locale properties in a data processing system
6,339,438 Scroll bar with integrated advertisement
6,338,818 Aroma sensory stimulation in multimedia
6,337,688 Method for constructing a virtual reality environment from spatially related recorded images
6,336,098 Method for electronic distribution and redemption of coupons on the world wide web
6,334,109 Distributed personalized advertisement system and method
6,334,101 Method for dynamic delivery of human language translations during software operation
6,332,127 Method for providing time and location specific advertising via the Internet
6,324,566 Internet advertising via bookmark set based on client specific information
6,324,500 Method for the international support of Internet web pages
6,317,795 Dynamic modification of multimedia content
6,317,782 Method for detecting actual viewing of electronic advertisements and transmitting the detected information
6,317,164 System for creating multiple scaled videos from encoded video sources
6,311,161 System and method for merging multiple audio streams
6,311,151 Method for performing contextual software translations
6,310,839 Multimedia search and indexing for automatic selection of scenes in a media by analyzing frequency ranges
6,308,327 Method for integrated real-time interactive content insertion and monitoring in E-commerce enabled interactive digital TV
6,307,559 Method for color space conversion, clipping, and scaling of an image during blitting
6,298,091 Method to play audio and video clips through MPEG decoders
6,295,559 Rating hypermedia for objectionable content
6,286,100 Method for hiding message data into media data and a method for extracting that hidden data
6,286,028 Method and apparatus for conducting electronic commerce
6,285,978 Estimating accuracy of an automatic natural language translation
6,282,653 Royalty collection method and system for use of copyrighted digital materials on the Internet
6,281,984 Method for converting an externally defined four dimensional colorant (CMYK) into an equivalent four dimensional colorant defined in terms of the four inks (C'M'Y'K') that are associated with a given printer
6,279,036 Method for detecting actual viewing or electronic advertisements
6,275,854 Method for detecting actual viewing of electronic advertisements
6,275,142 Interactive enhancement for printed books
6,271,843 Methods for transporting users in three dimensional virtual reality worlds using transportation vehicles
6,261,229 Method for gathering and analyzing psychophysics data
6,252,968 Acoustic quality enhancement via feedback and equalization for mobile multimedia systems
6,249,773 Electronic commerce with shopping list builder
6,246,777 Compression-tolerant watermarking scheme for image authentication
6,241,944 Aroma sensory stimulation in multimedia
6,236,727 Method for protecting copyright data within a computer system
6,229,524 User interface for interaction with video
6,226,618 Electronic content delivery system
6,226,030 Automated and selective distribution of video broadcasts
6,226,001 Viewer interactive object with multiple selectable face views in virtual three-dimensional workplace
6,225,546 Method for music summarization and creation of audio summaries
6,223,178 Subscription and Internet advertising via searched and updated bookmark sets
6,222,932 Adjustment of image watermark strength based on computed image texture
6,219,837 Summary frames in video
6,219,788 Watchdog for trusted electronic content distributions
6,219,632 System for the facilitation of supporting multiple concurrent languages through the use of semantic knowledge representation
6,191,349 Musical instrument digital interface MIDI with speech capability
6,188,983 Method for dynamically altering text-to-speech (TTS) attributes of a TTS engine not inherently capable of dynamic attribute alteration
6,184,895 Method for using color information to create special effects
6,184,881 Color and symbol coded visual cues for relating screen menu to executed process
6,184,877 System for interactively accessing program information on a television
6,182,069 Video query system and method
6,182,044 Methods for analyzing and critiquing a vocal performance
6,182,027 Translation method and system
6,181,835 Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement using an anamorphically scaled intermediate bitmap