Patent Number    Patent Title
5,459,306 Method for delivering on demand, individually targeted promotions
D374,726 Floor pattern
D374,445 Listening station
D373,914 Video game display
D373,831 Ceiling
D373,264 Wall display device
D372,482 Listening center
D371,697 Curved display
D371,211 Floor pattern
D371,205 Multiple screen area
D371,024 Games area
D370,802 Monitor stand
D370,733 Store center
D370,575 Monitor and keyboard stand
D370,574 Display stand
D370,573 Video cage
D370,368 Counter
D369,485 Shelved display stand
D369,248 Display area
D369,044 Display post
D369,041 Display stand
D369,040 Display stand
D369,038 Cylinder display stand
D369,033 Counter area
D369,031 Combined curved counter and cabinet
D369,030 Center area display
D368,779 Entryway
D368,605 Controller stand
D368,188 Display island
D366,942 Floor pattern
D366,941 Floor pattern
D366,940 Floor pattern
D365,944 Cabinet counter
D365,699 Display
D365,471 Oval display stand
D365,467 Display
D365,466 Angled display stand
D362,981 Portable display stand
D362,768 Display stand
D360,230 Portable exhibit display
D359,988 Portable exhibit display