Patent Number    Patent Title
6,591,068 Method and apparatus for automatic image capture
6,530,662 System and method for enhancing the realism of a displayed image
6,377,888 System for controlling movement of a vehicle
6,354,954 Amusement apparatus and method
6,309,306 Interactive entertainment attraction using telepresence vehicles
6,307,952 Apparatus for detecting guest interactions and method therefore
6,301,044 Apparel color and image effect system
6,268,865 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional painting
6,227,120 Simulated dragster ride
6,173,209 Method and system for managing attraction admission
6,128,132 Method and apparatus for generating an autostereo image
6,122,571 Positive-feedback go/no-go communication system
6,108,142 System for displaying a phosphorescent image
6,076,638 Special effects elevator
6,028,936 Method and apparatus for authenticating recorded media
6,007,338 Roller coaster simulator
6,005,597 Method and apparatus for program selection
5,992,757 Spherical fountain
5,989,126 Water raft amusement ride including a device for spinning a circular water raft
5,946,401 Linear speaker array
5,931,908 Visual object present within live programming as an actionable event for user selection of alternate programming wherein the actionable event is selected by human operator at a head end for distributed data and programming
5,870,842 Apparatus for controlling an animated figure
5,802,190 Linear speaker array
5,794,533 Speed control apparatus for waterway traveling vehicle
5,793,470 Latent-image projection system and method
5,784,473 Sound system
5,769,725 Inflatable motion base
5,764,980 Method for coordinating production of an animated feature using a logistics system
5,740,146 Method for reducing noise using a plurality of recording copies
5,739,462 Method and apparatus for creating pyrotechnic effects
5,696,892 Method and apparatus for providing animation in a three-dimensional computer generated virtual world using a succession of textures derived from temporally related source images
5,672,281 Fluid filtering apparatus and method
5,671,091 Virtual easel
5,633,993 Method and apparatus for providing virtual world sound system
5,629,595 Method for an amusement ride having interactive guided vehicle
5,627,338 Fireworks projectile having distinct shell configuration
5,623,878 Dynamic ride vehicle
5,613,443 Amusement ride for traveling down a water chute with reduced splash
5,595,121 Amusement ride and self-propelled vehicle therefor
5,590,605 Conveying device with self steering powered caster
5,588,914 Method for guiding a user in a virtual reality presentation
5,585,967 Three dimensional virtual image system
5,583,844 Programming device for controlling ride vehicles in an amusement attraction
5,577,961 Method for restraining a leader object in a virtual reality presentation
5,572,749 Helmet mounting device and system
5,564,984 Double hull amusement ride vehicle
5,556,340 Amusement ride assembly with rotating tube synchronized with an image
5,551,920 Motion base
5,545,092 Special effects spark generating system
5,544,228 Method for transmission of full frequency digital audio
5,542,604 Drinking fountain with sound effects
5,540,622 Water slide
5,529,382 Passenger restraint system
5,526,750 Fireworks projectile having combustible shell
5,493,281 Remote synchronization of audio, lighting, animation and special effects
5,488,508 Vignetting technique for improving appearance of partially overlapped binocular displays
5,473,990 Ride vehicle control system
5,456,184 Lateral energy absorbing device for slot guided vehicle
5,453,053 Amusement ride having spinning passenger cars
5,440,990 Electronic time fuze
5,440,361 Method for flattening acetate-based films using steam
5,421,589 Method and apparatus for displaying an alpha channel virtual image
5,421,267 Articulated pinch drive
5,416,847 Multi-band, digital audio noise filter
5,409,226 Apparatus for providing position signals
5,407,391 Negative bust illusion and related method
5,405,152 Method for an interactive video game with physical feedback
5,403,238 Amusement park attraction
5,402,730 Platen drive unit
5,398,992 Seat having sound system with acoustic waveguide
5,394,766 Robotic human torso
5,392,735 Marine mammal communication device
5,369,450 Electronic and computational correction of chromatic aberration associated with an optical system used to view a color video display
5,368,309 Method and apparatus for a virtual video game
5,368,228 Method and apparatus for forming a fluid projection screen
5,361,534 Method of controlling irrigation
5,353,074 Computer controlled animation projection system
5,349,276 Control system for regulating motor speed
5,342,225 Electrical connector for pyrotechnic applications
5,339,741 Precision fireworks display system having a decreased environmental impact
5,329,310 Method for controlling distortion of a projected image
5,327,521 Speech transformation system
5,325,473 Apparatus and method for projection upon a three-dimensional object
5,305,693 System and method for externally controlled spacing of self propelled vehicles along a rail
5,305,407 Apparatus and method for underwater fiber-optic coupling
5,282,455 Launcher for launching multiple fireworks projectiles
5,280,305 Method for forming a stylized, three-dimensional object
5,277,662 System and method of providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride having pivotable bridges
5,257,130 Apparatus and method for creating a real image illusion
5,257,051 Method for adjusting the optical alignment of a film projection system
5,241,786 Irrigation control system
5,224,901 Apparatus and method for displaying an anamorphic illusion
5,217,832 Permanent color transparencies on single substrates
5,197,644 Film cabinet with roller attachment and film transfer mechanisms
5,182,836 Pressure activated seat belt locking mechanism
5,161,104 Amusement ride having pivotable ingress-egress bridges
5,159,362 Dimensional transformation system and method of creating visual effects
5,151,725 Apparatus and method for editing film
5,137,214 Method and apparatus for creating artificial rain
5,091,849 Computer image production system utilizing first and second networks for separately transferring control information and digital image data
5,021,954 Method of providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride
4,978,216 Figure with back projected image using fiber optics
4,911,866 Fog producing apparatus
4,878,878 Method for stabilizing and powering walking animated figures
4,794,865 Amusement ride vehicle
4,743,981 System for synchronizing audiotape and videotape machines
4,569,577 Photographic animation transfer process
4,557,570 Camera assembly for three-dimensional photography
4,312,276 Turntable joining tracks with linear induction motor control
4,283,766 Automatic camera control for creating special effects in motion picture photography
4,257,612 Optoelectronic amusement device
4,177,589 Three-dimensional animated facial control
4,150,824 Optoelectronic communications system
4,103,892 Light actuated target control for an amusement device
4,095,996 Removal of sea growth from submerged ship hull surfaces
4,054,290 Light gun having selectable modulated infrared output
4,050,385 High capacity passenger transport apparatus
4,029,019 Track for vehicles
3,974,778 Speed control system
3,973,746 Collision avoidance system
3,947,741 Boat guidance system
3,767,901 Digital animation apparatus and methods
3,709,313 Articulated vehicle
3,404,635 Boat amusement ride
3,251,595 Air car and supporting apparatus
3,172,629 Safety control system
3,167,024 Bobsled amusement ride
3,114,333 Submarine amusement ride
3,114,332 Bobsled amusement ride
3,107,577 Panoramic motion picture projection apparatus
3,030,895 Boat guiding apparatus
3,003,430 Boat guiding apparatus
2,942,516 Panoramic motion picture presentation arrangement
2,866,303 Knife sharpening attachment
2,602,668 Automatic phonograph resetting apparatus
2,519,027 Motorcycle hand support
2,449,705 Sound picture magazine projector of continuously moving film type
2,449,702 Animating device
2,418,943 Register pin mechanism
2,362,980 Cartoon cell and method of making same
2,348,983 Method of simplifying animation
2,314,629 Method of creating illusions
2,313,867 Sound recording system
2,312,158 Apparatus for use in photographing miniatures
2,298,618 Sound reproducing system
2,281,033 Method of producing animated photoplays
2,280,988 Pencil composition
2,269,813 Photometer system
2,260,092 Method of creating cartoon effects
2,254,462 Method of creating depth and texture effects in animated cartoons
2,247,554 Method of recording and reproduction of sound and apparatus therefor
2,246,796 Apparatus adapted for scoring and rerecording sound
2,201,689 Art of animation
2,198,006 Control device for animation
1,964,909 Timer
1,941,341 Method and apparatus for synchronizing photoplays
1,919,364 Method of and means for scoring motion pictures
D432,185 Amusement car
D432,184 Amusement car
D432,183 Amusement car
D419,826 Drink dispenser
D416,571 Eyewear
D356,619 Amusement ride car
D353,434 Amusement character playhouse
D352,541 Amusement character boat
D352,335 Amusement vehicle
D352,327 Spaceship amusement ride
D352,085 Amusement car
D351,208 Robotic figure
D351,130 Amusement airship
D350,082 Skull figure
D349,313 Robotic figure
D348,299 Amusement trolley
D348,289 Amusement car
D348,288 Amusement car
D348,085 Amusement car
D347,674 Amusement ride space vehicle
D347,036 Amusement character playhouse
D347,035 Amusement character playhouse
D346,836 Amusement character playhouse
D346,835 Amusement character playhouse
D346,195 Amusement ride car
D345,396 Amusement space vehicle
D324,864 Speaker box
D286,313 Amusement ride
D254,557 Coin-operated auto race amusement device
AU5715398 Interactivity with audiovisual programming
AU4298489 Computer animation production system
AU1950992 Animation logistic system
AU1460799 Roller coaster simulator
AU0739891 Interactivity with audiovisual programming
AU0622493 Computer animation production system
CA2114487 Method and apparatus for providing a virtual world sound system
CA2099694 Method and system for creating an illusion of three-dimensionality
CA2099678 Method for providing enhanced graphics in a virtual world
CA2099098 Method and apparatus for controlling distortion of a projected image
CA1329433 Computer animation production system
CN1300993 Method and apparatus for managing permission of tourist programs
EP1308906 System for managing attraction admission
EP1076319 Method and apparatus for managing attraction admission
EP0945018 Interactivity with audiovisual programming
EP0734331 System and method for externally controlled vehicles
EP0670745 Dynamic ride vehicle
EP0667798 Amusement park attraction
EP0620910 Precision fireworks display system having a decreased environmental impact
EP0616312 Method for providing a virtual world sound system
EP0615637 Method for projection upon a three-dimensional object
EP0583061 Method for providing enhanced graphics in a virtual world
EP0583060 Method for creating an illusion of three-dimensionality
EP0580319 Hydraulic rotary actuators for robotic applications
EP0577380 Method for controlling distortion of a projected image
EP0570494 Visual communication device
EP0567550 Apparatus and method for editing film
EP0499605 Figure with back projected image using fiber optics
EP0397844 Fog producing apparatus
EP0365960 Computer animation production system
EP0324567 Amusement ride ingress-egress system
EP0323918 Non-pinching hinge apparatus and method of use
EP0280496 Method for stabilizing and powering walking animated figures
EP0159173 Glass composition
EP0139452 Camera assembly for three-dimensional photography
FR2818916 Amusement apparatus and method
GB2347008 Roller coaster simulator
GB2230592 Maneuverable spotlight
GB1534447 Light guns
GB1492626 Monitor system for sensing discrete points
GB1470479 Digital animation apparatus for assembling animation data
GB1342281 Mechanical handling apparatus
GB1137517 Improvements in or relating to air-supported vehicles
GB968103 Panoramic motion picture camera arrangement
GB965101 Panoramic motion picture projection apparatus
GB630887 Optical system
GB595255 Improvements in the manufacture of kinematograph cartoons
GB531094 Improvements relating to the production of cartoon films
IE893339L Computer animation production system
IE893132L Granular pharmaceutical formulations
IE892749L Morphine-containing composition
IE892291L Derivatives of n-phenylpyrazoles
IE891930L Packaging for liquids
IE891929L Packaging for products
IE891928L Package for liquid products
IE80790 Apparatus and method for a computer animation production system
JP2001347078 Position-sensitive toy and method of playing with the same
JP2001101461 Method and device for managing entering attraction
JP8191958 Apparatus for carrying vehicle for play
JP8155148 Vehicle for recreation
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JP7325934 Method for provision of graphics enhanced to virtual world
JP7319091 Method for controlling distortion of projected picture
JP7306955 Method and system for generation of three-dimensional illusion
JP7092981 Method and equipment to provide virtual world sound system
JP6264903 Rotary-actuator
JP6210072 Speed control device for water channel vehicle
JP6210070 Device for preventing reverse motion of railway vehicle
JP6133367 Remote synchronization of audio, illumination, animation and special effect
JP2244283 Computer animation production system
JP2005988 Method for mounting and alighting from vehicle for playground
JP56053957 Working mechanism for turntable
JP55080000 Optical communication system
JP54058540 Three dimensional operation control system for face model
JP53021720 Speed control system
JP53020207 Collision avoiding system
JP53019700 Light ray gun for shooting modulated infrared ray output
JP52097597 Guide device of ship
JP52054344 Monitor
JP51141563 Programming digital animation device for assembling animation data